Scott Gregory Bio

  • Scott is a pioneering practitioner of the practice of ZENALchemy™.  He retains a ZAKLab™ 7000 Qualification level status.  Self Led. Individual. ‘GaLaxy Class Thought Leader’.  Scott is able to help you know how to understand the complexity with ease.  He shows you  how increasing and perfecting the internal energetic conduction and generation of clean internal energy and understanding “InnerChi™”, literally lifts you into lifes’ higher planes of existence.  You create in your self a whole-body uplift and maintain the LIFT in Health Longevity through out life to enjoy lifes’ abundance and you share the prosperity.  Scotts’ work and  energy is limitless.  Scott is a well initiated Practitioner in Earth lifes’ highest of art forms. He demonstrates to engage in ‘the great work’, to facilitate you to be enabled to dramatically increase your physicality internally, through the art and the science of ZENALchemy™.  This involves increasing  your ‘oscillatory micro-cycles per second of frequency’, through out the interior of the inner-body-mind galaxy.  Therefore reconnecting your self, into ‘theALL’.  For instance, some of this gets done by infusing liquid-crystalline-alchemy (depicted on this web portal) to purify and transmutate imbalance (sickness) into balance (wellness). You, as a self led individual, can choose to achieve harmonization of the Body-Mind-Spirit and  accomplish Optimized InnerChiPOWERS™ to  evolve. Scott is a  self led gnostic scholar, Thought Leader in the observation,  study and perfection of techniques to access far away places on Earth and in the Interstellar, directing contact methodologies, to achieve and help others achieve friendly interaction with highly evolved beings as being part of the  higher dimensional evolutionary pathways on Earth  and in our Galactic reality.  As Founder of Elevated Health Life™ Scott works to serve the upswing in your health and increasing your happiness while causing migration into escalation of your wealth from gravitation, into robust holistic-regenerative, health vitalization protocols and facilitating your participation in the Elevated Retreats, apprising of top-flight, life changing health industry events in alignment with our seminars and workshops.  At Elevated Health Life™ Scott applies the holistic-science of alchemizing life-extension, using quality raw and extracts of herbs, roots, seeds, along with ancient mineral formations and other holistic science based and ancient experiential methods, such as applied universal sound frequencies to instruct, teach and enhance your health. Scott also  shows those who wish, how to collaborate and use elevated means of contacting and communing with peaceful, spiritually centered and highly evolved intelligent life.  Scott is also a ‘living-community-builder’ who works seamlessly with other living-community-builders across the scope of the Earths’ resilient planetary body of humanity.  Scott, as a good steward of culture, is multi dimensional, sees into the localized space, across the world wide space,  and uses his unique capacities collaborating with  the others to pierce the interstellar energy systems of Space itself, for achieving longevity and creating peace and prosperity for and from deriving of “theALL”.  Scott as a leader, works with the others, inside a multitude of specific configured, strategic ventures, in Elevated Health and Wealth generation, which make up a ‘Fabric of Resource based Limitless  Prosperity’.  (To expand your OpticaL Field in that facet, click into our VENTURES)

Scott is the architect, designer and lead investor of Elevated Health Life™, and is really concerned in seeing the whole world shift into benefiting others instead of what is been observed as a collective multi-generational genocide, being orchestrated generation after generation on this Earth, by Predators. The stark horrors of an ‘Epoch of War and Genocide’ on Earth is being  put to an End by consciousness in the Universe of Space itself and those of us of ‘theALL’ who understand what to do and share what to do with the many others.  Helping ourselves is very limiting, and the only means to enlightenment is by benefiting the many others through commitment – collaboration – cooperation and love and respect for our place in Space and for life. It is vital for us to train our mind, again and again in love and compassion and to do so in the most intelligent means we have available to us, through increasing our awareness of life and the space that is its container. And, train others.

Love and compassion turns our attention away from self and toward others. This awakened mind is why we are here to help alleviate the suffering and bring wellness to others.  We are all members of one mind, one brain, of one immeasurable realm of universal interconnected Space. We are helping you who seek more elevation  in whatever areas of your health life you may wish to realize what to abandon and what to adopt, training the mind and experiencing benefits from this, an elevated holistic approach. The intention to benefit others  in the great Tibetan Buddhist tradition of speaking, is known as bodhichitta- the wish for all beings to be happy and free of suffering. It is from this, and a concerted effort to achieve the InnerChi, at a level of voracity, that brings about increasing universal connection,  that makes an awakened mind.

Living a semi-shrowded existence in a glaringly obnoxious, toxic, over-bearing world of unending-old world colonialism based warfare, Scott has been practicing the dharma slowly slowly. It is very important to find an authentic teacher from an authentic lineage that can help one obtain realization. Samsara or cyclic existence is full of suffering, always has been and always will be. That is the defects of cyclic existence. The Buddha taught that no where in this world will you find happiness; it is found within and so it is true, as well, that the linkage to the entire Interstellar-galaxy spheres is found from within as well.  Although it is difficult for humanity to figure this out, they are making their way as is seen through the great teachings through space over time memorial.

