Paul J. Arena

after much enjoyment exploring physical activity in the cultural milieu common to north america such as soccer and sports as a boy, paul quickly found an interest in refining and cultivating his physical abilities with martial arts as a young man. paul quickly progressed through the hard styles of martial movement, mastering and softening his sensitivity to movement and strength as his awareness progressed into greater levels of refinement and specificity.



real world application

spurned by a desire to “put his skills to the test” paul undertook a period of intentional real world high stakes combat immersion training and personal testing by taking a position as a guard in a texas prison. it was at this time that paul recognized and began to fully embody the martial wisdom of impenetrable peacefulness. he honed his senses to a state of perfect and relaxed vigilance and released any sensibilities of physical fear which enabled him to be a true servant of peace, even amidst the highly charged and toxic environment of imprisonment.

ba gua earlier heaven

spiritual studies

following his time of personal testing and imprisonment training, paul then continued to deepen his spiritual studies using martial refinement as a springboard and foundation upon which to build cultivation arts in the tradition of the tao. he continues these practices through the SPirit GAte Path encompassing the taoist arts of TAijiQuan, BaGuaQuan, XingYiQuan, TaoYin and other healing modalities including medical QiGong.

community service

paul has been recruited by high level operators in asia for the position of strongman, which he has wisely declined in favor of continuing the spiritual study of personal and planetary evolution. he currently serves the local community in his hometown by creating a safe environment for children with learning disabilities who have high levels of strength and can be disruptive in regular learning environments. he also maintains a private dojo and studio for the training and personal betterment of his students.

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