“Good Earth Medicine™ is any occurrence so unforgettable that it just has to be a gift from the All, or the spirit that transcends through all things… a sign that universe is showing you advantage by allowing for you to be part of some extraordinary event… To be Good Earth Medicine as opposed to mediocre beauty of the world, a happening had to be so unparalleled… that no one who had gone through the occurrence could help but remark on it… so noteworthy, that only the scene in which it occurred can accurately be described.  Good Earth Medicine™ is also any secret or enigma, no matter how small, whose answer opened to larger, and even grander mysteries… Good Earth Medicine™ can surprise and appear in the space of life’s’ journeys at any time in varied degrees, such as the presence of friendly intelligent life forms appearing to provide resources between other friendly intelligent life forms to over come life’s adversities.    Scott Gregory – The Book of Illumination (ruminations of great thoughts past & present)

In the Indigenous or Native traditions, belief holds that in order to have a life-sustaining health, you must find out how to live your life in balance and harmoniousness with both the universal and the natural laws and principal laws which is to have respect for nature, to give with a loving heart, and to hold unity and virtue.  Good Earth Medicine™ – Elevated Healing Arts™ derives its knowledge and keeps its wisdom from the many traditions and known means, finding common ground that holds true for all people and all cultures (ways of life) on Earth and in the fabric of the Space of the Multiverse itself, (the myriads of multiple Universes).

Organic Intelligent Beauty & Collective Community Healing Services
Mind – Body – Spirit
& … if so chosen, then Radical Personal Expansionism to achieve True ‘Universal Inter-dimensional Connection’
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Elevated Health Life™ is about Earth Medicine – Healing Arts and Far Journeys of the HighREDRoad™.  Aside from being a source for health boosting plant and mineral based medicinal formulations and products, at Elevated Health Life we provide a select depth of superior, integrative services, derived from an entire interconnected new Earth realm of working communities of fully awakened healers and radical change agents.  Thus, we provide potent services, cutting edge tools, deep collective knowledge… the fuel for real education and our culture (a vibrant way of life), for every given individual to open up their natural potentiality for optimum well-being and creating genuine connection. Our products and services are interwoven through comfortable and natural processes and range from natural intelligent beauty, to universes nature connection and community resiliency, to encompassing life-style practice of medicine. Everybody can do this; it is the place where all people thrive; regardless of whether they know it or not.

Healing isn’t only for physical health; it is also for well-being of the psyche in order to make the actual ‘body-mind connection’ real, so that the vehicle of the body and the mind may indeed, accomplish the elevation of the spirit.  Our mission is continue to peacefully, walk the Earth for the benefit of people, lands, seas, plants and the animal kingdom, healing as we continue our walk. We are ‘the Earth Walkers’ and we possess a cognitive understanding of the universe and its Deep Space and life which exists in that Deep Space, too.  Elevated Health Life teaches a lifestyle and a certain type of knowledge, not a technique.  Our vision is to see local community and communities everywhere grow in good health and smart application of Earth Medicine so that people everywhere may enjoy the goodness of one another from understanding how to enjoy and benefit from the goodness of Earth and its place in space.

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