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about bryana


Bryana specializes in Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative yoga primary focused on hands-on and verbal alignment cues. She also teaches meditation. Mary has taught children, the elderly, women’s groups and surfers of all body types and levels of fitness. She has taught at festivals, retreats, events and corporations as well as studios and private sessions. Bryana has been featured on Girl Central TV, Yoga Audacious, Exceed Evolution and Skillify. 




Educators teach, Masters TransformBegin to understand what it takes to “TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE through understanding a Shamanic approach“, by learning to conduct your own version of this retreat system, a “3 – 5 – 7 or 21 Day Regeneration Retreat” at least once per year, and expand your awareness of what “Living in Health Vibrancy” is all about. During post retreat time away from annual cleansing retreats, take advantage of vital-knowledge based phone & email consultancy, to maintain continual uplifting progress.  This “Regenerative Retreat” encourages people to draw from their vast inner resources to transform the quality of their health, their lives.  This retreat may also be defined as “Crystalline-Lifestyle-Activism™”.  Scott’s far journeys Shamanic lifestyle has taken Scott on an incredible series of adventures and resulted in many accomplishments which he has passed along to many people through the ‘great work’.  


Holistic Healer

The ‘nurturing-activities choices’ for super health, high energy and vital living include but are not limited to:  ‘Super-Brain’ Deep Breathing Techniques, ‘Intentional-Meditation’, Dry Skin Brushing, Castor Oil Packs, Hot Mineral Bath, Soothing Mineral Clay hot-spa based Toxic Heavy Metals & Chemicals Extractions, Coffee Enema, Mild to more rigorous physical activities, steam/sweat, massage, creative visualization and of various ‘intentional-transcendental-zen-yoga-meditation’ techniques.  Various applied ‘technique-zones’ in the meditation facet of this retreat includes areas such as:  Deep-Breathing together with QiGong and Geometric Sound- with Zen Awakening – Attitude Readjustment and – a Pleasantness in ‘Iam-Receiving’ – experienced via Om-sound- sacred-imagery- voices and – creative specialized massaging is provisioning into Autonomous-Sensory-Meridian-Response (ASMR).  Through the 1st Tier and into the 2nd Tier, your journey into achieving daily improvements reaching for “health-vibrancy’, provides through your readiness, willingness and acceptance, the ever more increasing capacity, to achieve higher and ever-increasing, limitless states of awareness.


Currently, while remaining available for clientele, working with partners and club members, Scott is enrolled in layers of accreditation in Taoist-Herbalism underneath Chinese and Taoist master herbalists, through ancient lineage masters, while studying Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, and blood microscopy.  He is creating an on line course in The Way of TheDao of The Tao and Ancient methods of Optimizing Health Vibrancy through the use of Earth elemental compounds and Holistic Health Disciplines, including the practice of Chi Gong, Tai Chi and Chi increasing ‘facets of practiced ChiKung IronShirt and various forms of Yoga’.



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