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Magic Happens Here Elevated Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat

Chi Kung & Yoga Immersion Experience in Paradise! Break on through to the Other Side... Event Horizon ...

The Elevated Health Life™ – “Chi Kung & Yoga- Reteats” is a sublime & Immersive Experiential human adventure. This retreat serves as an authentic human experience of dynamic special occasions to feed the good in the soul.

Shamanically engineered, the “Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat” is set into removed exotic island settings and structured for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening & healing process by enhancing from within the practice of Chi Kung & of Yoga .

The Chi Kung & Yoga retreat sets you away from the world to focus on your capacity to enjoy and evolve from absorption of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’& the lifting of your mind-body connection for re-connection with your spiritual higher self.

Please note, that within any of your Retreat Choices, you may choose to ‘mix & match’ the various ‘specific elements’ of any given (combination) of our various Retreat Options to create your own unique PREMIUM  PACKAGED …INDIVIDUALIZED ELEVATED RETREAT, as well.

Please contact us about any of your given choices and Imagine what ever combination of these exotic Retreat Elements you love to dream of are now yours to to exclusively reserve.   We work to literally infuse your Retreat with all the possibilities form your wishes to deliver optimal retreat results.

We make this happen!  That said, each Retreat Option we  offer, is already fully intuitive – integrative and all inclusive. 

This extraordinarily beautiful world-class retreat structure, offers a structured-energetic-water based [ZAKLab pod with its Qzt19! Medicinal Dragon Capped Products & Volcano Elixrs], to fuel a BioPhoTonic charged form of universal-energy-awareness, and of ZENALchemicalYoga™, a yoga where the focus is on acceleration of ‘the optimization of your wellness and the health of you – as you become the central practitioner of this that is your retreat for your time.

ZENALchemicalYoga uniquely directs you to rapidly optimize the vibrancy of the ‘human mind-body-connection’, and learn ‘the  how’ of decreasing any of your unbalances (dis-ease or un-ease – stress – sickness – & your seemingly unanswerable questions) by applying skills of the biophotonic-ZEN-naturalist with your Chi Kung & Yoga instructors,  for cultivation of  your maximum health optimization features while on this retreat.  This includes:

Proper exercise: Chi Kung & choices in various Yoga Asana styles with an additional all American ‘old-school new-body regimin’ or your choice in options into progressive or ‘slow yoga’ fitness approaches

The Divinity from within comes from the consistent  awareness and re-discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic’, and as such, this Divine Chi Kung & Yoga Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore the meaning of experiencing consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are.

Join our friendly group and 15 others at the _[At time of pre-booking – we Import the location of our seasonally optimized Lux – Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat bases for any given new, unfolding retreat season]____ this October 5th, 2017 and fully engage your limitless human potential.

All food is included in the exchange numbers asked, as is accommodation. All food served is certified Light infused, Vegetarian, Raw uncooked and ethically sourced.

Retreat Layout Mexico

Luxury Villas Set up for Holistic Healing

Immerse  in Chi Kung & Yoga while residing within the reserved open-architecture villas or private  home seclusion.  As well, also pick and choose from the many other options which we have rolled  out, across the sub-tropical  zones in Elevated Retreat Landing Zones.  (soon to be unveiled).  We have location selections across multiple exotic seasonally enhanced locations  – locations – locations.  Always a prime location available for your travel & relaxation preferences as well as professional work.

Chi Kung  & Yoga Achieve More Balance & Happiness

Our aim in these retreats is to bring you the most optimal in Chi Kung  & Yoga Instruction, while provisioning generous doses of nurturing resources.  A purposeful mission of relaxation & healing through Chi Kung & Yoga … and serenity of the Retreat.  Every Chi Kung – Yoga Retreat is populated with an accomplished Chi Kung & Yoga Practitioners team to optimize your get-a-away. Practitioners teach and help you to entrain your mind, to show you how to achieve elevated levels of balance & to maintain daily, genuine happiness.


Always on location, a ‘raw chef de cuisine’ specialized in healing medicinal plant based raw foods, professional house-keeping, an all about it and with it, activities guide and a conscious concierge & valet system, all at your service.  Additionally, we  provide  in each Retreat the potent Ayurveda of ZAKLab – Qzt19! Holistic Health Optimization Formulations in Dragon Capped InnerChi enhancing Products (available at wholesale cost) & Ormus Loaded Volcano Liquid Elixrs Ormus loaded Kambucha Teas at the Retreat Qzt19! KambuchaFizzBar.

