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Scott Gregory

Scott Gregory is a ZAKLab™ 6000 Practitioner in the Shamanic – the Nomadic – ZENALchemy™ Apothecary Pod

Practicing in bodywork, lifestyle medicine and natural beauty for 20+ years.  He has trained at health and wellness portals domestically & internationally, possesses global knowledge and HighREDRoad™ experience.  He is skilled in the integration of structuring & charging crystalline water based body-mind fuels, and working within natures’ great Apothecary of healing spices, herbs, minerals, fungi, whole & raw foods & raw foods nutrition, lifestyle guidance, mental state recovery & mental performance enhancement – upgrading & optimization of health through the ‘super natural and nature connection’, and natural body & intelligent beauty care. Scott loves human kind, the plant and animal kingdom – drawing inspiration from all of Creation and incorporating the principals of Universal and Natural Law into his healing practice and integrating this practice within the realm of many other Practitioners, who are dynamically working together.

Baylen Slote

Baylen Slote

ELEVATED HEALTH LIFE RETREAT – TEAM  PRACTITIONER. Count on Baylen Slote – A  diverse professional and superior Holistic Practitioner in his field of work, for high integrity robust integrative holistic services and excellent team-play!  

Baylen Slote is an established ESCHELON™ FUNCTIONARY


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