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relax …make a cup of tea, think about who you truly are & what is your sacred dream for this lifetime  …the Lions Gate – star gate portal is open.  We are all …in a Season of Shamanism™ that has no end & no beginning! 

Gain access create impact and be inspired.  Step into your future, decide who you wish to be, what role you wish to play in this world, today. The internal modification and new found spiritual observations that you receive by attending an Elevated Retreat™ event or offering is nothing short of exhilarating and functionally up lifting. Offering categories include Classes, Seminars&Workshops,  Holistic Sessions, and Bridges to TheSpace. All of our Offerings provide you the opportunity to reset, enhance & facilitate your imagination … our offerings help bring you into manifesting reality much more effectively with desired positive results.

Learn how to ‘mindfully optimize your lifes’ objectives for maximum Impact. This style of combining aesthetics, ayurveda with a Culture of KIN™ …together with various forms of combinations of Tai Chi – Kung Fu & Yoga, we arrive to ‘ZENALchemy™ – TaiChiKungFuYoga™’ all of each and all present together brings completion to self, balance and harmonization to the organs, the subtle and not so subtle energetic movement in your body.  Your relationships are smoothed and life itself is deepened.  You become radically more aware of ‘the great how’ of theWay you live from within your life.

And, you begin to understand what it meansto EvoLve‘  …this helps  you to achieve happiness for every moment you serve you as you become conscious of serving the space around you and others. By connecting to nature with a meditation of such various layers of ‘ZENALchemy™ &  TaiChiKungFuYoga™’ through the Culture of KIN™, you tap into your highest natural-superior higher SeLf.  You look more into the awareness & kindness you share with others and your mission is …simply live the happiest most peaceful life possible!

Look good, feel good, cultivate life-long awareness and …true happiness! Learn all this in wherever you travel from ‘knowing of the ALL’ and bring the wisdom you learn, with you, wherever you may go.

We’re all deeply interested in these matters, some more so than others, but we’re all ‘there’.  So, you must be interested in a deeper connection to your spirit guides and in finding your true purpose? Sign up for an Elevated Event Horizon and Cross over into a ‘Lions Gate of Shamanism!‘ Go on a …road trip for you soul and …get a ‘car wash for your soul’ too! Cross over into a world and walk a highREDRoad journey, where you can live your purpose in this life …to its fullest.

I invite you personally in the omniscient here and now …as a thought leader operating from within esoteric realms, I invite you into the exciting, fun and powerful journeys unfolding within our groups this Summer into the Fall of 2017 to prepare in what’s coming as 2017 turns into another year.

All of us are mystics. All of us have the ability to access the spirit world and beyond. Many of us start off as children with innate access to these worlds, but as we get older this ability may have been fractured or obstructed from negative programming and been forgotten. [Re] member what you are, who you are and why you are here!  It isn’t to consume junk.

Its proven, disconnection from Source results in emotional pain that evolves into physical strife, relationship issues, illnesses, addictions, isolation from beauty and intelligence of nature, and an overall sense of having gotten lost in the world.

Through time-tested practices …when presented by a genuine Shaman you truly do become E l e v a t e d… you genuinely can actually use these practices, because these time-tested shamanic practices are proven to be able to heal that deep disconnection from Source you’re experiencing, to connect to available power for personal and collective healing.

Through Shamanic practices it is possible & probable for you to:

  • Connect to your guides, power animals and angelic forces

  • Find the underlying causes of your illness and pain and kick its ass!

  • Facilitate healing for others and help all of them to kick its ass!

  • Live a radiant life of love, joy & peace. Add a little romance and enjoy limitless p r o s p e r i t y for self and for the aLL!

  • This incredible connection to Source often brings you into alignment with your true purpose instead of endless pointless ‘sit&spin-cycles’

  • At your assemblage point that does occur, from immersing positively into the shamanic realm where you begin to ‘transmute the shadow into the light’, to where you do find out why your here …this inflection point of your own understanding, immediately increases your abundance because your gifts to the world are now clear

Join us for the series of special events-sessions this summer and into the fall season that includes live video calls, shamanic journeys, membership sites and special bonuses. [to be input] Features and bonuses are listed in the Elevated Life Events & Offerings sections via the click-through right and left button activated access points below.

Make this summer and fall a summer and autumn Season of Shamanism™ and go forth into the world with your daily increasing confidence that you are able to realize the wealth from your lifes’ journeys! That’s huge! That’s big! That’s the important stuff. Make it happen for you. And then bring what you learn to others in the world and live your best dreams true.

With best regards and respect to all – for the dignity we’re able to maintain in our lifes’ journeys is only as good as how we see ourselves traversing through the infinity  of it all, This life here on Earth is NOT the only ‘trip through space’ going on in the Galactic Deep Space, that is certain.

Scott Gregory

P.S. I love Shamanism ….it’s near and dear to my heart. It gifted me with a miraculous series of healing over years of what became my own practice from healing my own wounds, becoming a conqueror of my own illnesses, and doing so by being guided as my own best Shaman. Through Shamanism, I became free by not listening to those disconnected people that had no connection to Source while using their ‘p.h.d.’s & m.d.’s as ‘shields of authority’, all dressed up in their white smocks telling me complete lies… those people we’re and still are, gone nowhere.

By not listening to what was disconnected, I conquered thegrimreaper at deaths door‘. So can you.  So can everybody. I conquered the grim-reaper the keeper of the keys to deaths doorways in many levels through many trials. As a mis-directed soul, once caught up in a status of duality, as a ‘conflict minister devoid of connection to Source’, I had become one of the ‘living dead’.  But now, I am a Golden Phoenix.

Through my own evolving shamanism, I rose time & time again, to learn what not to do, I rose time & again, from multiple life-threatening scenarios, illnesses and other ‘externally life threatening, air-born entities‘, some of which if I hadn’t gone into the shamanic practices, I’d not even recognized the dangers ahead, to avoid! And while going through those trials I’ve been practicing and teaching for over 25 years now.

It is a lifestyle and a daily source of limitless & pure power, a guide to the sacred and in-spirit-inspiration to achieve anything we may set our hearts on, especially within finding our way to the sacred dream space we came here to live within & share to improve this world.

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