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    John Smith

Always Relaxing Balance & Healing This Time is All Yours ...

Every thing we do within the “Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat” is designed to focus on your journey of experiencing the healing and then knowing how to conduct  & connect, to a life of holism. From providing private home – open architecture residential retreat accommodations, lush settings in the jungle – desert or high alpine mountains.  To retreat landings across prime  locations we select & post for your Elevated Retreats across favored sub-tropical equatorial zones.  To interaction with our intimate friendly groups and hotel-quality, all inclusive service, the operative is “mindful, self-wellness and in particular  that elusive rarefied experience & knowledge of ‘immersion into genuine living-energies based healing and to do theWork, with attuned Chi Kung with Yoga intensive practitioners’. you can now immerse and then forever… take it all with you, wherever you may go.

Retreat Layout Mexico

Immersive Chi Kung & Yoga Total Chi Kung & Yoga... Break on Through to the Other Side ...

Surrounded by Chi Kung – Yoga & healing  arts plus light-energy masters you are immersed within one of our lush healing environments & only a step away from the most awesome of beauty in serene, beautiful & natural surroundings.  You arrive & you begin your journey to Soar!

Catered & Artfully Designed Especially for You ...

Retreat Layout Mexico
Retreat Layout Mexico
Retreat Layout Mexico

Medicinal Chef de Cuisine

Three delicious, nutrient-dense, plant based dishes, crafted for you daily.  And additionally, a stream of Shamanic preparations of high frequency specialty healing fuels  for your body-mind & spiritual connection.

House Keepers

Hotel-level housekeeping inclusive so you just focus on rest – relaxation and your adventure, and your process of ‘staying on-path’.

Conscious Concierge

Service with cabs, luggage & hints on local things to do are all… just a call away.  Your Concierge is attenuated to your travel needs & requirements and is always available for you & is in communications with logistics to assure your taken care of

Adventure Tour Guide & Practitioners

Whether it be that you have chosen between a sub-tropical paradise – a desert paradise or a high alpine paradise, our “Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat” environments are enriched for you with “slow yoga”, activities which compliment each location and your preferences in  choice of activities, enhanced hikes & concentrated joyful days are led by our experienced team of Chi Kung & Yoga Practitioners. 

Vibrant Responsive ...

Small Venturesome Groups Adventuresome Atmosphere

In the “Chi Kung  & Yoga Retreat”, we keep group size to 16 to support an effective and invigorating atmosphere tending to ‘the  Yoganic practice” and to revitalize an  awakening connection with your practice and other attendees

Rejuvenate Revitalize Your Life & Your Practice ...

Included Chi Kung  & Yoga Far Journey Activities

Complete, total  Chi Kung & Yoga with integrative healing modalities applied 24 hours a day, in 100%  focus to accomplish milestones in your  practice.

Curated Yoganic Tour Menu

If you wish to take a lengthy excursion into the great silence, of Earth – Sun – Moon &  Galactic Sky, we make it happen.

Vibrant Massage & Spa Services

If you wish a facial or massage while enjoying the stunning  & beautiful vistas of our locations & settings, our caring licensed practitioners are on call.

TRANSCENDENT EXPERIENCES Happen to you Every Day - You Awaken Here...

Chi Kung & Yoga Temple Sanctuary Leads You to the Gates of Life...


Known for awe-inspiring views, unspoiled, lush surroundings, our  Chi Kung & Yoga Retreats, are the perfect places of choice for those who do genuinely seek the magic of the “HighREDRoad -Far Journeyers Codec” What Elevated Health Providers can offer with the superlative of what nature offers from the Gates of Life and Higher levels of Consciousness focused on your Chi Kung & Yoga adventure. 

High Frequency Healing Arts Intentional Energy Village ...Here to Serve You...


The garden of Earths’ serenity & your adventure frames ideal settings to unwind, let go & bask in the Pristine Paradise – this divine nature. 

