Elevated Retreats the path to self realized balance ...limitless wealth & maximum community impact

Elevated Retreats maximum optimization for an elevated life

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to maintain a balanced and optimally healthy lifestyle. With the advancement of a continuous onslaught of technology and almost all business gone mobile, it is too easy to neglect the high value of “down time”. Guess what, “down town” is where your most productive enterprise options in life are found!  Period.

More than ever people everywhere find it difficult to turn off the business activity or ‘work buttons’ from our agitated lifestyles and drudging schedules. What everyone needs more than ever is to simply get back to a state of stillness, awareness and genuine peace of mind.

Come to an Elevated Health Life Retreat and give your mind and physical body a break from the outside world of relentless demands! The Elevated Retreat brings you into the perfect combination of elements to enjoy well appointed mindful space to decompress, relax and unwind.

Obtain convenient access for your enhanced health & enterprise advantages. Below is  our Retreat Cascade.  Here you are enabled at your fingertips with tremendous Vantage points, to enhance your life’s options, from wherever you are…& from whatever life is unfolding for you. Be well & enjoy!

Expand the retreat classifications below to review our offerings! Please note, that within any of your Retreat Choices, you may choose to ‘mix & match’ the various ‘specific elements’ of any given (combination) of our various Retreat Options to create your own unique PREMIUM PACKAGED …INDIVIDUALIZE ELEVATED RETREAT, as well.

  • The Elevated Health Life™ – “Qi Gong & Yoga- Reteats is a sublime & Immersive Experiential human adventure. This retreat serves as an authentic human experience of dynamic special occasions to feed the good in the soul.

    Shamanically engineered, the “Qi Gong & Yoga Retreat” is set into removed exotic island settings and structured for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening & healing process by enhancing from within the practice of Qi Gong & of Yoga .

    The Qi Gong & Yoga retreat sets you away from the world to focus on your capacity to enjoy and evolve from absorption of ‘the Good Earth Medicine’& the lifting of your mind-body connection for re-connection with your spiritual higher self.

    Select from the following retreats below:


    • ChiKung is DaoistTao. Engage TaiChi w/Qigong & Yoga. Ancient-Beautiful-Intelligent. You Access ZAKLabs ZENALchemy & Life at its core essence. 


    • For those who wish to experience the Mystique of ‘the Garden Isle of Kauai, get away from it all and engage the extraordinary mix of skilled yoganic practitioners 


    • Elevated Health Maine retreats are held in the silence of the great ‘green of Maine’s’ mountain  – lakes regions, exotic pristine estuaries, rugged  stark coastlines and gulf of Maines’ ‘thousand islands & magical remote beaches’.

    Please click below for accommodation recommendations in Maine:


    • Retreat to the beauty of Vermont. The Elevated Health Vermont retreats are held in rustic bed & breakfast lodge & country settings together with a radically vibrant living community of amazing smart people from all walks.  The Vermont ‘Living Green Gang Community!

    Please click below for accommodation recommendations in Vermont:

  • This retreat is an obvious choice for the individual who has accepted their role in pursuit of joyfully healing themselves, while assisting to expand global consciousness.  To know how to heal from illusion, delusion & unbalance, is to know why to expand the very awareness into the trans-inter-dimensional reality that exists everywhere around us and through out Deep Space or ‘the Intergalactic’.

    Healing is more than mere detoxification; bioavailable food grade minerals, herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, Raw food – ChiKung & Yoga. Healing starts from the deep within. Sometimes it requires us to whittle away at our aging memories in this life & Past Life experiences and our personal connection to them.

    The Divinity from within comes from the discovery of ‘the Good Earth Magic’, and a Divine Immersion Experience invites you to genuinely explore consciousness, true healing & the chance to discover who you truly are.

    The Elevated Health Life™ – “Holistic Healing Arts -Shamamic- Reteats” are a Divine Immersive Experiential adventure, and are an authentic human experience retreat. Shamanically engineered, these retreats are set into exotic and beautiful settings and structured for the purpose of raising the planetary vibration through your own personal awakening process with …the others.

    Experience more of your own far journey into an ever increasingly higher consciousness exploration, in and of itself, a lifetime process of integration. Your own experience accounts for the collective whole, as you here, as a multi dimensional being are in a way of community, collectively responsible for the reality that you and the others around you experience.

    Therefore you see the obvious: that asking our mother Earth, to show us “the Good Earth Medicine™”, assists us as a culture, as a collective society, as a humanity, to move and inspire us all, back to our original truth by using the tools the Earth and its place in space with the Sun, has generously provided.

    These are HIGHEnd Villa Retreat Hotels (bridges to the Retreat)

    Holistic Healing Arts Retreats are available at the following locations (and more). please click for more information:

    Also, please click here to review additional activities to enjoy in the San Miguel area!


  • OPTIMIZE YOUR ACCESS for MAXIMUM IMPACT.  Every thing we do within the “Enterprise Retreat” is designed to focus on your journey of experiencing the emerging vibrancy and news of Elevated Wealth. We are COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTORS (CII).  

    Elevated Enterprise Retreat is invigorating.  From providing private open architecture retreat  villa accommodations, in either metro-hub resort environs or even in the reaches of well chosen lush settings in the remote private island – jungle – tropical beaches – desert or high alpine mountains.

