Holistic Retreats elevated holistic retreats are for those seeking true solace - departure and a final cure... from their unbalance into joy

The Holisitic-retreat modality, is an obvious choice for the individual who has accepted their role in pursuit of joyfully and seriously working to achieve the art of healing themselves, while perhaps assisting to expand awareness and global consciousness of the ever important matters of release of the self from deeply embedded pain & suffering from ‘past or newly existing trauma’, to pursue the goodness of life.  Basic thoughts on this include; to simply become aware enough to know of a reliable path, and to know something of where to start, to know more than nothing then

…one re-learns to know how to b r e a t h e and …for the higher ground, participates into practice in effective modalities of healing to release from embedded spiritual & emotional wounds; usually ”trauma release” means to pursue healing on a continual basis to liberate the spirit from embedded pain & suffering, to achieve liberation from the perpetration of the false beliefs foisted upon ones’ and everyone elses’ ‘self dignity’, to know enough to pursue healing from the illusion, delusion & unbalance, is to know enough to get to ‘your why‘ on a universal level, a level of everyone elses’ same ‘why’ helps.  This is about an evolved on-going local to globalized revolution in health and culture [way of life].  It has mushroomed across the planetary energy body. Find your why and join the health revival of evolving your higher purpose into a life of joy.

EHLife holistic-retreats incorporate an integration of practitioners and modalities of practice which are set into aesthetic beautiful & intelligently appointed environments; insulated settings, are multi-faceted, focusing multiple expert practitioners’ modalities & regimens emanating within the spaces through ”accessing into transcendence-spheres of deep healing arts disciplines serving seekers of release from pain & suffering a  break-away world-wide channel system, from the ‘general-public discord”’.  Refined & rarefied services serve the endless infinity of human demand for in-depth release from the traumatic experiences that are at root-cause of ‘severe imbalance’.  The journey from unbalance into true Health vibrancy is achieved through, surprisingly to most, even just to begin with, the simplest of breathing modalities; and into ‘power-breathing’ and, true enough, in the quest to end our pain & suffering we seek further, potential for exponentiation through advanced self improvement – introspection & ultimately the synergy of building genuine community. 

Suited and geared for aspiring and existing practitioners and also for anyone wishing to purely experience the powerful work which is conducted here, in this… an alchemistry realm for its medicinal-crucible-system, we collectively aim to focus people on their own healing process through the power of breath-work, nutrition and various modalities of releasing from the source of deeply embedded pain & suffering often referred to as [“trauma release”]. There are no prerequisites for participating in the entrainment and instructional sessions, by professional licensed or certified practitioners and as well, the most uniquely experienced [though yet unlicensed and un-certified] the ‘wonder of genuinely sharing the healing experience, with the rarefied talented & dedicated, ‘well-care-providers’. Upon completion of the first entrainment sessions (comprehensive Basics and Layer 1 of 5), people participating can choose to continue into our entrainment sessions on a personal journey as well as 100% experiential basis or be referred into entering into the menu selection  of multiple forms of available Practitioner Certification Programs which we offer through our Affiliates Practitioners Community Culture [APCC].

Elevated Health LifeAffiliates Practitioners Community Culture worldwid [EHLife – APCC].  You may wish to participate in the various Affiliates Practitioners Community Culture [APCC] of professionally structured choices into select specialized and perhaps more ‘individuated’ Practitioner Certification Programs, configured from advanced evolved Practices from around the world.  We have aggregated these and continue to research and aggregate the best in practice and methods and best in aesthetic location coordinates, into a ”Practitioners Certification Programs ‘Menu System'” to suggest and to choose from.  Or, aside from certified programs, you may wish to simply pursue the more free-form ‘Experiential Channels’.  Either way, you will start your journey with Elevated Health Lifes unique approach to optimal access and being into wellness while in pursuit of achieving vibrant health & participating in the initial beginning into the basic entrainment levels.  At the basic core of what we offer in your completion of the first EHLife entrainment sessions (comprehensive Basics and Layer 1 of 5). Every entrainment workshop & entrainment sessions offered [locally and from around the world APPC system] is compatible as an entry point into a comprehensive EHLife Basics entrainment sessions – Layer 1 of 5 layers and simultaneously accommodates the many other modalities of entrainment & certification levels which have proliferated and are available at any particular ‘venue of choice’.  This means that anybody, regardless of whether it is your first, second, third, fourth or fifth time attending the EHLife holistic retreats which contain these workshops and entrainment sessions, can attend any of the workshops & entrainment sessions offered worldwide, within 30 months of your chosen beginning date.

