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Eschelon Capital Interchange “Rules of the Road”

Eschelon Security Instrument

_______________  ECI – LUX VILLA RESIDENTIAL ENTERPRISE SESSIONS.  E S C H E L O N  C A P I T A L  I N T E R C H A N G E NOTE.  Beyond ‘Simulated Assets such as assets with no defined actual economic-vaule such as Bitcoin, NFTs & ‘the mass-hysteria & mania of the Crypto-hoopla Crowds‘” there exists an elevated Eschelon of far superior fungible assets backing currency@interchange that is not dependent on the u.s.dollar, government & central-bank digital crypto dollar schemes or subject to the adversely criminally manipulated market shifts and resultant extreme volatility.  How about a SAFE-HARBOR SAFE HAVEN FAILESAFE-CHECKMATE ASSET BACKED & NEW REALM CURRENCY DELIVERY SYSTEM that offers a newly emergent culture [way of life as it should be]

B I T P R I S M®

“A Non-Intermediary Arithmetical Article of Trade as an Inarguable Currency that delivers a Systemic Order Sustained by a higher Eschelon of Intelligence across the Planetary surface, while outflanking, out-banking & out maneuvering the ‘Stuck-Stasis of the insidious, incestuous, malevolence & malfeasance of the Status-Quo’”  Review Top-Tier Eschelon Capital Portfolio Interchange:  


RSVP only ‘after all one must be invited’.  Security.  Compliance.  Curation.  Cultivation.

Disclaimers.  This web site does not advertise the sale of securities to the public. This site is for educational and entrainment purposes to attenuate Concierge Specialty Clientele into AEEE Services & Production-Manufacturing Premiums.  Attention to Accredited structure; the accredited compliance – curation – cultivation requirements & prerequisites, details, instructions & protocols is required. Details to succeed at benefiting from attention to the details is provided.

Please noteThis particular product and services layer, yet again is closed until further official notice.  However, if one is interested in any given particular volume of #’d Fractional Exchange Credit which may be extended for & to them, then please review the below information.  This level of services & products, along with newly minting & upgraded, AEEE SERVICES PREMIUMS may become available during the extended rolls & extentions into 07.21.23 through the next 36 months into 07.24.26.  Services Premiums may be deliverable in the timeframe of within a few days of the end of July into August 2026, for a brief period of 2 weeks during the current 3-year renewable roll-ups, extensions & options in this category which may become available into the ‘post multi-national governmental reset of the corruption buried & embedded within the globalized central banking, political & corporate globalists.

Declaration of Moratorium for the next 3 years. Apex-predator elitist oligarchy systems operate in a sphere of power that with present influence pervasive through out all governments makes fulfillment of accredited adhesion contracting conditional to a Declaration of Moratorium for the next 3 years with a 2 year renewable option to renew Declaration of Moratorium until reliance on verifiable intelligence confirms that cancellations of commitment within certain adhesion contracting is able to be fulfilled without attached liability outside of the responsibilities of board of directors. Executive indemnification is applicable to Declaration of Moratorium and cancellation of commitments on adhesion contracting related to stocks, bonds or contracts involving the growth of stocks and bonds over the next 3 to 5 years.


Shrunk-wrapped Inside Preliminaries & Pre-requisites we serve an Accredited Eschelon of ELevated Enterprise Concierge-Specialty-Clientele Services & superlative multi-faceted fully integrated web of Product delivery areas, only occur through [the process];  including DROPBox & into FEDExoffice deliveries @ storefronts nationwide or via special-delivery we serve applicants 1st – candidates 2nd and if its good then it’s preferred via clientele & established customers only; one must work closely with your consultant One must follow the instructions & protocols provisioned for successful deployment. Instrumentation on this web portal & ”pop ups” are for ‘educational purposes only’.

One must become pre-qualified through an extended #”d Fractional-Exchange-Credit & compliance-desk to access the AEEE CSC levels of our venue program services & product layers.

Note: Currently this Gateway is closed.  Newly-minted ‘re-calibration’ occurs at midnight on 03.21.23.  Please follow ‘instructions & protocols for any further participation options’ that may be presented by the platform.  Please note:  This particular product and services layer is closed until further notice.  However, if one is interested in this particular volume of #’d Fractional Exchange Credit to be extended for & to them, then please review the below information as this level of services & products, along with it’s PREMIUMS is deliverable in the timeframe of the last week with a few days on the end of July into August 2026, for a brief period of 2 weeks during the present 3-year* renewable roll-ups, extensions & options in this category.

Thank you for that understanding. Access & Viewership of Western Minerals & Ores Premiums* from 2019 – 2020 & 2021 are recalibrated into rolls & extended options within the post globalized central banking reset of the globalist banking systems.  A Declaration of Moratorium on adhesion contracting between years of 2020 through 2026 is in effect due to the globalization of extended warfare which has impacted the capacity for delivery of commitments or obligations related to the failure of globalism and elitist geo-political programs and related negative impact on ucc-1, state or federal filings and related commitments or obligations. .