High Healing Environments Inspired by 'the Living Energies'

Mindful & Removed Accomodations Comfortable and All Inclusive


Features & Options…

  • Private & expansive open architecture floor plans
  • Minimum 750 sq ft, Up to 1,500 sq. ft. of enhanced aesthetic space
  • a total of 2 suites, sleeps 4 (1-2 in each choice setting)
  • 1.5+ bathroom per floor plan (total of 3+ bathroom facilities)
  • Appointed with ZAKLabs – Qzt19! Nootropic Energy Products & Chi Revitalization LightFueL Energy Services




Features & Options…

  • multiple layers and levels with expansive views
  • 1,500 sq. ft. master suites with mineralized jacuzzi bath
  • Sleeps 4-6 (depending on the arrangements) requested by guests
  • wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling enhanced aesthetics in every room
  • Other amenities  may include (dry and wet saunas or steam rooms)
  • Spring  fed pools (where we are able to provide them)


Features & Options…

  • fully equipped kitchens in 2 open-architecure private homes
  • 3,500 sq ft in each home with private soaking pools (where we are able to provide them).  A total of 2 private & secluded homes
  • Sleeps a total of 16 with 8 in each home space
  • sweeping decks with panoramic views
  • enhanced ZEN spaces with ZAKLabs – Qzt19! Nootropic Energy Products & Chi Revitlalization LightFueL Energy Services
  • Choices of remote beach – jungle to alpine mountain view settings in some of the most serene, beautiful & exhilarating places in the world – perhaps today Puerto Vallarta or Kauai, tomorrow the world!


Balance is an Artform Achieve knowledge of Balance.....

Structured H2O Infuse theVibe Nutritious & Healing Food

Our menu is plant-based, nutrient-dense and vibration  enhanced for healing. Vegan, gluten-free, soy & corn-free. No refined sugar. No refined foods.  We only use healthy fats – sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Ingredients are organic & locally sourced. We additionally provide ZAKLabs – Qzt19! holistic healing formulations & crystalline-structured h20 based liquid Volcano Elixrs. Here, you are regenerating with rapid whole body-harmonizing  and brain enhancing nootropics.

Sample Menu


  • Aluminum free sodium-bicarbonate Mineralized – Diatomaecious Earth & organic Volcano Elixr Citrus Cocktail
  • Oatmeal or smoothie bowl with your choice of toppings, like fresh fruit, almonds, pumpkin seeds, toasted coconut or homemade almond milk.


  • Buddha bowl with ginger tahini dressing
  • Quinoa & squash salad
  • Super greens soup with lentil salad
  • Yam chili
  • Vegan high freqency soup with jicama salad
  • Lentil terrine with quinoa-mint tabbuleh


  • Theobromin Cacao laced Fruit & Nut Cherry Mountain Bliss Balls
  • Flat crackers with hummus & salsa


  • Plantain tamales stuffed with pesto zucchini served with a zucchini flower salad in balsamic dressing and mango pudding for dessert
  • Beet burger layered with hummus, avocado and roasted tomato served with fresh greens in a creamy rosemary dressing and walnut, orange and cranberry bites for dessert
  • Pumpkin seed “meatballs” in rich tomato sauce served with chayote salad and limon macaroons for dessert

Regenerate ZEN Paradise Revitalizing Chi Kung & Yoga....

Included Earth Culture Adventures

Immersion into Primal Earth Excursions

We offer a variety of outdoor adventures and excursions through our events partners.  Events Partnering is a specialty facet of all of our Retreats.
Elevated Events Partners are proud to offer horseback riding adventures as well as archaeological & cultural tours, adventure activities and unique events for individuals, families and small or larger groups, both private or corporate.
While you engage into Chi Kung & Yoga practice, our Elevated Adventure Partners guide you on your hikes through the obscure remote & protected environments that inspire and are part of the true Shamanic journey of a genuine healing & HIGHRedRoad far journeyers experience.  And… you spirit begins to SOAR
Any given Elevated Retreat selected brings you to a powerful experiential event horizon. Immerse your  soul into Healing Earth Energies to fully experience the miracles of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’. 




Primal Adventures – Integrated into each Destination

Elevated Events Partners provide exclusive access into environmentally sensitive & protected remote site beaches, countryside, desert & alpine mountain Canyons.  For instance, near ancient pyramids & archaeological sites.  Elevated Events Partners specialize in half-day, full-day & multi-day guided horseback riding adventures and camping, adventure, cultural, and educational excursions, including but not limited to the following:
  • rides to hot springs,
  • hot air balloon rides
  • zip lining (for those who feel up to it we facilitate)
  • carriage rides
  • pyramid tours
  • spirits & ‘ZENElixir tequila’ tasting (medicinal approach)
  • winery tours
  • we do produce ‘romantic Premium packages’
  • we do produce ‘family Premium packages’ 
    …and a good deal more!


