Luxury Private Villa Retreats (THIS PART of THIS WEB PORTAL is UNDER TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION) exclusive remote island villas - coastline villas - countryside villas - alpine mountain villas ...and high desert LUX

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About Private Lux Villa Retreats


Immerse in Elevated Health Life while residing within the liberating and airy feeling of open-architecture villa spaces or complete private luxury expansive villa home seclusion. 

Also pick and choose from the many other options which we have rolled  out, across the sub-tropical  zones in various Elevated Retreat Landing Zones.  (soon to be unveiled).  We have location selections across multiple exotic seasonally & highly enhanced locations  – locations – locations.  Always a prime location available for your travel & relaxation preferences as well as professional work.

It won’t matter which of our elevated retreats you choose, your beautiful secluded lodging, villa or carefully selected hotel is there to pamper you, to hold you in the color and joy of all the desired details; details so good, you can’t even imagine they could exist!  

Everything is designed for you to feel theculture-specific life+style’ and relax into the customs of a millenary culture. Enjoy the luminous, ample aesthetic spaces, feel the art, smile and you indeed do …enjoy the balance!

Wherever ‘5star and beyond‘ is the mediumyou’ll enjoy the steam room or Jacuzzi, swim in mineralized lap pools or simply sit in exotic gardens to soak in the centennial trees, flora & fauna of any given Good Earth Magic location awaiting your admiration.

The garden of Earths’ serenity & your optimized adventure frames ideal paradisiacal settings to unwind, let go & bask in the Pristine Paradise – this the divine nature of our universe. All the while you are casually engaging into the ELevated Enterprise Exchange of Community Impact Investments.

Here, you acquire Optimal Access and Maximum Impact to foster and generate the much sought for and elusive health & wealth life vibrancy impact factors …to cultivate, embed and preserve  within your own world and move your positive energy individually & collectively through out the world of our entire planetary body. You thus, optimally contribute to the bio-remediation and preservation of the good across our grand & good Planet Earth, the source of the Good Earth Medicine.

Dynamic Community Impact '24/7' scheduling is agile dynamic fluid flexible

ESCHELON COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING (E.C.I.). While orchestrating our elevated health retreats, elevated wealth optimization aspects are as well …optimized at any given one of our retreats especially Private Luxury Villa Retreat locations …such like no other destinations you are indeed Elevated for optimal Access and maximum Impact.  These Elevated Enterprise Retreats offer rarefied levels of OPTIMAL ACCESS & MAXIMUM IMPACT everyone is looking for. These experiences and this time  is indeed priceless & unforgettable …truly sublime and seriously ‘game changing‘.

Optimal Access.  We are literally plugging people in everywhere into the great ‘cosmic field receptacle’ in order to facilitate more inter-dimensional connection more energy and far more results than otherwise for our concierge specialty clientele – our fellow investors and our customers everywhere.

FIELD and RANGE ECOLOGY STATION MATRIX – Optimal Access into the Premium Packages – Elevated Enterprise Engagements, Lifestyle and Health Optimization  Protocols, INSTRUCTIONAL COST IN ‘TheField’ where the inter-dimensional work is access for maximum impact is typically billed in increments by donation, all related expense or ‘donation’  areas are ‘wavied’ and all inclusive within your Private Luxury Villa Retreat booking arrangements.

INSTRUCTIONS & PROTOCOLS are given in theField at all retreats, at our incredibly exhilarating FIELD RANGE ECOLOGY SESSIONS.  TheField sessions are taken by rsvp appointment only – once rsvp you’ll then call 602-314-0413 to sign up in advance (up until 3 hours minimum before FieldSessions). The time of any given power learning session changes often due to weather so make sure that you call!

Private FieldSessions are professionally orchestrated at well appointed hotels, enterprise class offices and other well scouted locations that are made available by request.  And within the Private Luxury Villa Retreat Enterprise levelUP layers. For direct contact and further information about the FieldSessions: [email protected],  for reservations.

