Elevated Health Life™

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Gain access create impact and be inspired.  The internal modification and new found spiritual observations that you will receive by attending an Elevated Retreat™ session,  class or workshop upgrades, resets, enhances & works to facilitate your imagination …you bridge into manifesting reality much more effectively with desired positive results.

Learn how to ‘mindfully optimize your life objectives’ for maximum Impact. This style of combining aesthetics, ayurveda with a Culture of KIN™ …together with various forms of combinations of Tai Chi – Kung Fu & Yoga, we arrive to ‘ZENALchemy™ – TaiChiKungFuYoga™’ all of each and all present together brings completion to self, balance and harmonization to the organs, the subtle and not so subtle energetic movement in your body.  Your relationships are smoothed and life itself is deepened.  You become radically more aware of ‘the great how’ of theWay you live from within your life.

And, you begin to understand what it means ‘to EvoLve’  …this helps  you to achieve happiness for every moment you serve you as you become conscious of serving the space around you and others.

By connecting to nature with a meditation of such various layers of ‘ZENALchemy™ &  TaiChiKungFuYoga™’ through the Culture of KIN™, you tap into your highest natural-superior higher SeLf.  You look more into the awareness & kindness you share with others and your mission is …simply live the happiest most peaceful life possible!

Look good, feel good, cultivate life-long awareness and true happiness! Learn all this in wherever you travel from ‘knowing of the ALL’ and bring the wisdom you learn, with you, wherever you may go.

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