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Elevated Healing Arts Retreats where the experience of zero point high frequency healing is focused ...on pure balance

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Premium Impact Enterprise Sessions enterprise compliance - relationship curation - cultivation & optimization from community-impact investment-culture

World Class - LuxVilla Residential - Resort Aesthetics - Premium Enterprise & Planetary Wide Health Nirvanna maximum aethetic access - high yield - community impact - humanitarian - tier 1 banking matrix

Experience Reality Modification Technology™ Realize Triality™ - Access Inter-dimensional Reality™ - Snap theMatrix™ -Transcend Duality™ (conflict) Today ... 

By utilizing this, The Eschelon – Elevated Health Life – GCPortal Interface and The Eschelons’ – Reality Modification Technology [E-RMT], you are radically empowered …to literally not only immediately choose to be activated & enabled you also choose to 1. positively & radically change & “ShiftUP” your Reality [do it in real time today if you are so inclined] and … 2.  dynamically, you are taken step by step  3.  guided along your new flight-path, so that you may go ahead and choose to Accelerate the Navigation of your new flight path, switch it up and float downstream while continuing daily, to Reality Modify Your Reality further, until you become newly and fully ACTIVATED into more optimal scenarios – better people and experiencing your newly minted, ‘posi-traction-lifestyle of radical change’  4. we provide your newly modified Reality with a radically lifted bouyancy …optimizing and energizing newly appointed configurations of energy into your life-style-scenario into the place to where 5. you are experiencing a radically upgraded  “LiFtedReaLity” …making a change for today while navigating far ahead into your, newly ‘changed dynamic ecology aware future’.  100% True. This happens daily with our a. daily regular and special events attendees = our clientele and our ‘candidates for u.s. petro-dollar conversions’ b. we foster accelerated clients = our concierge specialty clientele [CSC] c. we foster escalated venturing for our affiliates = advancing individuals & companies we’ve cultivated and that are functioning properly and more optimally for themselves and the world surrounding d. our programs are for select pre-qualified individuals & investors = individuals & investors that are seeking to ”shiftUP for positive changes” who follow The Accredited Eschelon Elevated Enterprise Investor [AEEE] Qualification Guidelines e. and functioning small, medium and large groups = pre-qualified Groups that have booked an [AEEE CSC LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat] and are self-directing, while utilizing from their experiential activities within Eschelon Matrix, deployment of [AEEE] leveledUP Eschelon Matrix – Reality Modification Technology [EM-RMT] daily.

Read, comprehend and Realize t h i sis as a new truth sent around the  Globe, for the benefit of not only [‘you the 3d ‘show-me’  self’] …but ‘theaLL’.  This ELevates your limited self into the comprehension of, ‘theaLL’ into where you are no longer ‘limited by false manufactured reality of the STUCK-StatusQuo-Stasis’; once your informed and prepared, along theWay through our incredibly powerful LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat [AEEE CSC] programs, and as ‘the veils’ are dropped one by one; you are at each sequenced booking completion, continually escalated – elevated – into buoyancy and freedom from bondage; just simply Punch in your choice of button(s) on this EHLife – Galaxy Class Portal system.  If your experienced with this, then you already know. If your not experienced at this, then you’ll find out or …you’ll actually miss out on an incredible access and impact zone with as robust a yield as is available from such high resource state.  Surf the wave of Triality on our planet.

You may acquire optimal intelligence and tools to optimize from this wave, through the events – classes – workshops & seminars – sessions and in defined Elevated LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat phases via [health or enterprise layers or combinations of  both] and …wherein your able to become qualified, also through accessing accredited qualified Strategic Venture stages and into a series of quantum scale lifestyle shifting lifetime planned and staged, Elevated Enterprising, ShiftUP sequences.  We guarantee your results.  Take the trip, catch the wave and you arrive yourself downstream ALive & Well in “VaL HALLA”. 

And all of thisishard-case file P R O V E N‘.  So, we have delivered this the above, day in and day out for decades now, with long term proven results with long term concierge specialty clientele testimony and long term residual successful results, to prove it.  There are no time and resource wasting procedures.  There are no questions needed.  And YOU get to DECIDE Today:-).