As you the one you are concerned with progresses through your Elevated Health Life Holistic entrainment sessions, you are taught advanced & intricate details and elements of the programs and therefore as you progress, you’ll take on different functions and responsibilities within the workshop and entrainment sessions community, to advance your personal and your professional development and objectives in lifes’ broader expanse, to bring your true self, your higher self into balance and …therefore the world and humanity into better balance with itself.

Students making progress who are returning through cycles as part of any given one of a number of the [APCC] Practitioner Certification Programs available, gravitate toward taking on a function of being supporters and receive additional direction, guidance and mentorship, from their facilitators, to help them grow and prosper as community-impact practitioners.  Students become professional practitioners and learn to maintain safe session space for all the others.

New unpracticed ones coming into the system, as ‘participants’, benefit from this superior integration as a cultivation and culture curation structure by being recipients of the broad spectrum of in-depth support delivered by the mastery of  the facilitators and the ever more experienced students who are evolving at the various levels of their entrainment processes. The EHLife – Holistic Retreat system and its multi-layered integrated teaching & training structures, makes it so that all participants enjoy and have a unique, extraordinary and valuable learning experience as part of an individuated and a group process, and to meet your varying needs at all stages of your journey with EHLife – Holistic Retreats worldwide Affiliates Practitioners Community Culture [APCC].

Healing is more than mere detoxification; bioavailable food grade minerals, herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, Raw food – TaiChiKungFu & Yoga™. Healing starts from the deep within. Sometimes it requires us to whittle away at our aging memories in this life & Past Life experiences and our personal connection to them.

The Divinity from within comes from the discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic™’, and a Divine Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are.

The Elevated Health Life™ – “Holistic Healing Arts -Shamamic- Reteats” are a Divine Immersive Experiential adventure, and are an authentic human experience retreat. Shamanically engineered, these retreats are set into exotic and beautiful settings and structured for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening process with …the others.

Experience more of your own far journey into an ever increasingly higher consciousness exploration, in and of itself, a lifetime process of integration. Your own experience accounts for the collective whole, as you here, as a multi dimensional being are in a way of community, collectively responsible for the reality that you and the others around you experience.

Therefore you see the obvious: that asking our mother Earth, to show us “the Good Earth Medicine™”, assists us as a culture, as a collective society, as a humanity, to move and inspire us all, back to our original truth by using the tools the Earth and its place in space with the Sun, has generously provided.

These are HIGHEnd ‘7sTar’ Villa Retreat environments (Your luxury ‘5sTar’ Landing Zones where you arrive from your Airport destination, prior to when you are shuttled to your Away Zone – Elevated Holistic Retreat)

Awareness of …the awareness is to learn the ether of the limitlessness… to expand the very awareness of the awareness and pierce into the depths of the fabric of trans-inter-dimensional reality that exists everywhere around us and through out Deep Space or ‘the Intergalactic’ and to intuitively know its systems; plug into the grand ‘cosmic-receptacle of the spectacle of space in & of itself’; know the simple yet vast truths & experience true liberation from the ‘tyranny of the ‘dollar’ and the ‘bondage of illusions driven by the dragon-lizards of yesteryear‘.                                                                             SBlackwell

Holistic Mexico Retreat immerse in shamanic-holistic arts & science. ancient-beautiful-intelligent. access life at its core essence.

Holistic San Miguel Retreat a shamanic-holistic destination where you pursue solace - perhaps you seek a final cure ...and personal liberation

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