PRISMATIC-ELIXR RESIN of LIFE GELCaps –  A POTENT ANTI-CANCER – ANTI-“Incurables” Formulation.  This  Dragon Line comes in a combination of (4) formulations. All (4)  formulations work synergistic together or separately or in any combination of:  GREEN (more ‘green tints’) – GOLD (more ‘masala’) – BLACK (more ‘bio-minerals’)  & RED (more ‘beets & resveratrol’) Qzt19! Dragon Caps: 

Price: $180.00.  Qzt19!™ Dragon Caps of Healing RarifiedEARTHMinerals + Ayurveda Herbs – Spices – Desert & Jungle plant based fuels for  the body-mind connection and  is 55-60 day supply containing the following organic, ground, proprietary blend:  CamuCamu, Blue lotus, Ginsing, Suma, Ashwaghanda, Resveratol, with blending of bio-activated earth elements, plus Emotiv pro-biotics and other proprietary blending of Green pumpkin seeds, healing east Indian herbal-spices of Kalijiri, Galanga, Curcumin, Turmeric, White Nigelis, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper; plus a varietal plethora of over 47 other rotated earth elementals through the multiple products for both taste and synthesis as carefully blended, using proven medicinal plants, spices and herbs, plus 15 varieties of medicinal mushrooms including reishi, cordyceps, chaga, mesima, lions mane, turkey tail plus (9) other medicinal mushroom varieties.

How to Order:

Orders for the Qzt19! Dragon Caps, may be done via PayPal at: PayPal.me/scottsaintgregory/180 (Simply [CUT & PASTE “PayPal.me/scottsaintgregory/180”] into pay pal ‘send money interface at paypal.com’; and if a double or triple order, just place digits for the amount of $/currency on any exchange, into where the blank is behind the slash.

Congratulations for your choice in superior healthy options to pursue health enhancement and upgrading health vibrancy! “To Your Health!”

More about Qzt19!?

Qzt19!™ is a specific, Ayurvedic and newly emerging ‘Nootropic’ arena, plant and earth-elements based formulation infusion line which serves to fuel health and this platform of health-optimization. The platform is delivering a series of layered integrative products and superior health enhancement, by using this innovative formulative means of producing clean high Bio-available energy for the Human condition which must fight off a continual assaulting, insulting, toxic world of surreptitiously hidden, daily predatory attacks Utilizing the specific protocols and practices, Elevated Health Life, ZAKLab™ – Alchemy powdered and liquid Elixrs of health vibrancy, deliver high vibrational super-natural, superior health enhancing results to counteract the insulting assaults from the environment on ones’ precious health.

Dragon series products’, are also complimented with a health building, powerful and delicious liquid energy elixir formulations culture of Dragon series LiquidPrismElixrs, that are made with structured, energized, living-energetic- Hydron Electro Water™.

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