BioPhoTonicIntelligence™ an energetic-structured-high-frequency Enterprise coaching session – with beautiful CHI KUNG & YOGA Exercise & Meditations

ZENALchemicalYoga™.   A dynamic, structured-energetic-water based, BioPhoTonic™ charged form, of ZENALchemicalYoga™, a yoga where the focus is on preserving the optimization of wellness and health of the practitioner. ZENALchemicalYoga™ directs to optimize the vibrancy of the ‘human mind-body-connection’, and radically decrease unbalance (disease) by using ZEN-ALchmey-naturalist cultivation.  This includes:

Dynamic – fluid – easy going & powerful exercise: Chi Kung & Yoga Asana style with all American progressive fitness approach of ‘old school  new body’ regimen.

Super Brain breathing: Learn “SUPER BRAIN Breathing for Superior Health & High Energetic-structured-high-frequency ‘P R A N A Y A M A’

Meditation Zen style mindful relaxation: …or, Savasana

Light infused food as Fuel to energize rejuvenate regenerate: Heirloom based Vegetarian and advanced-mineralization-healing-spices-herbal Ketogenic-BioPhoTonic™

Mindful thinking: Mindfulness, Meditation and intentional desire to achieve continual positive attitude and intentional avoiding of all  negative thoughts

Each Session includes mindful meditation prayers, rest and relaxation, super-brain Breathing for super-health ‘P R A N A Y A M A’, easy does it whole body-brain-harmonizing warm ups, solar absorption and optimal access to rarefied gnostic scripts and ancient knowledge.

Attenuation and tuning up.  Attenuating toward increasing  one’s capacity or ability to learn to observe ‘the  Good Earth Medicine’, accessing of the energy of Earth Sun Moon and ether to derive to the practitioner power-brain enhancement from the cosmos, and physical exercises including breathing control and ‘asanas’. Sessions are usually 2-3 hours.

Private Luxury Villa Retreat Layers are booked as a priority.  When not managing these levels of the Enterprise daily FieldSessions are conducted at locations through out the below travelogue.  This is a SAGES FLIGHT PATH & INSTRUCTIONS Curricula delivering CONTINUOUS MEANINGFUL LEARNING STREAMS out of the Triality realm and new MYTHOS & STORY-TELLING SCHEDULE at any given location where Scott and the Elevated Teams are training – teaching and conducting ‘thework’: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-9:30 am WHERE WE PROVIDE POWER LEARNING and BIOPhotonic-Culture:

Travelogue: Private Luxury Villa Retreat Locations for Optimal Access and Maximum Worldwide Community Impact.  And Summer time – Kahtadin, Maine and the Mid-coast  Maine resort and farm community festival event zones (05..14.17., in early spring, into mid-summer and early fall: July-August-September-October).  Grand Bahamas – St.Maarten – St. Barths – Eastern Caribbean – Malta – planning Malta 2017 is in for establishing  2017  November dates …into early-winter time: November – January – February) Hawaii (New Years on Maui  – to Big Island &  Kauai into the mid Winter time – February – March) Arizona and the Great Circle of the High Alpine Deserts of the Western USA (late Fall and Winter – through the September Equinox through December 21st)

Sessions Workshops & Bridges the elevated experience... into escalation access & impact

The realizations are extraordinary from being physically at and enjoying the majestic nature of any given magnitude one of our Private Luxury Villa enterprise retreats.  Optimal Access into the Enterprise – the Balance –  the Health combines with enhanced internal modification and new found spiritual observations that you will receive by immersing into one of our Private Luxury Villa Enterprise Retreats. Your quest to facilitate your imagination and know how, to ‘optimize your life with the excellence of others’ is far more fulfilled by having made the decision to explore and discover aspects of our reality on Earth impossible to access otherwise.

The realizations that emerge for you here are a transcendent impact on your life.  While contemplating Enterprise levels, during the  course of your immersion into these rarefied spaces you have the opportunity to explore superior & beautiful methods of Yoga… and ‘ZENALchemyYoga™’ brings balance and harmonization to the organs, the subtle and not so subtle energetic movement in your body, your relationships smoothed and deepened. You become radically more aware of how you live your life.

And, here …you begin to understand what it means ‘to EvoLve’ and to transcend life as it has been presented by the ‘machinery of presentation everywhere’; here during retreat, that ‘machinery’ is entirely removed.  By connecting through the Private Luxury Villa Retreat enterprise layers and simultaneously into nature here, together with chi kung & yoga you tap into your highest natural SeLf.  You are suddenly merged into being more of the awareness and kindness you share with others.  You are more intending to live the happiest most peaceful life possible!  Look good, feel good, and cultivate life-long awareness and true happiness! Learn all this and more.  So wherever you travel from ‘knowing of the ALL’ you bring the wisdom you acquire here, with you, wherever you may forever go.

