Healing Arts Retreats elevated holistic healing arts retreats are for those seeking a miraculous healing experience ...and are in search of an actual 'cure'

This retreat is an obvious choice for the individual who knows they must take a deep dive into healing to Conquer a Dis-ease. It is for those who, despite the difficulty or challenges, have accepted their own role in pursuit of joyfully healing themselves. To know how to heal from illusion, delusion & unbalance, is to know why to expand the very awareness into the trans-inter-dimensional reality that exists everywhere around us and through out Deep Space or ‘the Intergalactic’. To look inward, to turn to healing oneself, is to turn to assisting to expand global consciousness. 

Healing is more than mere detoxification; bioavailable food grade minerals, herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, Raw food – TaiChiKungFu & Yoga™. Healing starts from the deep within. Sometimes it requires us to whittle away at our aging memories in this life & Past Life experiences and our personal connection to them.

The Divinity from within comes from the discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic™’, and a Divine Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are.

The Elevated Health Life™ – “Holistic Healing Arts -Shamamic- Reteats” are a Divine Immersive Experiential adventure, and are an authentic human experience retreat. Shamanically engineered, these retreats are set into exotic and beautiful settings and structured for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening process with …the others.

Experience more of your own far journey into an ever increasingly higher consciousness exploration, in and of itself, a lifetime process of integration. Your own experience accounts for the collective whole, as you here, as a multi dimensional being are in a way of community, collectively responsible for the reality that you and the others around you experience.

Therefore you see the obvious: that asking our mother Earth, to show us “the Good Earth Medicine™”, assists us as a culture, as a collective society, as a humanity, to move and inspire us all, back to our original truth by using the tools the Earth and its place in space with the Sun, has generously provided.

These are HIGHEnd 5sTar Villa Retreat Hotels (Your luxury 5sTar Landing Zones where you arrive from your Airport destination, prior to when you are shuttled to your Away Zone – Elevated Holistic Retreat)


Elevated Holistic Retreats where the experience of zero point high frequency healing is the focus ... to deliver 'cures'