Scott Gregory Founder. Shamanic Holistic Discoverer - Explorer - Far Journeys - Researcher in 'the Interdimensional' - Serial Entrepreneur. Provides A-EEE Specialty Clientele Optimal Access to the UN-Accessible - Elevated Multi-Dimensional Capacity - Converts Devalued Fiat Capital into Cryptocurrencies and invests into Primary Field C u r r e n c y to LIFT & Move Specialty Clientele out of the 'Trough of Sorrow' of 'FEDBank - Fiat - SLAVEMoneyMentality' and into the Stratospheric world of NewRealmCurrency.



Scott Gregory is a ZAKLab™ 7000 Practitioner in the Shamanic – the Nomadic – ZENALchemy™ Apothecary Pod & additionally… ‘here’

Scott Gregory – has been is Conducting discoveries & explorations ~ from Alaska to the 7 seas and beyond into the deep space Cosmos …since forever was a word ~ ALchemist, resonating world wide physical domain installation of the ancient seers culture of [i], artiste, adventurer, discoverer, neuro-linguistic programmer, psychologist, holistic scientist, multi-modal …enterprise level serial entrepreneur – technologist, venture fund founder.  Scott integrates all stages of the [elevated enterprise] …from the ’embryo unit’ into layers of contiguous  long range iterative discovery and scaled to upscale multi-decade legacy – foundation – serial enterprise building.

Scott works tirelessly as a high performance, elevated serial entrepreneur impacting the environment with an aggregated community of ecology friendly Eschelon – Community Impact Investors (E-CII) with others who operate in this exhilarating (E-CII) category of investing into our Earth friendly …”Planetary wide interD-STellar’ mission.

Scott is the creator of Elevated Health Life platform which includes multiple facets of health & wealth optimization programs…& the limitless Enteprise facet of (E-CII).

Practicing in bodywork, lifestyle medicine and natural beauty for 20+ years.  He has trained at health and wellness portals domestically & internationally, possesses global knowledge and HighREDRoad™ experience.

Scott is skilled in the generation of high frequency nootropics to enliven and activate the human brain and harmonize the body’s organic operating  vacuum (‘a medicinal intuit as temple builder’); whilst conducting ancient ages old practices of evolved ‘ZENALchemy’.

Scott uses the applied knowledge and long held wisdom from his journeys through theSpace to radically increase human capacity to achieve yield from ‘the applied daily use of the great human imagination’ …while continually enhancing the  ‘mind-body connection’ to elevate the human spirit.

Scott is expert in the integration of structuring & charging crystalline water based body-mind fuels, and working within natures’ great Apothecary of healing spices, herbs, minerals, fungi, whole & raw foods & raw foods nutrition, lifestyle guidance, mental state recovery & mental performance enhancement.

Scott focuses the ZEN of meditation and mindfulness into upgrading & optimization of health through understanding of the ‘super natural and nature connection’, and natural body & intelligent beauty care.

Scott loves human kind, the plant and animal kingdom – drawing inspiration from all of Creation and incorporating the principals of Universal and Natural Law into his healing practice and integrating this practice within the realm of many other Entrepreneurial Practitioners (EP’s), who are dynamically working together through out theSpace.

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Alex P. Vella, Contracted I.T. support for Web Dev. Eschelon I.T. Workgroup Leadership on The Eschelon Enterprise Elevated Platform.

Alex Vella_Fotor

Prior to joining Eschelon LLC Mr. Vella served in a consultative role providing  IT/Business solutions to a wide range enterprises. 

Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, Mr. Vella served in the U.S. Air Force with Communications Command which began a 35 year career with Information Technologies most of which has been spent with Cisco System Master Partners. 

Mr. Vella’s knowledge of business processes as well as technical skill sets, allows Mr. Vella to provide solid value with regards to enterprise IT business strategy.

Mr. Vella resides currently resides in both Fort Myers, Florida USA as well as Gozo, Malta with his wife Denise. 



Liezl Stewart – Elevated Bridge into The Eschelon


Baylen Slote

Baylen Slote

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ELEVATED HEALTH LIFE RETREAT – TEAM  PRACTITIONER. Count on Baylen Slote – A  diverse professional and superior Holistic Practitioner in his field of work, for high integrity robust integrative holistic services and excellent team-play!  

Baylen is the founder of black turtle TCM (taoist clinical medicine™). baylen is an established ESCHELON FUNCTIONARY in the ‘living community matrix’ – via formalized Eschelon Accredited – SEC Exemption level of engagement instructions & protocols – easy going but formal attenuation and disciplined brain entrainment training for others is optimized by interfacing with Baylen Slote on the requirements of our platform in [Cultivation of Accredited Relationship within The Eschelon Enterprise level of Accredited Exchange].

baylen is a practitioner of TCM (taoist clinical medicine™). he works with people on a wholistic level to navigate through life challenges, helping to catalyze troubling symptoms through alchemical transformation into karmic wisdom and resulting wellness. baylen is a master of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine (MATCM). he holds certificates in biomedicine, chinese medicine, acupuncture, and chinese herbology (NCCAOM) and is licensed to practice medicine by the states of CA and VT (L.Ac.).

in addition to acupuncture and herbal medicine his practice includes mentorship in i ching for medical and personal divination, nutrition counseling, tai-chi, qi gong and spiritual life coaching, depending on the needs of his patients.