    You enjoy interaction with our friendly, sophisticated & intelligent groups and 5Star hotel or Lux Villa accommodations. We enhance the Enterprise side of these retreats with the high velocity & invigorating, regenerative holistic & radical health balancing, EHL services & product delivery modules.

    Explore enterprise retreat information including available locations and levels here:

    Enterprise Retreat

    Our Premium Enterprise Packages, accommodate the discerning & the sophisticated. Rapidly –  Securely – Compound the wealth through CULTIVATION of ELEVATED ENTERPRISE RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING. 

    Book your Enterprise Retreat Here!

  • ESCHELON COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING (E.C.I.). While orchestrating our elevated health retreats, elevated wealth optimization aspects are as well …optimized at any given one of our retreats especially Private Luxury Villa Retreat locations …such like no other destinations you are indeed Elevated for optimal Access and maximum Impact.  These Elevated Enterprise Retreats offer rarefied levels of OPTIMAL ACCESS & MAXIMUM IMPACT everyone is looking for. These experiences and this time  is indeed priceless & unforgettable …truly sublime and seriously ‘game changing‘.

    Private Luxury Villa Retreat Layers are booked as a priority.  When not managing these levels of the Enterprise daily Field Sessions are conducted at locations through out the below travelogue.  This is a SAGES FLIGHT PATH & INSTRUCTIONS Curricula delivering CONTINUOUS MEANINGFUL LEARNING STREAMS out of the Triality realm and new MYTHOS & STORY-TELLING SCHEDULE at any given location

    Private Luxury Villa Retreat Locations for Optimal Access and Maximum Worldwide Community Impact.



    Private sessions are professionally orchestrated at well appointed hotels, offices and other locations that are made available by request.

    The Malta/Italy Retreat offers the “Vault of History” Enterprise Retreat Experience that Rapidly –  Securely – Compounds your health & wealth prospects.& COMMUNITY IMPACT INVESTING. 

    Book your Malta – Gozo – Tuscany Retreat Here!

    Elevated Luxury Private Villa Retreats – rarefied occasions – are held on exotic islands, remote site high alpine mountain,  secluded coastal …or beautiful countryside getaways …and into the obscure edges of vast alpine deserts.

    Book your Luxury Private Villa Retreats

QI GONG & YOGA RETREATS The Elevated Health Life Qi Gong Yoga Retreats is a Sublime Experiential Human Adventure

Experience Reality Modification Realize Triality™ - Access Trans-dimensional Reality™ - Snap theMatrix™ -Transcend Duality™ (conflict) Today ... 


Instead of the all the noise pollution, horns blowing and cars whizzing by, you are surrounded by the pure sounds of nature with the birds chirping, the water flowing from retreat location fountains, pools and the sounds of ocean or lake & mountain settings in the most beautiful of surroundings in glorious natural settings of which we specialize in appointing and conducting elevated holistic – chi kung & yoga and our enterprise retreat  programs  for the balanced health realizations you seek – optimal access and maximum impact for your positive rejuvenation.

It won’t matter which of our elevated retreats you choose, your beautiful secluded lodging, villa or carefully selected hotel is there to pamper you, to hold you in the color and joy of all the desired details; details so good, you can’t even imagine exist!  Everything is designed for you to feel the ‘culture-specific life-style’ and relax into the customs of a millenary culture. Enjoy the luminous, ample aesthetic spaces, feel the art, smile and you indeed do …enjoy the balance!

Wherever ‘5star and beyond‘ is the medium …you’ll enjoy the steam room or Jacuzzi, swim in mineralized lap pools or simply sit in exotic gardens to soak in the centennial trees, flora & fauna of any given Good Earth Magic location awaiting your admiration.

More fabulous details here.  Read on.  Our elevated retreats are also Health & Wealth Life-Mastery™ Retreats where we envelope participants into paradise and then immerse them, into Elevated Health™ [innerChi™-BioPhoTonics™] and newly found Wealth far beyond what most could ever imagine.  We offer exotic and (3) distinct extraordinary retreat destination options and PREMIUM PACKAGED combinations  of any given facet of the three.

Our retreat destination options are ‘affordable  world-class Premium Packages’ nestled into serene paradise settings –  seasonally optimized – into some of the most lush locations on Earth. Untarnished Nature is abundant, full of healthful plant life, fresh wild edibles flourish, always looking over or right on beautiful waters or oceans.

Relax completely in  ultimate Contemplation.  Experience the earthy beauty of our planet, while attending a DYNAMIC ENTERPRISE RETREAT over some of the worlds’ most rarefied options not available from anywhere else.  If you choose a yoganic practices retreat, your practicing options are in Chi Kung or Yoga instructional classes. Slow down. Embrace the spirit of the “Good Earth Medicine™”.

Savor each breath from within an indescribable experience & event horizon.  “Leave literally with a radically improved Life and dynamic relationships otherwise impossible to  acquire. In the event you book an Elevated Enterprise Retreat™,  you will take with you newly acquired high level enterprise knowledge and new found limitless wealth …that you ‘cash in on’ over short-medium &  long  range.

Accept Being Gifted.  Out of any given retreat, you will possess newly acquired, rarefied wisdom …to an incredibly enhanced advantage,actually needed in this world, for you to make the difference wherever you travel, with superior tools & far more assets acquired than you ever imagined or could possibly have bargained for. You’ll then indeed be enabled to make an impact wherever you go …for yourself, for others, for the world.”

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