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The world of the consciously aware has evolved beyond duality into a world of equanimity and triality.  Elevated Enterprise™ Retreats envelope participants into paradise and then immerse them, into local culture – history and customized for each given retreat context, specific layers of Elevated Health Lifes’ [innerChi™-BioPhoTonics™].

We offer world wide, a beautifully appointed, intelligent thematic approach, across multiple exotic retreat destinations, loaded with arrays of transcendent high energy experiences & trans-formative health optimizing features.

The Enterprise Retreat via our sophisticated relationship cultivation programs, delivers for you, your Silver – Gold or Platinum level Premium Packages directly to you, with all aspects of the particular IMPACT INVESTMENT due diligence complete.  As such, it is otherwise completely impossible to access such a class of intelligence reporting or historic archival intelligence dossier packaging.  We place this “On the Table”.

The particular multi faceted nature of these rarefied services also are coordinated with authentic & dynamic health optimization modalities and as such are served in a rarefied regal manner over the course of any given Elevated Enterprise Retreat. “ELevated, ‘From Maine to Maui to Malta'”.

Intelligent entertainment & health optimization is staged & booked seasonally in extraordinary & beautiful settings, known for their charm, beauty, mystique and for their …magical Good Earth Medicine healing qualities. “To Your Health & Wealth!”.


buccaneer serial entrepreneur

Scott Blackwell is a ZAKLab™-7000 level researcher, scholar, instructor and shamanic intuit, exploring and deciphering the hidden meanings of life lost in the ancient gnostic scripts dating back over 10,000 years. Scott evolved past a career of serial entrepreneurship into pre-occupation with natural health, gravitating as a ZENALchemy™ practitioner, master bioPhotonicNaturalist™ and cross-culturally orientated… field herbalist.

Scott works to refine his human operating system, fine tuning as Scaler-Wave-Generator Healing Arts Master.  He is a pioneering Chi Kung Yoga practitioner.  Scott has led the first-ever ‘canyoneering Chi kung & yoga retreats’ into the remote lost canyons of the Colorado Plateau across the 18 degree magnetic Earth crystalline zones of the ‘4 corners’ and through what is known as ‘Great Circle’, some of the most starkly beautiful alpine desert lands in the world.

Scott leads personalized health-optimization and well-care consultations that incorporate multiple modalities including superior fuels for the human machine, local heirloom quality nutritional wild field herbs and plants, heirloom food, instructing students in the genuine activation of their understanding in the ‘how to’ of the act of and positive life improving results derived from …mindfulness and relaxation practices and a unique form of ALchemicalZENYoga™.

Scott received his life-mastery in Naturist based Field and Range Ecology Bio-flora and the understanding of the Ocean from embarking into an intentional SeLFLed™, ‘Highroads-FarJourneys Legacy program™’ and intentionally did not attend any “University”.

Scott completed and accomplished recognized status in a myriad of multi-faceted competitive arts and business enterprise building missions and built multiple fortunes over short periods of time through high performance as a serial entrepreneur, accomplished artist, writer, super-producer and professional adventure travel specialist.

Scott has conducted decades of specific explorations across uncharted intellectual-landscapes and through little traveled destinations across high altitude desert and mountain terrains and into the vortex space of oceanic ‘eckman spiral’ fed remote site ocean beach front canyons.

He completed over 70,000 hours of training from the Girjeff Yoganic far journeys tradition across the Great Circle desert regions of the Western and South Western America between 2004-2014.  Scotts’ advanced training and practices have been cultivated within island  traditions across the Caribbean Islands and into Central & South America. He practices in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition and studies from within serene solitary spaces.  Scott lives in the depths of a mindful life, doing readings from the writings and works of many yogis and  is conducting research in multiple Ancient eastern philosophies and traditions.

Scott has been invited to meet and study with numbers of eastern Indian yogis and Tibetan masters, including the Venerable Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche.  Scott lives within the silence of private-domain, unique and aesthetically appointed, ZENSpaces™ and  “off the grid”, living the “yoganic-far-journeys lifestyle”, in the traveling tradition and at destination retreat centers around the world.

Enterprise Retreat Offerings


Elevated Impact 

October 11-15, 2017

An inspirational & adventurous 5 day Chi Kung ‘iron shirt’ & with Yoga retreat designed to help you unplug from your computer and reconnect to experience your true nature. This is a recharging getaway – a dynamic way for you to enjoy life to a new level of all the best …just a plane hop across the ocean to the beautiful world of the garden isle of Kauai! 

