Elevated Health Life Rolls 2018

LIONSGATE SKYTOWER INTERFACE.  RSVP Only SGregory  – BSlote – PrivateCLub – Enterprise Culture.  Sushi Wednesdays [Premium Reserve – Herbal infusions – Medicinal Confections, Decoctions  & Concoctions served] Discover and …enjoy the [TintedPristine Cuisine] …T A O I S T SPacebarzone. An RSVP – VIP especial event-horizon …’don’t make the trip unless your hip’.

Access TrialityRealm ElevatedHealthLife Culture …Dive deeper; dig the Culture of KIN and check out why “B L A C K T u r t l e  R i s i n g” is a redroad cultural phenom ‘cosmos – black hole sun … hiptripHoLidazehappenings’

Stay up on the NEWS emanating out from across the highREDRoad far journeyers ADventureJournals …stay inTune and gain access to rarefied, StylizedSpaceevents. Between the Maine & Vermont CLubnodes; and from around the whole wider world Elevated REDRoads event horizon.
Be a part of it.  Find out more though the ‘speak-easy atmosphere at ZLabsSpaceBar &levelUp’ get clued  in to be privy;  you’ll find out how to acquire optimal access to rarefied space with Elevated Health Life Holistic-Shamanic & Elevated Enterprise Especial Events at REDRoads
Choice Destinations. Top of theBest are Lifestylized – TaiChiKungFuYoga mastery – ADventures – Intrigue – Renaissance – Romance & HoLiday 2017-2018 Musique Festivities Majestique. 
Out of Winter season, into Spring through Summer and into Fall;  Meet up with Elevated Health in the native arts and cultural depths of Maine and Vermont.  In Maine:  Since 1971 – MOGFA. Oldest & Largest State Organic Organization.  Sept 24-27th. Annual COMMON GROUND COUNTY FAIR. Unity, Maine.  www.mogfa.org/eventswww.mogfa.net – Stay up on the Organic Farm and Medicinal Plant Culture of Maine at Mogfa.  EHLife market intelligence:  TRENDING:  Vegan Google Searches climbed 32% from 2014 – 2016.  AWARENESS:  40% of Consumers report it’s “very important” that foods use all-natural ingredients, free of GMO’s and artificial flavors or colors.  CELEBRITIES:  “Improve your overall health and well-being by going vegan now! – Dr. Oz CHANGE:  “The change is over whelming at this point.  You eat more plants, you eat less other stuff, you live longer.” Mark Bittman, Food Journalist, Author and Columnist.”  TRANSITION:  41% of American’s report eating less meat.  5 REASONS to CHOOSE  a PLANT-BASED DIET:  1. Prevent and reverse diabetes 2. Reduce the risk and progression of cancer 3.  Lower cholesterol  4. Lower blood pressure 5. Prevent and reduce heart disease  – Many farms in Maine.  Here’s  one  where you can  pick up wild-foraging * micro-farming food at Meadowfall Farm & Forage – Parsonfield, Maine.  www.meadwofallfarm.com 20 – weeks June – October. Pick  up at Portland Food Co-op.
UPCOMING SOON.  NOVEMBER 2017.  Meet  Up with Elevated Health at the Miami Whole Foods SEED SUMMIT.  Whole Foods Market – SEED – FOOD & WINE WEEK. Miami Beach, FL. – November 1-5, 2017.  SHOWCASE event to a highly concentrated, well-traveled and curated market.  REACH:  10k Anticipated Attendees  in 2017.  20  Million impressions  through a  variety of social media messaging vehicles. Attendees: 10,000 attendees Median age is 30-50 years old.  68% Female, 32% Male.  NEWSLETTER:  9,000  newsletter subscribers.  40k:  engaged @seedfw social media followers. MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME:  63% of attendees have an annual household income of over $100,000.  IMPRESSIONS:  40mil gross impressions through traditional print, television and radio campaigns.  
2017 Holiday Season Phenom – Ride the Cosmic surf into ‘theGoldenAge’.  Plug into the Elevated Health Life – Holiday Event Horizon through BlackTurtle RISING SPACEbarzones.
2017 World Wide New Years Escapades Extraordinaire. Find out more about our Kauai – to Maui to Malta Whole World Wider NewYears Event Horizons at your local SPACEBarzone …concierge specialty clientele Elevated Enterprise services provisioner.
Winter 2018.  Especial Events to be Announced
Spring 2018. Especial Events to be Announced
Summer 2018. Especial Events to be Announced
Fall 2018. Especial Events to be Announced
Holiday Season 2018. Especial Events to be Announced
New Years 2018. Especial Events to be Announced
2019  – 2021.  The Golden Age begins to take hold
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Elevated Festival Events 

Festival Season 2017. (Schedule of Elevated Festival Events)  to be imported.  

Holiday Season 2017.

New Years. 2017.

Winter 2018.

Spring 2018.

Summer 2018.

Fall 2018.

Holiday Season 2018.

New Years 2018.

2019  – 2021.  The Golden Age begins to take hold






AMAGE – Our Music Your Ears

Listen to the beautiful realm of AMAGE music live on the big stage. Join us at an Elevated AMAGE Special Event Horizon, where it all began, where our dreams became a reality and everyone who found AMAGE… life was changed. This is it!

Opening Number

PANCHO aka Jerry Lee

PANCHO opens for us with his iconic music that will knock your socks off. This line-up will blow your mind and definitely set you up for a night you won’t forget.

A   M   A   G   E

A Beautiful & Magical Realm of Music – Arts – Fashion – Unique and Inspiring Entertainment Venues – World Festival Culture and Classy hiSTyLe!


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