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Elevated Health Life-Mastery™ Retreats envelope participants into paradise and then immerse them, into Elevated Health [innerChi™-BioPhoTonics™].  We offer exotic and extraordinary retreat destination options.  One retreat destination option is in Kaua’i, a world-class tropical paradise – one of the most lush locations on Earth. Untarnished Nature is abundant, full of healthful plant life, fresh wild edibles flourish, jungle rivers, bamboo forests, ancient stone (pohaku) walls, Kalalau, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” (Waimea Canyon) + world-class beaches.  Relax completely.  Contemplation.  Experience the earthy beauty of the Garden Isle while practicing options are in ChiKung or Yoga instructional classes. Slow down. Embrace the spirit of Hawaiian Aloha. Savor each breath from the Hawaii beaches to the subtropical woodlands.  The superior scenery will enthrall you with valleys & cliffs that tower a mile high out of the Pacific Ocean! Experience the Kaua`i of its ancient past, in the halcyon of the forests, the way Eastern Malayo-Polynesians once lived on the land (aina). “Leave only footprints; take only pictures.”


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