Each session into the ‘workshop zone’ is 2-3 hours.  Exchange is normally:  $300 however the Private Luxury Villa Retreat Zones are 100% all inclusive, for all of the available rarefied services, seminars, workshops, bridges and adventures.

Exact dates are arranged by your appointment – contact: [email protected] for your next LevelUP Life Optimization  experience

LEARN TO DECODE the MEANING of LIFE, DISCOVER LOST SECRETS OF THE HIDDEN GNOSTIC SCRIPTS and LEARN SANSKRIT CHANTS:  Sanskrit, is an ancient Indic language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems are written and from which many northern Indian languages are derived.

Experience the ancient connection of the world’s most powerful and lost secrets of the ancient travelers and connect with the oldest languages of this universe, through sound. Feel how the resonance of each word, alters your human-being-experience.


Change doubt or fears into confidence as you learn to come up to sirshasana, the headstand and other adaptations! sirsasana meaning –

  1. Sirshasana, or Headstand is an asana. In the Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirasana), the body is completely inverted, and held upright supported by the forearms, while the crown of the head rests lightly on the floor.

Practice Chi Kung – Iron shirt and combine with YOGA and BE STUNNED BY THE EXPERIENCE of the AWARENESS of the “Good Earth Medicine” YOU DISCOVER WITHIN NATURE and.. your own ‘nature’. You then begin to understand the Inter-dimensional realm of the Supernatural and to evolve.

Feel relaxed in your own body practicing chi kung  & yoga with super-brain breathing. Learn the traditional yoga or do ‘your own style of yoga’ anywhere. See ‘the Awareness’.  And, begin to learn of ‘the Yogas’ of the many Masters who’ve come and gone’ and Balance ‘the Eden of heaven and earth within’ and outward beyond the beyond, as we live the ‘yoga life’ outdoors. “Yoga” is defined as:  a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.  “Yoga” does not have to be “Hindu” either,  Understand, it can be derived from the ‘great ethers’ and adopted to fit any Culture (way of Life).

Light Infused FueL for Mind Body Connection The Elevated Way...

Vegetarian organic meals never tasted so good with Heirloom fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally. Enjoy the goodness  (pure Earth and holy Triality)  in the nourishment and how to make it happen, at home. In Ayurveda the definition of ‘Sattvic‘:  denoting a class of foods that are fresh, juicy, light, nourishing, and tasty, and thus give necessary energy to the body and help achieve balance.


Do you love the super-natural world of nature?  Would you love to understand why the practice of ancient arts of chi kung & yoga (in any of its many practiced forms) and the practice of understanding and then conducting ‘mind-body-connection in nature’ is the key to your ability to achieve health-optimization and true vibrancy?

Would you love to activate your capacity to evolve and meet others doing the same? Does the depth and scope of the undertakings in this web portal system inspire you? From with the elevation of the Enterprise layers of generating your Impact, you may choose to radically impress and influence the entire world to think about their potential to begin a life of ‘the great work along the HighREDRoad’ … of living an evolved and limitless realm of vibrant existence.

Practice super-brain breathing, chi-kung & yoga in exotic locations CAPTURE THESE TREASURED MOMENTS!! Get impressive photos of you or your group doing chi kung &  yoga, while convening in the natural cathedrals of some of natures’ best places, in professionally arranged private photo sessions.  These rarefied services contain excellence in non-invasive photography which capture the essence of the intelligently visual and rewarding aspects of healing arts mastery. Services are multi-faceted  comprising an exclusive assemblage of subtly layered services that other organizations simply do not offer anywhere else.

The Cost – Everything is all inclusive with your booking arrangements.

5 hrs ($750) up to ’19’ hrs of super natural experience, chi kung – yoga & professional photography session is normally $1000.  All ‘costs’ are inclusive within these retreat booking arrangements  prior  to arrival.

Elevated Impact Access Luxury Private Villa Retreats transcendent group experiences

Private Luxury Villa Retreat Information all inclusive extraordinary rarefied elevation....

Elevated Enterprise Private Luxury Villa High Impact Retreat Why?

