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This Company is currently Delivering a Series of its Gilded Pre-vetted Packages to its Eschelon Fund Private Partners &  Preferred Clientele.  These packages are front loaded, and rarefied. They are positioned for highest fast track R.O.I., and assets based’.  Premium Packages are ‘pre-vetted’, security vaulted, rooted in Accredited – Forensic-Investment-Grade, Historic – Investment – Research & Intelligence.  A tight-knit team of world renowned I.T. integration, shipwreck researchers, cargo recovery operators, executive mgmt & intelligence people who keep our intelligence work & vaulted assets secure.  This is a ‘public side’ being now unveiled.  Our Premium Packages range between $50 Million-$500 Million USD in[Pre-vetted – Land based and Ocean Vaulted Capital Assets]. Currently, we are premiering our OCEAN CARGO MINE,  an oceanic enterprise of HIGHLY CONCENTRATED VOLUMES of COMMODITIES METALS – RECOVERED through a SERIES of ORCHESTRATED, SECURED, ESCHELON VENTURED – RICH CARGO RECOVERY.  The season for these missions are yearly, starting June of 2017 and continuing through June of 2021 and further.  Currently, the Organization authorized formal engagement [via Premium Packages accessed via TheVault] for our  pre-qualified, pre-identified Accredited Individuals.  You are enabled to access and review these options through accredited protocol. This is done, via Eschelon’ Concierge Client Specialty Services Delivery of our Premium Packages. Enjoy what you are about to learn and… realize. For more information  click on ‘more details‘.  “To Your Health and to Your Wealth – Peace and  Prosperity!”





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