I only ask of you one thing.  And that is this.  “Don’t make the trip, unless your hip” … Scott Blackwell – Creator – Founder – Discoverer – Explorer – Serial Entrepreneur.  And …a Change Leader across the planetary Earth new energy realm Lions Gate Star Gate Galactic Energy system. To boot:  Leader in the largest commodity cargo recovery of all time. Welcome to The Eschelon Matrix.  Scott Gregory

Getting OUT of the NOISE – the CONFUSION & the DYS-EASE for good

Instead of all the noise pollution, horns blowing and cars whizzing by, you are surrounded by the pure sounds of nature with the birds chirping, the water flowing from retreat location fountains, pools and the sounds of ocean or lake & mountain settings in the most beautiful of surroundings in glorious natural settings.  We specialize in appointing and conducting these retreats as an elevated holistic or tai chi kung fu & yoga experiences or choose from reality shifting enterprise retreat programs. Realizing balanced health optimization you seek – optimal access and maximum impact for your positive rejuvenation.

Relax completely in  ultimate Contemplation.  Experience the earthy beauty of our planet, while attending a DYNAMIC ENTERPRISE RETREAT over some of the worlds’ most rarefied options not available from anywhere else.  If you choose a yoganic practices retreat, your practicing options are in Chi Kung or Yoga instructional classes. Slow down. Embrace the spirit of the “Good Earth Medicine™”.

Savor each breath from within a series of indescribable experiences & ongoing energized event horizon.  “Leave literally with a radically improved Life and dynamic relationships otherwise impossible to  acquire. In the event you book an Elevated Enterprise Retreat™,  you will take with you newly acquired high level enterprise knowledge and new found limitless wealth …that you ‘cash in on’ over short-medium &  long  range.

It won’t matter which of our elevated retreats you choose your beautiful secluded lodging, villa or your choice in select deluxe 5star+ hotels is there to pamper you, to hold you in the color and joy of all the desired details of your Elevated Retreat; details full of so much goodness, you can’t even imagine they exist!  Everything is designed for you to feel the ‘culture-specific life-style of both destination & experience; literally becoming immediately  ‘e l e v a t e d’ by what we deliver …all while you relax into the customs of a millenary culture. Enjoy the luminous, ample aesthetic spaces, feel the art, smile and you indeed do …enjoy the balance!

Wherever ‘5star and beyond‘ is the medium …you’ll enjoy all of the best in what’s expected of ‘5star’+’; the steam room or Jacuzzi, the swim in mineralized lap pools or simply sitting in exotic gardens to soak in the centennial trees, flora & fauna of any given Good Earth Magic location awaiting your admiration while the priceless e x p e r i e n c e of our extra-ordinary retreat delivery unfolds.

Due to the substantive extent of your immediate elevation  & acceleration into the ‘Elevated Health Life’ from your decision to escalate into this retreat delivery, a few of you’re key words are ‘experience the elevation, the acceleration & the peace emerging from within by learning of the ‘techniques & methods of ‘optimizing your access into this gateway of highREDRoads systemic specific delivery of intensively rich and pleasantly appealing health & wealth – integrative optimization programming’ through which you gain your maximum personal impact’ to take forever with you through out your community and your world.

Book your own personal individuated lifted & gilded experience of genuine ‘inner-chi & energetically fueled’ e l e v a t i o n’!  You have found the gateway into …all of this, theaLL of …the ‘Elevated Realm of Triality’.

Our retreat destination options are ‘affordable  world-class Premium Packages’ nestled into serene paradise settings –  seasonally optimized – into some of the most lush locations on Earth. Untarnished Nature is abundant, full of healthful plant life, fresh wild edibles flourish, always looking over or right on beautiful waters or oceans.

Accept Being Gifted.  Out of any given retreat, you will possess newly acquired, rarefied wisdom …to an incredibly enhanced advantage,actually needed in this world, for you to make the difference wherever you travel, with superior tools & far more assets acquired than you ever imagined or could possibly have bargained for. You’ll then indeed be enabled to make an impact wherever you go …for yourself, for others, for the world.”

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