Elevated Enterprise held within Private Luxury Villa Retreat locations are a particularly unique world-class …Enterprise Retreat with sophisticated laid back integration of concierge specialty rarefied services and knowledge based information & intelligence not found through  any other source.  It combines the best of our Platinum Enterprise layers together with the best of our Holistic and our Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat layers.   

These particular retreat layers are arguably our greatest retreat destinations for the Community  Impact Investment enterprise  layers …in your choice of any given one of our world-class paradise locations – one of the most beautiful and lush locations on the Planet. Realize emergent event horizons containing vast wealth …literally through the Kharma of the Good Earth Magic of world  class environments in working to optimize Impact.

Relax completely. Enjoy the contemplation. Choose between the best locations on Earth for Elevation in Enterprise for maximum Impact on true Earth  friendly  values in health and wealth options to enhance your Elevated Enterprise experience with The Eschelon.

You may wish to integrate optimal health retreat  facets within your Private Luxury Villa Retreat Enterprise experience and book chi kung or yoga instructional classes while experiencing the earthy beauty of any given one of the  incredible locations, while you attend one of these extraordinary Retreats. So take the time to review the Chi  Kung Yoga layers and read about Elevated  …Chi Kung & Yoga masters. Slow down and embrace the spirit of ancient civilization dating back into history with no records. Savor each breath from sun soaked villas to the natural surroundings of herbs and the flair of life.  The splendor awaits and beckons.  “Leave only footprints; take only pictures.”



ELEVATED IMPACT ENTERPRISE + HOLISTIC + CHI KUNG & YOGA + ALL ENCOMPASSING EXHILARATING ADVENTURE!  An inspirational & adventurous  options in 7 – 14 – 21 day chi-kung & yoga retreats designed to help you unplug from your computers and reconnect to experience your true nature.

The retreat includes:

  • Site-specific chi kung & yoga at scenic locations such as caves, rocks, beaches, forests, waterfalls
  • A traditional time with this unique community on the first night you arrive
  • Exploring spiritual places such as Cathedral Islands, Coastlines , Country sides, Deserts and High Alpine Mountains
  • Beach & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made vegetarian food with local fish for omnivores
  • Luxurious accommodations in a private and secluded home
  • 2 yoga classes per day with (Sivananda hatha yoga) practitioners  (refer to  our Chi Kung & Yoga – Elevated Retreat Practitioners)

Booking Reservations is easy and pricing is flexible based on your selection of preferences in our comprehensive menu of choices and options: $____________ (Includes accommodations, food, excursions – everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to __ to maximum of __ participants depending on the site specific elements of the chosen location for any given destination.

To make your reservation, a $______ non-refundable deposit via PayPal to: – is required by June 21st, 2017, with the balance paid by August 1.  Payment plans are available – please contact for details.


DECEMBER 26, 2017 – JAN 2, 2018

Start the new year off right with a 7-day holiday Chi Kung  & Yoga retreat in a Euro paradise!  Learn practices to help you find more inner peace in your mind and ease in your body. This retreat will bring you closer to your true nature, present within always. Embrace the warm sunshine of your heart while feeling the sun rays tickling your skin while practicing yoga on remote paradise islands – secluded coastline – pristine countryside – high alpine desert enclave or alpine mountain villas.  Carry the wisdom and healing energy of ancient wisdom with you into the new year.  Don’t just make resolutions – make positive habits you can take with you in this new year’s Private Luxury Villa Retreat for Enterprise and mindful expertise in  Chi Kung & Yoga Retreat.

This retreat includes:

  • Site-specific chi kung & yoga at caves, rocks, beaches and natural hot mineral healing spas
  • Traditional cultural and kinship events the night you arrive
  • Exploring places of high  energy and aesthtetics
  • Coastal & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made vegetarian food with local fish for omnivores
  • Luxurious accommodations in a private house
  • Vibrant coast sunsets and sunrises
  • Chi kung & yoga classes and mindfulness meditations led daily by a Your retreat- Elevated Health Life practitioner in (Sivananda hatha yoga) and as well,  (hatha/vinyasa).
  • Chi Kung classes and mindfulness meditations led daily by your retreat – Elevated Health Life practitioner in (Chi Kung – Iron Shirt) and also (Tai Chi). 

Fee: $_________* (Includes everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to ___ participants depending on the destination being booked.

