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Our Story of Triality a fractional slice for your edification...


Once upon a time in the West, our business reality was ‘a little cash & a few ‘really fancy ideas’ we kept on scrolls and bound papers’. We preserved them for the history books, with nothing but ‘naysayers and haters’ slinging insults and ‘throwing rocks’.  We brought our vision to  life.

In this Culture we never allowed the naysayers & haters, to deny us our process or our dignity and so it is …with self-respect and determination we created a convenient affordable means for people anywhere & everywhere, to obtain optimal ACCESS & generate maximum IMPACT for themselves and the community, from being enabled to enter into the exclusive environments shown for example on PREMIUM PACKAGES (upper right navigation in this portal system) …previously inaccessible w/ no downside.

We moved our platform into high level Elevated Enterprise and Premium Packages delivery capacity while at the same time serving the people who seek our brand of high grade health optimization at all levels and layers of ‘capacity to acquire’ our rarefied services & products.The ‘willingness to pay’ has been proven over time and performance, in all categories of our vertically integrated & horizontally managed Elevated Health Life™ platform.

We are part of theInheriting Generationwhere we act inthe Now’ to impact the capacity of the community investment arena to be vibrant and invest into a  clean – green – living economy from our diverse organized wealth building  platform while creating a healthy vibrant living ecology within each of ourselves.

To know and be present enough to recognize the Good Earth Medicine™ is to be gifted daily.  Learn more throughout this web portal.  You too will ‘come around’.  Thus, we provide potent services, cutting edge tools, deep collective knowledge… the fuel for real education  to interact with & create as ‘wisdom keepers’. Our products and services are interwoven through comfortable and natural processes.  Services to nurture natural intelligent beauty, creating a universe of nature connection, community resiliency, encompassing life+style™ practices, teachings to access the Good Earth Medicine™.

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dev notes.

Elevated Health Lifeprovides Explorative Immersion in Vibrant Culture serving your rejuvenation through Access to the “Good Earth Medicine[™]” utilizing TaiChiKungFu Yoga[™] and Holistic Healing Arts providing you with knowledge on how to achieve and maintain a vibrant body and provides beauty with bodywork  services to compliment.

The Divinity from within comes from the discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic’, and a Divine Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are and ARISE into AWARENESS of the AWARENESS of theSPace!.

Healing isn’t only for physical health; it is also for well-being of the psyche in order to make the actual ‘body-mind connection’ real, so that the vehicle of the body and the mind may indeed, accomplish the elevation of the spirit. Elevated Health Life™ teaches a lifestyle and a knowledge of ‘the aLL’, not a technique.

Companies have a role to play in solving severe social problems, as a market-based approach requires us to put our clientele & our customers first and really think about what the people we’re serving have in needs, wants and desires.  We’re not ‘selling’ we’re ‘delivering’.

Aside from magnificent returns on our investments relative to the R.O.I. – bottom-line, we  also invest heavily …into returns on our social & environmental mission. We deliver through our own ‘market making and private equity markets’.   ESCHELON™, as a ‘new realm’ Community Impact Investment Bank[ing]™ platform is a source of creativity – development capacity – enterprise scale community impact bank[ing] & endeavors into positive impact for the ecology.

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ZEN Alchemy Zak Labs™ an introduction... Qzt19!™ photobiotic formulations ...premium packages - click on 'products'

BT2™ ZAKLabs™ Qzt19!™ ZEN ALCHEMY™ a Culture of KIN™

Our vertically and horizontally integrative brands are a multi-faceted extra-ordinary brand pool of high grade health optimization layers that on one end of it, and at all levels and layers are delivered to the individual through rarefied health services and ZEN Alchemy™ Kitchen Labs™ or ZAKLabs™ for short.

ZEN is the ultimate in the magic of Aesthetics. ALCHEMY is the ‘theGreatWork’. Imbedding both within the KITCHEN thus creating  An Aesthetic immersive experience into ‘the Great Work of Transformation’ from base to elegance – within a Culture of Kitchen & KIN™. In such a way Life becomes sublime… the way it should be.

ZAKLabs™ is a disease nullification Ayurveda Apothecary  System – ‘Volcano Elixr fizz-bar™’ fueled by Qzt19!™ and empowered by the wisdom of TCM (taoist clinical medicine™) to deliver a cornucopia of high frequency health formulations matrix.  A practice of Trans-dimensional Meditation is offered over our Medicinal Tea times.  Has anyone got a Spaceship with friendly space navigators?

With total immersion in our ZAKLabsKitchen Culture of Kin™ our world wide network retreat system delivers classes, events, seminars, workshops sessions & bridges to facilitate escalation acceleration and enhancement of the EVENT HORIZON with superior concierge client specialty services; premium packages; tending to groups in the kitchen lab spherical wholistic going on all around us in the realm of triality.

