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Scott Gregory is a ZAKLab™ 6000 Practitioner in the Shamanic – the Nomadic – ZENALchemy™ Apothecary Pod

Practicing in bodywork, lifestyle medicine and natural beauty for 20+ years.  He has trained at health and wellness portals domestically & internationally, possesses global knowledge and HighREDRoad™ experience.  He is skilled in the integration of structuring & charging crystalline water based body-mind fuels, and working within natures’ great Apothecary of healing spices, herbs, minerals, fungi, whole & raw foods & raw foods nutrition, lifestyle guidance, mental state recovery & mental performance enhancement – upgrading & optimization of health through the ‘super natural and nature connection’, and natural body & intelligent beauty care. Scott loves human kind, the plant and animal kingdom – drawing inspiration from all of Creation and incorporating the principals of Universal and Natural Law into his healing practice and integrating this practice within the realm of many other Practitioners, who are dynamically working together.



sifu master rob moses

Master Rob Moses is a kung fu alchemist. In 1977 he began his formal training under Grand Master Kam Yuen at the Tai Mantis Academy, where he received his degree in northern Shaolin/Tai Chi Praying Mantis.

In 1983, Moses began training actor David Carradine, of TV’s Kung Fu fame. Moses helped David prepare for his role in the Chuck Norris film, Lone Wolf McQuade. In Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Moses performed the role of Master Khan, the weapons expert and sergeant at arms. Moses would later prepare David for his role in the film Kill Bill.

In 2002 the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame honored Moses with its Founder of the Year Award for his development of Tai Shan Nine Palms. He received an International Soke Award as the founder of Tai Shan Mantis, a complete martial system that incorporates traditional and neoclassical kung fu.

Moses then began to explore the relations between sacred geometry and the human form. Through years of experimentation, he perfected his theory, extracted from a Fibonacci Spiral, manifested as the “perfect human gear”. The extent of his discovery is revealed in the book The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and You. This led to the development of the PhysioStix, a patented apparatus that helps enhance workouts using geometry, alignment and balance.


Paul J. Arena

I began chinese martial training in 1991. Paralleling this training was also qigong or Chinese vitality training. I have trained in both hard and soft styles of martial arts. In 2009 I became apprenticed to a teacher within the Shen Men Tao or Spirit Gate Path. A vast system encompassing the Taoist arts of Taijiquan, Baguaquan,  and Xingyiquan, tao yin or spiritual body cultivation, several healing modalities music, poetry and an spore istion for the arts as a whole.

The meditative practices are rooted within Taoism yet can speak to any on a path of cultivation or self improvement.


the “taichicowboy”

baylen slote

baylen’s ‘tai chi kung fu & yoga™” practice is rooted in his life long love of water and swimming. baylen begin swimming at the age of 6 weeks old with the help of his mother and father. in his formative years he pursued a rigorous regime of physical and mental training through competitive swimming which led to his study of the body mind & spirit through TCM (taoist clinical medicine™) nutrition, meditation, & physical exercises.

baylen’s formal tai ji chuan practice grew out of modern dance and theater explorations including contact improvisation at bennington college beginning in 2000. at yo-san university in 2003 he began studying intensively with seth leon (MATCM) and in 2005 he became proficient in 64 posture “ni family harmony style yin-form tai chi”. in 2007 he gained proficiency in the additional 64 posture “ni family harmony style yang-form tai chi”. he also studied dao-in “taoist-yoga” extensively at yo-san university from 2004-2006.

in addition to his formless study of tao, baylen continues to practice of the above forms and is certified by the college of tao (COT) and master ni, mao-shing as an instructor of both “harmony style” and “dao-in”. among other practices, he continues his exploration of formlessness through personal expression with phi chi movement guides, water play in lakes, rivers and other pools, and through movement on dance floors wherever the rules of gravity apply.