To make your reservation, a $500 non-refundable deposit via PayPal to is required by July 21st, 2017, with the balance paid by September 1.  Payment plans are available – please contact at  for details.

*A luxury retreat spa masseuse is available for an additional fee.


Are you interested in departing out on a retreat, but unable to attend one of the listed retreat dates?  No problem!  Sign up for a personalized retreat to accommodate your  preferences and your schedule.  Contact and let us know when you will be on the island.  Let’s make your dreams come true!  Learn chi kung & yoga one-on-one, get guidance on meditation (beginners welcome!), and find out what a thriving lifestyle might look like for you.  Pricing is $_____-$_____/week depending on what your chosen retreat features are on your order preferences.


Enjoy practicing yoga before your snorkeling and diving session.  This retreat is designed to help strengthen your swimming muscles and enjoy the best sustained diving.  Surfing… yoga…private beaches…blue aqua…paradise…you us me know when you are ready to enjoy life unlike ever before.  Typical pricing is 1 or 2 days:  $800.00 per  day. or $1500.00  for  two days.  All pricing is inclusive with  your  retreat booking.

Explorative Responsive

Powerful & Extraordinary People Gather adventurous vibrant exhilerating atmosphere

In the “Private Luxury Villa Retreat”, it is all about ‘the Elevated Enterprise integrated for optimal health & markedly increased awareness’ becoming more aware about the history of our civilization. Opening up a new threshold of  health re-generation and prosperity.  Purposeful wealth enhancement.  We maintain the number of people within the specifications of any given destination arrangement, to support an effective and in an adventuresome atmosphere tending to the enterprise and while taking care of new opportunity we also never  fail to focus ‘the Chi Kung & Yoga practice” to revitalize an  awakening connection with the  magic of your retreat and the enhancement of other guests there with you.

Limitless Expansive conductive powerful change agents

Included Multiple Practitioner Healing Modalities

Complete, total  immersion into the tranquility of  our  all  inclusive Private Luxury Villa Retreat – Premium Packages.  Immerse into rest – relaxation & integrative healing arts with – Tai Chi Kung Fu & Yoga practitioner healing modalities applied, in the magical seclusion of these fabulous Retreats where you’ll find the Good Earth Medicine unabated, surrounding you & everything else.

Curated Luminescent Tour Menu

If you wish to take a lengthy day trip excursion into the grandeur, of the Depths of the Good Earth  Medicine, we make it happen. These curated tours are facilitated toward increasing your capacity or ability to learn to observe and partake of ‘the  Good Earth Medicine™ ’, accessing of the energy of Earth Sun Moon and ether to derive power-brain enhancement from the cosmos. These Sage’s Journeys include physical exercises and Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoganic Practices including breathing control and ‘asanas’.

Fabulous Premiums and ‘Massage & Spa’

The list of fabulous things to do on these extraordinary destinations is an infinity of which most people in the world never experience.  And, if you want to get a facial or massage while enjoying the stunning  & beautiful vistas of your trip, we have caring licensed practitioners on call. With specific targeted and precise tools we help you Bio-Remediate your person from dis-ease to the practice of health, and from cultural Mal-Aise to an alignment of Collective Community Culture™.

Beyond 'Deluxe' Words Cannot Describe the good earth magic is yours 24/7 here...

Solace invigorating solitude


Known for awe-inspiring views, unspoiled, lush surroundings, our Private Luxury Villa Retreats, are the perfect choice for those who do genuinely seek the legendary meaning of the term “Sanctuary” from both what Elevated Health Providers offer to compliment the breath taking vistas to the super natural elements of such destinations. 

Inter-dimensional Healing Arts elevated health wealth & true life mastery


Luxury ‘beyond 5star” discreet atmospherics superb venue frame the ideal settings to engage the facets of our healing arts mastery community.  A world class people of extraordinary talents who collectively bring about the inter-dimensional reality  shift into the surround of the Good Earth Medicine present everywhere …within these indescribably fabulous destinations.