[ ]

Western Minerals & Ores Asset Bond Premiums* are superlative. *WMO Premiums are only made available through acquisition of an AEEE Concierge Specialty Clientele level of quality of service.  Quality of Service may only be acquired through a #’d Fractional-Exchange-Credit’ prior to allowances for any given Accredited layer of Purchases in the AEEE CSC levels of Services and Product;  these levels may only be accessed through formal RSVP only invitation  ‘after all one must be invited & one must be a member’.

Through the Accredited formats provided, curation with accredited compliance where necessary is conducted by this organization only; entrained Performance Service Management Consultants provide our platforms’ applicants & candidates with the entrainment & instrumentation necessary to become members through Accredited Cultivation, Curation & Compliance layers.  Other points of Access are made available via DROPBox or FEDExoffice, and is accessed accordingly.

For ‘BIG SHOTS’ here is an important & comprehensive note.  There is a distinct differential on how this Platform works with UPScale developers with ‘big ideas’.

EXAMPLES & related context:  For accredited level individuals or mid to large sized companies with budgets proposing “very large projects” Please do note.  As you may be a sophisticated business man or women or a sophisticated group, with a ”sophisticated business deal” or perhaps you have a “beautiful dream to realize” which you wish to bring into a private domain activation bank to convey, develop, design and serve you, so that you may enjoy the acceleration into the delivery of, then with the following flat-rates below, you may by-pass all out-front-procedures and bring yourself and all of the below procedures or other procedures that exist within this web portal; …at our LUXVilla Estates Residential into LUXVillaEnterprise Tabletop Sessions you arrive to realize your dream & passion.   Price-point to access this Elevated Wealth & Health Optimization Portal and gain access into its technologically advanced private Kingdom-banking & Eschelon Capital@Interchange is presently fixed-rate-sheeted @ $250K. O.U.R. Systemic-Order-Sustained delivery mechanisms, function at optimal community-impact for maximum impact facilitating & fully supporting Accredited level players or Accredited level companies vying for placement of their ‘big deals on wheels’ we program intake for ‘AEEE CSC levels of big-shot-success’ at the fixed rate [again of $250k deposit], for 14 days or $27,857/day adjustable to desired number of days to ‘enjoy life while having your dream scoped out & engineered through displacement of competition utilizing O.U.R. REXSpace Depot sites, with Blackwells’ Canyoneering-CLub running fluid-dynamic 100% seamless operations;inside an Outback to Metro Systemic-Order-Sustained [S.O.S.] across the Space Planet-Earth Intelligent-Energy-Villa2Village construct, platformed through O.U.R. own SEDONA CROSSWALK. Eschelon deploys an ESCHELON MATRIX of Reality-Modification-Technology of tight-ship-vertically-integrated Asset Stacks with proven I.P. deployed & operationally conductive across O.U.R. own -Internal-Smart-Block [ISB] toaccelerate & exponentiate‘ any given Applicants – prequalifying into becoming Candidates to achieve their desired results.  For preferred and prequalified Concierge Specialty Clients, Eschelon Capital @ Interchange commands the only privately-held progressively advanced superior private banking infrastructure today, for rolling out complex big-shot-deals with seamlessly executed tactile capacity, to facilitate O.U.R. specialty clientele to realize their dream’ with the complete 100% removal of all the usual suspects & fraud schemers, ‘fairy-tales & dreams do come true’ for those Ready – Willing & Able [RWA].  At ECI within O.U.R. systemic-order-sustained for the purposes, everyone & everything that goes on, is SoLid PLatinum & GoLd!

LuxVillaResidential is arranged for a Minimum # of 5 days for $139,285 @  $27,857/day.  LUXvillaResidential for Enterprise, may be broken down by the day, for a minimum of 5 days and individuated and customized for any number of days beyond that number at the same price point per day.  This particular notice is posted in key places for those of you who are speaking w/ us about your ”ASPIRATIONS in regard to your DEALS or YOUR PIPE-DREAMS… we make the stuff happen but 1st one must book in“.  To Wire Funds we provide a seamless limitless wiring protocol which once preliminaries & prerequisites are fulfilled, takes all of 10 minutes to execute any given inbound wires to Eschelon from any legitimate banking enterprise and banking account system, in the world.  Request for a phone call with Eschelon Capital Interchange Principal – Scott Blackwell.


Disclaimers.  This web site does not advertise the sale of securities to the public. This site is for educational and entrainment purposes to attenuate Concierge Specialty Clientele into AEEE Services & Production-Manufacturing Premiums.  Attention to Accredited structure; the accredited compliance – curation – cultivation requirements & prerequisites, details, instructions & protocols is required. Details to succeed at benefiting from attention to the details is provided.

