TAI CHI KUNG FU YOGA RETREATS ...a sublime experiential human adventure into transcendance

The Elevated Health Life™ – “Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga – Retreat is a sublime & Immersive Experiential human adventure. This retreat serves as an authentic human experience of dynamic specially sequenced memorable occasions to feed the good in the soul.

Shamanically engineered, theTai Chi Kung Fu Yoga Retreat” is set into removed exotic island – big river to estuarial & world renowned coastal – sublime country – rolling mountain and alpine settings.  Our retreats and community culture is structured & refined for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening & healing process by enhancing from within the practice of Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga and tapping into higher vibration & multiple dimensional awareness.

The ELevated …Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga Retreat sets you away from the ‘busyworld’ to focus on your capacity to enjoy a better vantage point from a higher life realized – you are enhanced to understand what it means to intentionally acquire & maintain ‘inner-chi’. So, you also learn to e v o l v e from absorption of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’ & the lifting of your mind-body connection for re-connection with your spiritual higher self.  These retreats are for ones wishing to gain traction in such things.

Follow the links below to explore the plethora of wonderful elevated Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga™ retreat options we have at seasonally optimized high vibration exquisite Away Zones and connected 5STAR Landing Zones throughout the world.

Once you have decided on your retreat, ALL YOU HAVE LEFT TO DO IS BOOK YOUR 5STAR ACCOMMODATION LANDING ZONE where you can stay for as long as you like (airfare and ‘5star landing zone’ accommodations not included in the price of your retreat). Look for links to our premium vetted 5star Landing Zone Accommodations partners.

Mexico Retreats Dao of Tao. Book TaiChi - KungFu - Yoga. Or ...Book a Shamanic-Holistic ZEN Retreat ...to 'find a cure'

Kauai ChiKung is DaoistTao. Engage TaiChi w/ChiKung & KungFu w/ Yoga. Ancient-Beautiful-Intelligent. You Access ZAKLabs ZENALchemy & Paradise Kauai Life at its core essence.

Maine Retreat held in the silence of great ‘green of Maine’s’ mountain –lakes regions - pristine estuaries - rugged coastlines - gulf of Maines’ ‘thousand islands - remote beaches’


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Vermont Retreat awaits you... Retreat to pristine Vermonts' mystical Green Mountains. Vermont retreats held in rustic mountain lodging - sublime country settings.  Vermont retreats delivered by a ‘living energies high green' community ...Awesome!


Please click below for your ‘5Star ‘1  day bridge‘ accommodation recommendations in Maine:

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