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~ Realize Triality – Access the Trans-dimensional – Snap theMatrix -Transcend Duality (conflict) Today ~ 

Elevated Health & Wealth Life-Mastery™ Retreats envelope participants into paradise and then immerse them, into Elevated Health [innerChi™-BioPhoTonics™] and newly found Wealth far beyond what most could ever imagine.  We offer exotic and (3) distinct extraordinary retreat destination options and PREMIUM PACKAGED combinations  of any given facet of the three.  Our retreat destination options are ‘affordable  world-class Premium Packages’ nestled into serene paradise settings –  seasonally optimized – into some of the most lush locations on Earth. Untarnished Nature is abundant, full of healthful plant life, fresh wild edibles flourish, always looking over or right on beautiful waters or oceans.  Relax completely in  ultimate Contemplation.  Experience the earthy beauty of our planet, while attending a DYNAMIC ENTERPRISE RETREAT over some of the worlds’ most rarefied options not available from anywhere else.  If you choose a yoganic practices retreat, your practicing options are in ChiKung or Yoga instructional classes. Slow down. Embrace the spirit of the “Good Earth Medicine”. Savor each breath from within an indescribable experience & event horizon.  “Leave literally with a radically improved Life and dynamic relationships otherwise impossible to  acquire. In the event you book an Enterprise Retreat,  you will take with you newly acquired high level enterprise knowledge and new found limitless wealth …that you ‘cash in on’ over short-medium &  long  range. Out of any given retreat, you will possess newly gained, rarefied wisdom …to make a difference wherever you travel, with far more, than you ever imagined or could possibly have bargained for.”



For  those who just wish to experienced being expertly & holistically healed!


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ChiKung is DaoistTao. TaiChi w/Qigong. Ancient-Beautiful-Intelligent. Access ZENALchemy. You soar!

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Our Premium Enterprise Packages, accommodate the discerning & the sophisticated. Rapidly –  Securely – Compound the wealth. To health & your prosperity!

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