Scott is on the path and wishes to work closer with venerable teachers with a living lineage. He is an online marketer, business training expert, a light-worker, and leader. Scott Gregory did not attend ‘University’ to gain “Credentials” or to “Collect Gold Stars” and did not attend “University” Intentionally, creating his own Individuality and continually reaching further into accessing of the Universality of Mind, the Mind of theALL.  This approach to life was and remains, as a very intentional and powerful move on the ‘chessboard of life’.  Now Scott benefits many other humans from his accumulated and unique undoctrinated capacity to generate powerful ordered  pointed thought-waves and shows a great methodology of health and life optimization for people, through and wihin his cumulative wisdom.  Scott realized early on in life, he did not need to “attend University” to be a highly attenuated individual and he became a successful serial entrepreneur in command of many disciplines and understanding of a great depth of technologies and ancient knowledge from being immersed into another universe of awareness removed from the cacophony of traditional programming.  Here are more reasons, why Scott did not choose to “attend University” in order to acquire “credentials”, (below):

Scott Gregory became a successful, SeLf-Led serial entrepreneur and built various enterprises into a tight-knit complex unique fabric of integrated, web-centric rich media communications and neural nets, and is the master of this particularly unique and powerful healing arts and TrialtyRealm platform.  Scott has cultivated the nexus of a movement of diverse cultures (ways of life from everywhere) into understanding how  to conduct and realize a much better way of existence on Planet Earth including contact of 4th-12th dimensional realms. Scott has expended 60,000+ focused, professional working hours and invested over $1.5MM USD of recorded investment capital of his own and a few other ‘co-founders’, as a ‘professional serial entrepreneur’ to deliver to you and the world, these innovative health-optimization products – services and advanced, integrative, holistic retreat platform facets, along with an interface into the TrialityRealm of exotic and beautiful destinations within the lei-lines of the Earths dodecahedral-matrix and polygonic-lattices.  He has done this to create more peace and prosperity.

Scott Gregory is an ‘expert trainer who trains the trainers and helps to enhance the masters in nuances masters have not even paid attention to’ and who trains the ‘certified trained experts’ on what they missed altogether while ‘getting certified’. Scott says, “once your ‘certified’ then begin to learn what the super-natural world of nature and ‘Space’ has to offer you in its grand scheme. And learn to listen to the Silence intently and learn, from what comes to you through theSpace, watch those who’ve observed nature over much more time than you have, in the contemplative observation of natures super natural forces, which can show you, the true secrets of life and how the universe actually works. Otherwise, you with all of your ‘certifications’, will leave yourself out of the real action on this planet and beyond, PERIOD.”

Mr. Gregory’s work experience is as a profoundly unique individual, and successful ‘serial entrepreneur’ constructing over the past few decades of a successful career in delivery of the multiple pieces of the fabric of this way, a Culture of Change and Awareness, reflected from Elevated Health Life™ platform and its masterful deliverable system of results driven, holistic healing modalities, time proven and functioning for one sole purpose, creating an Elevated Health Life of happiness, peace, joy and prosperity by, for and with “theALL!

Scott has spent a vast amount of time living in an off-electro-grid sustainable life along remote beaches, alpine mountains, and deserts of the Southwestern USA and through remote island locations. Scott enjoys health vibrancy, as a liquid-crystalline-alkalarian, raw food chef, herbalist, phytochemical- entheogenicist and adventurous-geo-strata-range-ecology-naturalist.  

Scott studies the Gnostic-ancient scripts and believes thought from knowledge travels faster than the speed of light and is embedded, into the memories of many, along the ‘HighREDRoad™’ across parallel-universes ‘beyond the e.m.f.-controller’ matrix we, ‘theALL’ are Mind.

Scott has traveled to remote north east coast, to remote high-alpine-Southwest-Great-Circle, to West coast across high-alpine Americas, northwestern Canadian salt-water-passages, across Gulf of Alaska, expeditions in remote Alaska, and lives and journeys into Hawaii and the Caribbean. Through the far-journeys and related experiences with Space, Scott wrote troves of manuscripts, books, poetry and lyrical works and released very little. These works are being refined into gilded major arts works for limited-edition releases and limited appearances through the Elevated Health Life Retreat Venue System. Some of his interests include astral projection, remote viewing, entheogenic fueled lucid-dreamwork, micro-dosing in psilocybin and entheogenic-sacred-liquid-crystalline,  ”Culture of the vine”, psychosomatic healing and human enlightenment.

Scott is an Author of extensive healing arts literary works, relative to the newly emerged, ‘Eco-Spa-Retreat Wellness Community Enterprise Model’, and Co-founder, Member of the new realm movement of ‘neo-tribal-expansionism’. 

He has designed assistance to small towns, villagers and people seeking solace from the ever-present-onslaught of the crushing machinery of the e.m.f.-electrogrid Matrix. It is believed by observation, that many humans must re-adjust their frequency-response-programming-mechanisms to create a world that is a peaceful-spiritual-civilization vs the long standing ‘war paradigm’. It is thru the kindness of others that Scott has realized that he must help others on the journey from imbalance/illness and disease, into high vitality healing and has been in this ISNESS, for an infinity.