The retreat includes: 

  • Site-specific yoga at scenic locations such as caves, rocks, beaches, forests, waterfalls
  • A traditional Hawaiian lu’au on the first night you arrive
  • Exploring spiritual places such as the Kauai Hindu Monastery
  • Beach & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made vegetarian food with local fish for omnivores
  • Luxurious accommodations in a ‘private island get-a-way Villa style’
  • 2 chi kung & yoga classes per day fully integrated to ‘new easy to access … ‘heights of practice’, with your local Chi Kung ‘iron shirt tradition’ & Yoga practitioner in the (Sivananda hatha yoga) tradition. 

Fee: $4,995 (Includes accommodations, food, excursions – everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to 12 participants.

To make your reservation, a $500 non-refundable deposit via purchase options via www.elevatedhealthlife.com/silver-gold-platinum or diamond levels of services delivery acquisition.  All deposits for this event horizon are required by August 1, 2017, with the balance paid by Sept 1.  All Payments are standardized and conveniently processed via  this web portal system with the use of all major credit cards or standard ‘bank wire transfers’.


New Year’s Kauai Chi Kung ‘iron  shirt’ & Yoga Retreat …or ‘anywhere on Planet  you wish to go to levelUP into ‘Triality'”

DECEMBER 26, 2017 – JAN 2, 2018

Start the new year off right with a 7-day holiday transitional Chi Kung & Yoga retreat in the ‘serene-pristine’ layers of Earths’ paradise!  Learn practices ‘within the serene & the pristine’ to help you find more inner peace in your mind and ease in your body. Thereby uplifting your soul.

This retreat will bring you closer to your true nature, present within always. Embrace the sunshine of your heart and feeling the ra of the sun bathing your skin while practicing Chi Kung or Yoga on a remote site pristine beach.  Carry the wisdom and healing energy of Kauai with you into the new year.  Don’t just make resolutions – make positive habits you can take with you in this new year’s Kauai Yoga Retreat …and if not ‘Kauai’ then please feel at liberty to inquire about the many other select destination options of equivalence in …dosing the Good Earth Medicine over the New Years transition.

This retreat includes:

  • Site-specific yoga at caves, rocks, beaches, forests and waterfalls
  • Traditional Hawaiian lu`au ceremony the night you arrive
  • Exploring spiritual places such as the Kauai Hindu Monastery
  • Beach & hiking excursions
  • Delicious, freshly made vegetarian food with local fish for omnivores
  • Luxurious accommodations in a private house
  • Na Pali coast sunset cruise

Fee: $2,995* (Includes everything except airfare)

Sign up today – space is limited to 12 participants.

To make your reservation, a $500 non-refundable deposit via www.elevatedhealthlife.com/silver-gold-platinum or diamond level bookings.  Deposits are required by August 1, 2017, with the balance paid by October 1st, 2017.  Payments are processed with the convenience of all major credit cards and ‘bank wire standards’ – please contact sgregory@elevatedhealthlife.com for any of your questions.

*A genuinely authentic lomi lomi or traditional Hawaiian masseuse is available for an additional traditional fee exchange basis.

Personalized Retreats

Are you interested in engaging on a plane of accomplishing a bridge ‘from whence you came’ across into ‘transcendence’ on a retreat, but unable to attend one of the listed retreat dates?  No problem!  Sign up for a personalized retreat to accommodate your wellness goals and your schedule as well as … building a bridge to ‘transcend from whence you came’.

 Contact sgregory@elevatedhealthlife.com and let Scott know when you will be on the island, or when and wherever you  may wish to be ‘anywhere ‘across the planetary dodecahedral matrix or polygonic lattices’.

Let’s facilitate your wishes so that you may align them with your imagination!  Learn to access& apply the ‘inter-dimensional transcendence protocols’ + advancement through ever higher layers of chi kung & yoga one-on-one or two or three!

Get in-depth guidance on training your higher self to accomplish deep meditation (beginners welcome!), and find out what a thriving lifestyle …out ‘beyond your wildest  dreams’ might look like for you.  Pricing is $1995-$2995/week depending on # of  days  booked and location.  For [Personal Retreats].


Kauai Chi Kung & Yoga w Surf Retreat!

By Appointment Only

Enjoy practicing Chi Kung ‘iron shirt’ & yoga before your surf session. This retreat is designed to help strengthen your surf muscles so you enjoy the ‘best waves ever’!  Surf… chi kung ‘iron shirt’ & with yoga…remote & pristine beaches… in remote & pristine paradise…you let me know when you are ready to enjoy life unlike ever before.

2-3 day Surf retreat on the Elevated Exchange is @$1,995 (2) – $2,995 (3)



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