Positive Impact Days for Just you

We facilitate your journey, to help you to place your self …where you choose to make the difference in your own life path so that you may further ‘evolve‘ past unbalance into resonance & balance.

Here, removed yet still connected to ‘all the local happenings’ …you begin to acquire the ancient knowledge of understanding the enormous value of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’.

Understanding the recognition of the magical value of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’ allows you to be a better human being.  You achieve more peace of mind.

At Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat you emerge further into that perpetual state of balance, healing & happiness you & everyone else hungrily seeks out.  And you get right ‘on path’ to sustain the happiness you acquire through any given  Elevated Retreat Zone you book.


Optional Enhancements


Shamanic Ministers

What you Receive

Retreat Layout Mexico
  • The Upscale.  4 – 5 – 7 – 8 or up to 21 days at removed jungle – beach open architecture villas or ‘secluded island home platforms – to alpine high desert ranch vista canyoneering platforms or high alpine mountain lodge locations’ platforms, or …where secluded home locations aren’t available – then 5  star lodge style hotel  accommodations  are booked (*refer to the ‘Options’ below) as rate adjustments will apply. Estimated  Rates are listed below.
  • Priviate home seclusion options.  Currently  ‘secluded remote home locations’ are continually being arranged for our reservation quotes for these life transforming retreats.  We only utilize licensed accredited – 5star agency bookings.
  • Your Staff: mindful, medicinal raw chef, professional house keeping, conscious concierge & ‘in it & with it to serve it up‘ tour guide
  • Chi Kung & Yoga sessions – scheduled to  optimize your Kauai adventure
  • Use of gear, yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets
  • Three high frequency & nutrient-dense, plant-based meals daily
  • A continual stream of ZAKLabs Qzt19! Dragon Caps
  • Crystalline – structured H20 supply for ‘in-house’
  • Qzt19! loaded …Volcano Liquid Elixrs – and Kambucha brews, charged with organically rearranged mono-atomic elements infused, mineralized organic island fruits infusion beverages
  • Kauai Chi  Kung  & Yoga Practitioners Shamanic guided adventures
  • Use of 2 group booked private homes (with private pools and main pools where we are able to provide the ‘pools’)
  • Where ‘the pools’ are not able to be booked with ‘private homes’,  shall be replaced with 5 Star Kauai hotel facilities (book price adjusted)
  • All taxes and fees
Retreat Layout Mexico

What's Extra

  • Airfare or airport transfers
  • Travel insurance (required)
  • Exotic Spa services or specialized tours
  • So extra services include – safari, helicopter tours, horse riding, baby sitting, butler, laundry, tours, diving, archery, spa services, exotic pools with ‘extra pool side’ services
  • Typical locale description – if an island then it is considered a ‘remote site’ yet close to mainland or proximal to local township
  • Your Staff gratuity  is always included within the price of your reservation …that’s never ‘extra’ or expected as it is included within your all inclusive premium package arrangements


Accommodation Rates

  • Rates are per-person based on double occupancy
  • Couples, friends traveling together and singles
  • seeking privacy room with either two twin beds or one king.
  • You’ll receive two complimentary 60-minute massages.

*Optional:  A Single ZEN Space – $4,433 (4) days.

  • 300 sq.ft.*, two twins or one king
  • Wall-to-Wall aesthetic glass & steel or wood & ZEN
  • Deck or patio accessing open views  and jungle-beach access
  • Shared bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe
  • Rates above are ‘all inclusive’ with your retreat reservations

$1,054.12* per day – All Inclusive



*OPTIONAL:  A DOUBLE ZEN SPACE – $6,433 (6) days

  • 500 sq.  ft.*, two twins or one king
  • Wall-to-Wall aesthetic glass & steele or ‘wood & ZEN’
  • Deck or patio accessing open views and jungle-beach access
  • Private ensuite  (an extra villa suite  & private access)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe
  • Rates above, are all inclusive’ with your retreat reservations

$1,054.12* per day – All Inclusive


*OPTIONAL:  A Penthouse Suite –  $8,433 (8) days

  • 1,500 sq.* ft., two twins or one king
  • Lounge area
  • Wall-to-Wall retractable glass
  • Large wraparound deck
  • Jacuzzi
  • Private ensuite (an extra private  suite  with  private access)
  • Walk-in-closet
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe
  • Rates above, are all inclusive’ with your retreat reservations



Things to do In this Space Explore What this Space has to Offer

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