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Executive – Liaison – Shamanic Interface

Liezl Stewart serves on the platform as an executive enterprise retreat account exec & conducts strategic enterprise development within the corporate decks.   Liezl also works within the Shamanic healing arts division to help recruit & work as an interface with our professional healing arts practitioners on sites.  On retreat locations, Liezl also possesses a depth of holistic services shamanic in nature. She provides enhancement for your health, based in ancient methods …that are a proven driver of human evolution over centuries of time.

Liezl provides a combination of structured-energetic-waters, used in high-frequency Taoist-Chinese-Tonic-Herbal Elixrs in Phtyochemical-ZenAlchemy. Liezl works with your Retreat ChiKung & Yoga practitioners in delivery of various methods of herbal tea-decoction preparations + sourcing you combinations of high quality minerals – enzymes – aminos – vitamins – healing herbs – healing spices absorbed into the blood through decoction-teas, Qzt19! gel-caps… integrative-healing.


Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga Premium Support

Liezls’ proven CHI balancing raw food & Chinese herbal Elixirs combine together with unique mineral-rich phytochemical-Ayurveda formulations. Liezl provides a unique slice of our fully integrated energy bundle of powerful healing elements into the fabric of the Retreat. Retreat Guests simply add ‘inner chi ala carte’ (a part of the rarefied services and product delivery) at ‘premium packaged’ retreats.  Liezl manages on retreat site, these delux ala carte provisions facilitating guests to conveniently access ‘on-the-go’ energy vibrancy and health-vitality. Guests are enabled to immediately increase health quality at a magnitude of order. Health optimization while ‘on retreat & on the go‘ is a vital priority for self internalized energy-life force enhancement.  A consummate professional and a healer through the practice, Liezl Stewart is a Premium Packages high end Retreat ZENAlchemyYoga Practitioner.  She brings diverse elements of the aesthetic aspects, into these retreats. This increases your health enhancement during your Retreat. Complimentary to the raw food cuisine, Liezl assists to deliver these fabulous elements to your daily Tia Chi Kung Fu Yoga …or your Enterprise Retreat.


Liezl Stewart works with the other practitioners to energetically cleanse & balance retreat spaces before guests arrive. She may be called on, to assist in ‘holding space’, bringing parties in the Retreat further on their journey, towards complete balance, much as possible, as the retreat unfolds.  Liezl will inquire with guests about their daily experience while working over the course of the Retreat with the other practitioners, to transmute the positive energy. She will remind guests to visualize & assist them to best use their newly realized health balancing techniques.  As guests realize the Good Earth Magic of the retreat they bring this over into their lives to hold and to share with others.  People become transformed into a new way of observing and …living a vibrant life. This has a community impact.



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