Paradise Serenity Silence Clarity inspired by the history of each incredible location

Remote Private Luxury Villa Accommodations indescribably extraordinary all inclusive


[ON CALL] Features… 1/3 day to ‘2 dayer’

  • 5 hrs ($725) or your option of up to ‘19‘ hrs ($2352.20) of optimized integrative experiences. These are focused productive hours where you are convening in the super natural of some of natures’ best places enjoying high arts of tai chi kung fu™ – ‘& yoga’ classes while your energized w- VolcanoELixr fizzbar™ zone energy shots, along with your own pro photography shoot.  Get impressive dynamic photos of you or your group doing & exploring this ancient practice of creating & holding inner-chi™.  Your ‘19‘ hrs may be split into a (‘2′) day high energy retreat.  Your Elevated Exchange™ for 19hrs/’2 dayer’: $2352.20.  Results are fabulous.  Part of the ‘take away’ on the 19 hrs also provisions you with 3 months supply of Qzt19! Dragon cap formulations, 1 mo supply of VolcanoElixir inner-chi beverage mix and unforgettable experiences, new knowledge, intelligence & lifelong priceless memories & beautiful dynamic media for your purposes.


[ON CALL] 3hr Sessions feature ‘Internal Modification’ 

  • The internal modification and new found spiritual observations that you will receive by attending any retreat session or retreat workshop will upgrade, reset, enhance and work to facilitate your imagination to much more completely, know how, to ‘optimize your life’. For instance, you’ll learn to Practice superbrain breathing, as a daily routine to improve healthy brain function.

    Each session into our ‘classes – mini seminar workshop or bridges zones’ are 3 hrs.  Your ELevated Exchange™ is: ($375).

  • Elevated Exchange Rates:  Hourly rates are significantly discounted for you on the 19hr booking @ $123.80/hr. For the 5hr booking the rate is @ $145/hr.  And for the 3 hr booking your exchange rate is @ $150/hr.


 Multi-faceted Services Delivery Features…

  • TAI CHI KUNG FU YOGA hiking on locations at your retreat.  We guide you on hikes through a  removed local serene environment of your retreat world that inspires a genuine healing process.  You experience exhilaration & release past stress. We bring you to remote natural pristine locations and dissolve your stress with the Natural Energies & you fully experience what is ‘the Good Earth Medicine™ ’.

  • Learn more become more.   The previous (2) columns of [ON CALL] Services features may be booked [‘impromptu’] based on your own schedule either within an already booked multi day retreat or while you may be ‘on the go’ thus the convenience of <‘impromptu’>.


Balance the Good Earth Medicine is everywhere

Structured H2O - Raw Living Energy Nutritious & Healing Food

Our menu is made up of the highest quality foods …these seasonally sourced, locally relevant, plant-based, nutrient-dense healing fuels are Vegan, gluten-free, soy & corn-free: No Problem! No refined sugar. No refined foods. We only use healthy fats – sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Additionally we provide Black Turtle™ ZAKLabs™ – Qzt19!™ holistic healing formulations & crystalline-structured h20 based liquid Volcano Elixrs™ with added TCM (Taoist Clinical Medicine[tm]) differential diagnostic optimization and customization for enhancing rapid whole body-harmonizing  and brain enhancing nootropic superfoods and cosmic elixirs of the highest order of magnitude in order to engender, generate, bio-remediate and facilitate the highest most elevated function of your human eco-system as it has been naturally designed and is delicately possible!

Sample Menu to your health ...


  • SuperFood Elixir Latte made with nootropic immuno-stimulant mushroom cocktail mix, coconut cream, cinanamon, shilajit, and other seasonally appropriate TCM (Taoist Clinical Medicine[tm]) tailored personally to your individual constitution and current state of ecology
  • Aluminum free sodium-bicarbonate Mineralized – Diatomaecious Earth & organic Volcano Elixr Citrus Cocktail
  • Seasonally  sourced fresh vegetable omelets with local roots, shoots and greens.
  • Oatmeal or smoothie bowl with your choice of toppings, like fresh fruit, almonds, pumpkin seeds, toasted coconut or homemade almond milk.


  • Buddha bowl with ginger tahini dressing
  • Quinoa & squash salad
  • Super greens soup with lentil salad
  • Turkey burger with microgreens and sprouted grains
  • Yam chili
  • Fresh fish with garlic scape or ramp pesto
  • Vegan high freqency soup with jicama salad
  • Lentil terrine with quinoa-mint tabbuleh


  • Theobromin Cacao laced Fruit & Nut Cherry Mountain Bliss Balls
  • Rye Crunch Crackers with local honey, sunflower seeds and sesame tahini topped with seasonal fruits including blueberries, nectarines, peaches, and berries.
  • Flat crackers with local hummish made from life giving legumes & salsa Verde made from local bounty…
  • Fresh water and other melons cut and salted lightly served with a touch of lemon and lime juice.
  • Rhubarb Jam with dehydrated vegetable and seed crackers served with mojito fizz probiotic elixirs.

