Scott Gregory

Founder Eschelon , LLC



Scott Gregory is a high performance, elevated serial entrepreneur.  He is the creator of Elevated Health Life platform which includes multiple facets of health and wealth optimization programs. Scott is a ZAKLab™-7000 level teacher of the intuitive hidden meanings of life lost in the ancient gnostic scripts dating back over 10,000 years.

Scott is a natural health ZENALchemy™ practitioner, master bioPhotonicNaturalist™ and cross-culturally orientated… field and range herbalist, Scaler-Wave-Generator Healing Arts Master.

Scott is a pioneering Chi Kung & Yoga practitioner, who has led the rarefied ‘far journeys’ along the ‘HighREDRoad’, doing high alpine desert canyoneering. Scott seasonally delivers chi kung & yoga retreats through the remote lost canyons of the Colorado Plateau in the 18 degree magnetic Earth crystalline zones of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Scott leads personalized health-optimization and well-care consultations that incorporate multiple modalities including superior fuels for the human machine, local heirloom quality nutritional wild field herbs and plants, heirloom food, instructing students in the genuine activation of their understanding in the ‘how to’ of the act of and positive life improving results derived from …mindfulness and relaxation practices and a unique form of ALchemicalZENYoga™.