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‘She’ is a true shaman guiding those walking through change… ‘’She’ performs Ceremonies of Sacred union; Birth and Transition; Personal or Group Vision Quests; Retreats and Rites of Passage. ‘She’ births and dedicates sacred mandalas for ceremonies, private/public gatherings, and/or as a live performance. each one is created by the seed inspiration of the individual, gathering, and/or place. always created in silence, prayer and sacred intention.


a guide for you throughout the entire life spectrum of ‘Life Transitions’

fly {next} … Preparing for Departure

since, ‘She’ was a child, ‘She’ has embodied the gift of seeing beyond what is and naturally found herself communicating with souls and leading them to the other side. this gift can assist anyone to prepare for departure and learn how to live their life it it’s fullest. when we prepare for our departure, similar to preparing for our day we can move through it with greater clarity and knowing. then, when it is that magical moment to leave this world… we can embrace it with grace, certainty and love.

‘She’ works with individuals that are healthy, family members supporting someone through their disEase and those who are preparing for departure. her level of sensitivity and compassion brings ease, strength and comfort to all of those involved. ‘She’ has transitioned more souls than she can count out and into this world. her gift to stay connected with each one until they’re ready enables her to truly guide one from their body and into the ‘Next’. these gifts and tools ‘She’ embodies are best partially explained within the Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Egyptian Book of the Dead and various Indigenous Practices.


birth {emergence}… MaMaBabies

‘She’ is a mother of two and brings her own experience of every possible scenario that could unfold during childbirth process. with this experience, ‘She’ is able to educate mothers on her options and ease her mind. ‘She’ studied under Bradley Method and will support birthing parents at home, birth centers and in the hospital. ‘She’ blends her knowledge base from Eastern medicine, Indigenous Traditions and Western Medicine-Science and Technologies.

her gift to work with people on a soul level enables her to not only support mothers but to support babies during pregnancy and delivery. ‘She’ can assure and support the baby remotely… this is a big transition for the infant! her indigenous studies and tools she incorporates are from India, Guatemala, Hopi, Hawaii and Tibet. ‘She’ is here to support the choices you make for your baby and the birth; while, bringing forth education and wisdom to consider along the way. ‘She’ will accompany you through labor and birth, providing emotional support, physical comfort, assist the baby’s spirit (soul) in making the transition and enhanced communication with your medical team. one birth at a time.  the result will be a joyful family filled with LOVE.

presence {here}… MovingForward

‘She’ is a gentle guide for those traversing through change, healing, and/or transformation. during these shifts in your life, you can empower yourself to grow and move through the passage with grace, empowerment, clarity and ‘self’ care. the path to focusing on the ‘inner’ work will assist you in mastering an aspect of ‘self’. which will provide you with a more fluid, abundant, and joy filled LIFE. ‘She’ has the experience working with those traversing through disEase (cancer, digestive, heart, diabetes, asthma, anxiety, mental illness, chronic pain and more), Trauma (rape, murder, abuse and violation), ‘self’ abuse (eating, depression, addiction and self worth), death, financial instability, relationship issues and life challenges. in addition, ‘She’ has the gift of helping those refine their vision, awaken to their dreams, and actualize the life they are ready to life.

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