Deluxe BioActive Food Fueled Dinner

  • Plantain tamales stuffed w pesto zucchini served with a zucchini flower salad in balsamic dressing & mango pudding for dessert
  • Beet burger layered with hummus, avocado and roasted tomato served with fresh greens in a creamy rosemary dressing and walnut, orange and cranberry bites for dessert
  • Bio-dynamic seed sprouts, with 4 oz of Local Grass Fed Soil Building Prime cut Beef Steak, served with ginger and berry compote.
  • Pumpkin seed “meatballs” in rich tomato sauce served with chayote salad and limon macaroons for dessert

Enjoy Our Elevated Private Luxury Villa Retreats! Pure Zen Paradise Redefined

The Infinity of Indescribable Contentment

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Immersion into the Good Earth  Medicine and individualized options to experience optimal Chi Kung & Yoga 

We bring you into indescribably exquisite experiences that dissolve your stress with the Good Earth Medicine Energies and you do indeed fully experience ‘the Good Earth Medicine’ of Planet Earth here.




… held within the Jewelry of Earths Finest Magic

We’ll take you on hikes & excursions through an obscure world that inspires a genuine healing process.  You experience exhilaration & release past stress. You ARISE.  You SHINE.  You CHANGE.  The WORLD is CHANGED.


A Positive Impact & Community Awareness Day

We cultivate & foster your awareness to bring you to a place where you choose to make a difference and ‘evolve’ past the unbalance into pure awareness.  You begin to see into ancient knowledge that guides you to be  a better human being, achieve peace of mind and live the happiest life that you are here for.  You attain new found layers of wisdom to keep.


The Infinite Blessing of Knowing the aLL enter into the temple of the aLL

Shamanic Ministers people who evolve together evolve further

what you receive enhancing the enterprise upping the game

Luxury Private Villa Retreats


    • Staff: medicinal raw chef, with Barista fizz bar & smoothie service serving refreshing energizing Qzt19!™ ELixir fusion beverages throughout your retreat days
    • Three high frequency & nutrient-dense, plant-based meals daily along with a continual stream of Black Turtle™ TCM – ZAKLabs™ Qzt19!™ Dragon Caps™ & crystalline – structured H20 based Qzt19!™ loaded
    • Volcano Liquid Elixrs™ – and Kambucha brews, charged with organically rearranged mono-atomic elements infusion
    • Mineralized structured H20 based organic fruits infusion Elixirs
    • Scheduled Tai Chi Kung Fu ‘& Yoga’ sessions with highly skilled caring practitioners at our at our beautiful destination excursion locations to guide your reality shift.
    • Surfing and dive sessions – are options wherever an island Destination brings ocean to beach + tai chi kung fu & yoga (optional)
    • Tai Chi Kung Fu ‘& Yoga’ w/Use of all the best gear, yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets & swizzle sticks
    • Yoga classes and mindfulness meditations led daily by a exemplary Elevated Health Life practitioners in (Sivananda hatha yoga) and as well  (hatha/vinyasa).
    • Tai Chi Kung Fu classes and mindfulness meditations led daily by a Lux Elevated Health Life practitioners in (Tai Chi Kung Fu – Iron Shirt) and as well, Tai Ji Chuan, Qi Gong and other forms
    • Two Complimentary 60-minute massages are included at the retreat
    • Three guided adventurous excursions – plus Tai Chi Kung Fu ‘& Yoga’ included
    • Exploring spiritual portals such as the Mountain wilderness sacred sites, ley lines and other ‘Good Earth Medicine™ ’ natural phenomenon
    • Hiking, cycling, swimming, and other excursions
    • Luxurious use of Sanctuary Incubation in the ‘Away Zone™ private lodging amenities ~ private ~ secluded ~ fabuloso!
    • Community Impact Investment™ story tour of radical change & success
    • Housekeeping, conscious concierge & soft-tourism ecology guide
    • All taxes and fees
    • Sunset tea time – learn – know – feel what is ZEN


