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Master Sifu Rob Moses

is a true genius of our time; a living legend of martial mastery and freedom of personal expression. rob, like many of his generation was inspired by the likes of bruce lee playing the role of “kato” to go “to church” and study kung [fun] fu. having come up through the ranks of formal asian martial arts training rob was a stand out student in maintis classes always letting the wisdom of his creativity guide his learning.




his genius was not unnoticed by his teachers who, despite his unorthodox methods recognized him as profoundly grocking the concepts and internalizing the movements. again, not unlike bruce lee this led to some friction among the hegemonic structures of the formalized hierarchies of asian martial tradition. however, because of the mastery attained by moses, which speaks for itself, the traditions had no choice but to honor him with his own branch of the lineage tree of Tai Shan Maintis style Tai Ji Quan & Kung Fu.

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rob did not stop there. continuing to pursue the true joy of energetic expression rob began as a jazz musician would, to explore the expanse beyond martial expression. calling into question basic tenants such as why implements of war such as swords and pikes have been traditionally used as movement guides, along with his students rob began to explore alternative sources of inspiration. sacred geometrical texts along with natural inspiration led rob to the development of formalized access points to formless study and expression of movement based on the principles of beauty, economy and strength nature has already described and other artists have recognized in the potency of the “perfect proportion”, the fibonacci spiral.


rob has presented this neoclassical “free jazz kung fu” insight into the core truth of the essence of many of the martial movement teachings to various audiences around the world, including the shao-lin monks, and navy seals among many others. unfortunately many have missed the essence of its potency as it is designed as a disarming “weapon” of peace which acts as a literal antidote to violent, stiff, un-natural and rigid thought forms and movement patterns. however, those who have been fortunate enough to find the flexibility to embrace this flow have begun to join rob as he continues to propagate the most powerful of the warrior’s attributes: kindness, utilizing the potency of this movement technology to project grace out into the world with joy.

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