Notice:Confidential_Proprietary_Enterprise_Sensitive_Trade_Authority_Information_Intelligence_Productized_Interchange. This website, including any related email or attached files, contains confidential and privileged information for the sole use of the intended recipient. This is a privileged services account management systemic order of elevated program-managed platformed communications, dissemination of embedded data-forensic-intelligence & Interchange performance services & products.

None of this information may be used for personal PR – MARKETING or ADVERTISING of any kind for any reason.  Any review, use, distribution, or disclosure by others to self-promote, advertise or market to other 3rd parties without applying the requirements of ”ECInterchange provided instructions & protocols in generation of the 3C’s of compliance – curation – cultivation measures and the Trade-Authority specific Program-Management instructions & protocols provided, together with adherence to ‘Understanding The Rules of The Road”’ is strictly prohibited.

If you are not an intended recipient (or authorized to receive information for an intended recipient), please contact the sender by [DROPBOX generated & linkage-reply e-mail and delete all copies of any content or messages relative to this web site].  Disclaimer: There is no promotion or marketing of securities or any type of ”typical business” here.  ‘Provisioneers’ or Sender[s]’ are not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or United States Investment Adviser. This web site or its extensions or any related email, letters, instruments or documents and any and all attachments and related documents to anything on or related to this web-site, are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content.

Upon viewership of this web site or any receipt of any communications or documents related to this web site, you, as “the Recipient[s] or Viewer[s]”, hereby acknowledge this Warning and Disclaimer. This web site, with its notices and instructions & protocols, procedures and methods and these Confidentially contextualized communications are protected under Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act 15 USC, Subchapter 1, sections 6801-6809 and other laws addressing the disclosure of Non-Public Personal Information and Enterprise-Sensitive-Intelligence-Dossier-Data.

Any and all orientation or presentation materials (“Orientation or Presentation Materials”) is provided on a private basis for educational & informational purposes only. By attending or reading Orientation or Presentation materials via this web site or otherwise, you will be deemed to have agreed to the obligations and restrictions set forth above & below and in any other referenced areas of this web site. The communication of this Orientation or related Presentation is restricted by law; it is not intended for distribution to, or use by any person in, any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Neither the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) nor any securities regulatory body of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States of America, nor any securities regulatory body of any other country or subdivision thereof, has passed on the accuracy or adequacy of the contents of the Orientation or any related Presentation materials. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful. No representations or warranties, express or implied are given in, or in respect of, this Presentation. The information contained in the Orientation or related Presentation materials has not been independently verified. Recipients of this Orientation or any related Presentation are not to construe its contents as investment, legal or tax advice. In addition, this Orientation or any related Presentation materials does not purport to be all inclusive or to contain all of the information that may be required to make a full analysis of related aspects which are relative to platformed services or products offers or “the Company”. Recipients of this Orientation and any related Presentation materials should each make their own evaluation of platformed products, services or anything relative to “the Company” and of the relevance and adequacy of the information and should make such other investigations as they deem necessary. This Orientation and any related Presentation does not constitute either advice or a recommendation regarding any securities.

Attention to details,  instructions & protocols prevails in prospering into the new energy world & understanding escalation of Assets & I.P., relative to ECIQuantumFinancialSystemics & ‘the digital-dollar & digital-wallets’.

For efficacy about the Digital-Dollar and Digital-Wallets, Refer to the The 116th Congress 2D Session [below]; As enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Unites States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION I. SHORT TITLE: TABLE of CONTENTS. Refer to Page 4 of the Stimulus package describing the “DIGITAL DOLLAR” (A); and or (B) [within the Bill or provided at [ECInterchange Enterprise Sessions]For efficacy on this content, please reference 269 pages of this BILL #75951012 out of the House of Representatives on March 22, 2020 (11:38 p.m.) Pacific Time. [G:\M\16\WATERS\WATERS_146.XML]. As is described in the stimulus bill and signed by Donald J Trump, the President of the Unites States [& of note] who looked out after a whole lot more than the inept fraud that exists in the White House [since Trump].

      For efficacy on this content, also please review this link & it is reiterated [below] with more about our Commander-in-Chief in this context and within his part in all of this.

*Take Notice: This web domain is a small facet of a larger displacement-technologies based radical-change programming culture; the platform is operating higher Eschelon of technological break-throughs; as an example new forms of impenetrable communications mechanism…  spectral-frequency-wavelength-division-waveform-generator resonating from aethers through cybernetic-constellations & a multi-portal-high-frequency-Gateway Platform; the platform operates out of a systemic-order-sustained by Eschelon Quantum Financial Energy Systemics and drawn from Eschelon Matrix building REXS-spaceports across lands & atomspheres of the 7-continents & 7-seas. Attention to Accredited structure, details, instructions & protocols prevails for one in prospering from knowing, decorum, common universal ethics & etiquette.

“Respect the Individual in you & marshal the admiration of your World to change it …& the one around you, into a beautiful reality”  sblackwell

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