Those who enjoy life most happily do so by understanding the Good Earth Medicine™ – Elevated Healing Arts™ derives their knowledge and keeps their wisdom from many traditions and known means.  To anchor and weather the storms, requires finding common ground that holds true for all people and all cultures (ways of life) on Earth, and in the fabric of the Space of the Multiverse itself. Elevated Healing Arts™ is a connection with the evolved ones who’ve mastered space.  The myriads of multiple Universes are ‘just a thought away’.  Click here for more details.


Mind as human kind thinketh...


Let Elevated Health aid you to regain your health & vigor: your Well-Being. Elevated Health Life uses holistic and natural methods to help you control stress,  eliminate anxiety and other toxic states, fend off depression.  Harness the InnerChi and Elevate your self!

As changes occur on within our hearts and mind, they being to emit or radiate literally through our visage and our behavior. It all comes together with renewal of physical body, internally and externally. Elevated Health™ – Earth Medicine™ – Healing Arts provides knowledge  on maintaining a vibrant body and provides beauty with bodywork  services to compliment… and opens the doors to a new mythos, a Reality of Triality™ where the conflict within or externally (duality) no longer is allowed by the Soul to continue to foster its Dragons. 

Therefore you see the obvious: that asking Mother Earth, and the intelligent life that travels through the cosmos that Earth resides in, to show us “the Good Earth Medicine™” and guide us as to what to do and say, assists and empowers us as a culture, as a collective society, as a humanity, to move and inspire us all, back to our original truth by using the tools the Good Earth and its place in space with the Sun, the Moon and all of the Stars, has generously provided.  Is this not so incomprehensible?

Come back to your senses arrive...

Body activation the next step ...

Personalized Health Analysis stand on your own solid ground...

Taoist Clinical Medicine™ – Biophotonics

PrismaticRootsElixirs informs your health & wellness

By guiding you with a map through the territory of healthy eco-systems we help you create an Elevated Environment™ of true Wealth and Wellness from within and without the micro and macro-cosmos. With specific targeted and precise tools we help you Bio-Remediate your person from dis-ease to the practice of health, and from cultural Malaise to an alignment of Collective Community Culture™.

Now offering complimentary 90 minute consultations and advise regarding our products – services, culture and enterprises.  Go ahead and put it on your Account …book what your led to enhance with and Modify Your Reality today!™ Also, check out Elevated Health Life Events & Classes!

organic intelligent beauty awaits you ... embrace ... be kind to your SouL

a message of collective community healing a new reality... the age of triality arrived awhile ago

The Divinity from within comes from the discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic’, and a Divine Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are.

What doesaccess the Good Earth Medicine’™ actually mean? The “Good Earth Medicine™ is any occurrence so unforgettable that it just has to be a gift from the All, or spirit that transcends through all things… a sign that universe is showing you advantage by allowing for you to be part of some extraordinary event… To be Good Earth Medicine™ as opposed to mediocre beauty of the world, a happening had to be so unparalleled… that no one who had gone through the occurrence could help but remark on it… so noteworthy, that only the scene in which it occurred can accurately be described.

Good Earth Medicineis also any secret or enigma, no matter how small, whose answer opened to larger, and even grander mysteries… Good Earth Medicine™ can surprise and appear in the space of life’s’ journeys at any time in varied degrees.

A grand example: The presence of friendly intelligent life forms appearing to provide resources between other friendly intelligent life forms to overcome life’s adversities.  “  From – The Book of Illumination™ (ruminations of thoughts from the universe the very pillars of culture – past & present) Live life from proven truth.  In the Indigenous or Native traditions, belief holds that in order to have a life-sustaining health, you must find out how to live your life in balance. This  means in harmony with the universal,  the natural laws and principal laws; that is to have respect for nature, to give with a loving heart, and to hold unity and virtue.

We offer a variety of outdoor adventures and excursions through our events partners.  Events Partnering is a specialty facet of all of our Retreats.  Elevated Events Partners are proud to offer the following:

Horseback riding adventures as well as archaeological & cultural tours, adventure activities and unique events for individuals, families and small or larger groups, both private or corporate.

While you engage into a Tai Chi Kung Fu & Yoga, Enterprise, Holistic, or Villa Lux Retreat, our Elevated Adventure Partners guide you on your hikes or motor assisted travel through the obscure remote & protected environments that inspire and are part of the true Shamanic journey of a genuine healing & HIGHRedRoad far journeyers experience.  And… you spirit begins to SOAR.

Any given Elevated Retreat selected brings you to a powerful experiential event horizon. Immerse your  soul into Healing Earth Energies to fully experience the miracles from understanding of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’.

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