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Whether between 'basecamps' at grande vortex realm SEDONA or ESCHELON at MALTA - GOZO. ACCESS ESCHELON MATRIX. offering 1st class world-class AEEE luxury villa residenntial resort retreats - centered on TIER 1 Asset Interchange Banking fueling Green & BLue Multi-generational humanitarian layers across O.U.R. REXS legacy culture. - as an Eschelon [AEEE concierge specialty client or 'candidate for u.s.petro-dollar conversion into assets of far greater value than 'a dollar'], you acquire optimal access - maximum yield - personal lift & liberacion & you generate a positively elevated community-enterprise impact for society.

Private Luxury Villa Residential – AEEE CSC Retreat Layers are booked as a priority.  When not managing these levels of the Enterprise daily Field Sessions are conducted at locations through out the featured travelogue programs on this web-portal across the Eschelon Matrix.  This is a SAGES FLIGHT PATH & INSTRUCTIONS Curricula delivering CONTINUOUS MEANINGFUL LEARNING STREAMS out of the Triality realm and new MYTHOS & STORY-TELLING SCHEDULE at any given location.

ESCHELON COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING (E.C.I.I.): While orchestrating our elevated health retreats, elevated wealth optimization aspects are as well …optimized at any given one of our retreats especially Private Luxury Villa Retreat locations …such like no other destinations you are indeed Elevated for optimal Access and maximum Impact.  These Elevated Enterprise Retreats offer rarefied levels of OPTIMAL ACCESS & MAXIMUM IMPACT everyone is looking for. These experiences and this time  is indeed priceless & unforgettable …truly sublime and seriously ‘game changing‘. 

At SEDONA LUXVilla Residential Retreats, [1st class – world-class] we guide and direct our clientele and select participants through one of the most beautiful places on Earth [here we provide secluded removed LUXResidential Retreat for facilitation of our TIER 1 Asset Banking Programs];  and where we also conduct elevated alpine desert-safari tours across the exotic vast Northern Arizona and Colorado plateau. We expose for our clientele & guests a few of our choice remote site Range Ecology Exploration & Experimental Stations Depots [REXS] where we, as an organization, have taken ‘canyoneering for outback greenification’ into the obscure edges of vast alpine deserts to generate an ‘eco-friendly bio-remediation based economy on an order of magnitude of scale’ to contribute O.U.R. REXSpace Culture to ‘reconnecting the hydrologic-cycle’ across our Planetary space.

As a gateway to the best most secure corridors for Enterprise in Europe and internationally, The Eschelon offers our specialty-concierge-clientele and affiliates, discreet access into Eschelons’ impenetrable assets & intelligence labyrinth and its beautifully sequestered, aesthetic private domain base operations in Malta, Italy.  At Elevated Enterprise & Health Life – Malta, your adventure & retreat is expertly orchestrated. Your experience is smooth, unperturbed, and takes you into a beautiful inter-dimensional reality which you find you may never wish to leave. Should you find this to be your desire, your options are once you enter your new reality, to choose whether to remain indefinitely or to as well …come & go. Private concierge specialty clientele enjoy this worlds best in luxurious, exquisite – exotic, ELevated Enterprise & Health Life Optimization Retreats.

Here, you are optimally enabled to access the Bridges into manifested ancient prophesy. Enjoy Lions Gate Star Gate dna Light-code activation and merge into a Resource State of limitless energy. These star field illumined sessions are booked into well appointed luxury hotels, interfaced at our Lux Villa based domain and your choice of exotic, beautiful and intelligently appointed space.  You may book any facet of the Enterprise, Health Optimization or advanced cultural and expansive new realm, educational sessions by request.  Enter Reality Modification – Snap the Matrix & be Lifted into this new energy ‘Lions Gate Realm’ structured for the renaissance that has been brought forward, across the whole Earth. Arrive & Emerge into the new EPOCH of Triality.

The Malta/Italy Retreat offers the “Vault of History” Enterprise Retreat Experience that Rapidly –  Securely – Compounds your health & wealth prospects.& COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING. 

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Elevated Luxury Residential Villa Resort Retreats – rarefied occasions – are currently being held at SEDONA VORTEX and other integrated special events are booked and occur from select locations exotic islands, remote site high alpine mountain,  secluded coastal …or beautiful countryside getaways … 

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