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What is Qzt19!™?

Qzt19!™ is a specific series, of powerful Ayurvedic cell-food fuels as integrative health formulations. This product formulation series is nootropic and whole body energizing & harmonizing. The art of its origins is ZENALchemy, accomplished with a combination of ancient practices – principals & protocols and using newly emerging leap-frog technologies, innovation & insights, as a healing arts formulation based platform of health-optimization. The culture delivers a series of layered integrative products and superior health enhancement, by also understanding and experiencing the “Good Earth Medicine”. Elevated Health Life, ZAKLab™ – Alchemy Elixrs, are delivered, in a variety of forms and are of a high vibrational super-natural nature, serving to help attain balance, as superior for your health.

Qzt19! Formulations, termed as ‘Dragon series products’, come in a variety of gel capped formulations, and also include a health building, powerful and delicious liquid energy elixir formulations culture of Dragon series LiquidPrismElixrs™, that are made with structured, energized, living-energetic- hydro electron water.

WHAT is magnetic-electro?

Magnetic’ or ‘brainwave’ end of the spectrum of these products which compliments the ‘electro’ or ‘heart wave’ spectrum, therefore, the term ‘magnetic-electro’ in the description of the Elevated Health Life ‘Prismatic magnetic-electro Elixir Dragon line’

WHAT is ORAC Standard?

Qzt19!™ contains an OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE & ALCHEMICAL CAPACITY which is an upgrade to ‘the ORAC Standard’, and a proven, Elevated Health Life™ – ZAKLab™ formulation series, delivering the Aggregate Compound Complex of the Scientifically Proven Elements and Linkages to Vibrant Health. Qzt19!Ô is an ultra-premium, Crystalline Alchemical line of products. We are delivering a convenient and affordable means of achieving ‘health-vibrancy’ derived of HIGH FREQUENCY PURIFIED and ALCHEMICALLY ALTERED EARTH ELEMENTS.

Once ingested into the human vacuum, using health enhancing practices and protocols, the blood surface tension change and allow the Nano-particulates of the Qzt19! formulation complex-compounded earth elementals, to cross the ‘cell-wall barrier’ into the ‘cellular mitochondria.

This helps transcend one to an aware human being in balance, and able to ‘transcend dis-ease. Disease or ‘unbalance’, is incubated or held within the human cellular body, and is an insidious by-product of how people live in the modern world. This is believed to be a direct result of intentional direct assault upon the population through poisoning of the water, the food and the atmosphere.

Therefore, our culture, our organization, has developed ‘an anecdote to this bomb in the throat’, this ‘assault on our society/cultures’. For the average person, reaching optimal health is a near impossibility due to the toxic nature of the environment they are living in. Reaching ‘high vibrational conditions of health into the coveted layer of health, we describe as ‘health optimization’ is the level of health that is achieved from good health practices and protocols and simultaneously, the applied knowledge it takes to do so.

Qzt19!™ is a high vibrational alchemical formulation based product series that facilitates the average human into health enhancement, then health upgrading and finally, into health optimization. This is a non-toxic, chemical-free and is being, 3rd party professionally certified, to be 100% toxin free. Qzt19!™ contains, a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino, organo-elemental-compounds and plant sourced energies from (“Wild-crafted whole fungi, roots, earth elementals, flowers, seeds, certain fruits and certain vegetables and a myriad of other categorically proven, medicinal healing ‘spices and herbs.

The caps can be taken with an ElixrMixer™ system made with Elevated Health Life’s’ lab generated, Living-Hydro Water proven, to eradicate imbalance (disease) inside the vacuum of ‘the human machine’.

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