Luxury Private Villa Retreats

What's Extra

    • Airfare or airport transfers
    • Your ‘Landing Zone’ 5 Star Accommodations
    • Rental car service from ‘The Away Zone’ for your pleasure and enjoyment of local culture outside of Retreat Activities and Shenanigans.
    • Travel Insurance (required)

    • Extra Services available include – safari, helicopter tours, horse riding, baby sitting, butler, laundry, tours, diving, archery, spa services, exotic pools with ‘extra pool side’ services

    • Your Staff gratuity  is always included within the price of your reservation …that’s never ‘extra’ or expected as it is included within your all inclusive premium package arrangements

Your ELevated Lux Retreat Destination is in 'The Away Zone' - beyond your 5star 'Landing Zone' entry point - we shuttle you there

    • Rates at your 5Star ‘Landing Zone’ are arranged by you at your convenience for as long as you like to stay and enjoy the accommodations provided we suggest you stay at least <1 day> to rest and become familiar and acclimated with the local environment before heading to ‘The Away Zone™ ’ for your retreat experience.
    • Refer to our suggestions on a plethora of extravagant things to do, see, and imbibe in during your stay at ‘The Landing Zone’
    • We have optimize and Elevated your connections through our network of Elevated Health Life™ to make your stay in ‘The Landing Zone’ as decadent and resplendent as you would like.
    • But, you need not stay there, as The High Vibration of ‘The Good Earth Medicine™ ’ awaits you in ‘the Away Zone™ ’.

    • Once you have arrived, are acclimated and have had enough of your ‘Landing Zone’ we will pick you up and shuttle you to ‘the Away Zone™ ’ for your Retreat.
    • Once you arrive at ‘the Away Zone™ ’ for your ELevated Retreat™ all retreat Lodgings, Meals, and Amenities are included within the Retreat period booked
    • Staff: medicinal raw chef, with Barista fizz bar & smoothie service of high frequency & nutrient-dense, plant-based meals daily along with a continual stream of Black Turtle™ TCM – ZAKLabs™ Qzt19!™ Dragon Caps™ & crystalline – structured pristine H20 based Qzt19!™ …Volcano Liquid Elixrs™ – and Kambucha brews, charged with organically rearranged mono-atomic elements infusion and Mineralized structured H20 based organic fruits infusion Elixirs
    • Tai Chi Kung Fu ‘& Yoga’ space w/Use of all the best gear, yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets & swizzle sticks
    • Housekeeping, conscious concierge & soft-tourism ecology guide

    • Away Zone™ ’ Lodgings include but are not limited to: wall-to-wall leisure private mountain lodging – lounge areas – large wraparound deck features – jacuzzi and *dry or wet sauna when available – private ensuite – large closets – climate optimization – exemplary security
    • Stellar Views including panoramic immersion in the resplendent glory of ‘the Good Earth Medicine™ ’ at your very finger and toe tips each moment
    • Olfactory Immersion in the mysterious smells of biotic nature intact ecosystemic stimulation of your sense with blueberry granola flavored air (for example) perfumed by natural flower formations
    • Luxurious use and Sanctuary Incubation in the ‘Away Zone™ ’ of your private Lux lodging amenities ~ private ~ secluded ~ fabuloso!
    • All taxes and fees, like gratuities are always included in your Retreat Booking

 LUX Villa  Extras – Inclusive with Your Reservation

  • Atlantean crystalline  healing chambers
  • ZAKLab enhancements to your  health! Wall-to-Wall
  • PREMIUM  PACKAGES (Concierge Specialty Client Packages) 
  • Elevated Enterprise Special Events Program (Optimal Access)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe




ZEN DIAMOND Extras – Included with your reservation

  • Atlantean crystalline  healing chambers
  • ZAKLab enhancements to your  health! Wall-to-Wal
  • PREMIUM  PACKAGES (Concierge Specialty Client Packages) 
  • Elevated Enterprise Special Events Program (Optimal Access)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe



Platinum Enterprise Extras – Included with your reservation

  • Atlantean crystalline  healing chambers 
  • ZAKLab enhancements to your  health! Wall-to-Wall
  • PREMIUM  PACKAGES (Concierge Specialty Client Packages) 
  • Elevated Enterprise Special Events Program (Optimal Access
  • Large wraparound decks 
  • Jacuzzi
  • Private ensuite
  • Large closets
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe