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  • Dateline : September 1, 2017 – Plainfield, Vermont

    Elevated Health LifeHolistic News™ is good & plenty healthy in Plainfield, Vermont.  After a period of comprehensive, friendly community communications & impact incubation work, Black Turtle™ Enterprises, LLC out of Calais, Vermont founded by Baylen Slote, in working with Accredited Eschelon™ Community Impact Bank[ing]™ & Venture operations of The Eschelon Matrix™ with Eschelon™ LLC- VTechAffiliates [E-VTA], collectively presented their Accredited Community Impact Venture™ package to building owners Nicole, Charlene & Barry Ivey of Ivey Family – Plainfield, Vermont. Principals are opening in stages, thru autumn of 2017-2018 w/ a limited, pre-opening phase thru 2017 holiday season & over New Years 2018, w/ a Vermont springtime grand opening in April, 2018. Everyone involved, has been really excellent people to work & entertain with. Fabulous!

  • 092317. New realm [thematic Holistic Arts destination, permeates the eco-system, within an Accredited ELevated Enterprise™ & ELevated Exchange and Trading™ modality.  Localized in Vermont, an ELevated™ prosperity portal. 

    We are part of theInheriting Generation’.  We act in ‘the Now’ to positively impact and charge up the capacity of awake and functional, healthy, and truly prosperous individuals who are part of the ‘community impact investment corridor’ to act vibrantly and invest into their own capacity to continue to cultivate a clean – green – living economy of functional wellness and elegant flow.

    We derive our c u r r e n c y, from a diverse, organized, ELevated™ prosperity realm: an ELevated Enterprise™ platform, built for social change and the re-direction of new realm c u r r e n c y flow derived from the culture of creativity. Black Turtle™ – ZakLabs™ incubation apothecary, is a newly emerged portal into this realm. We offer bio-remediation at multiple levels of scale. Be it your personal health; your wealth; or your cultural milieu, we offer a menu of mentorship offerings apropos to your unique assemblage that empower your access into the adventuresome, progressive healthy prosperity generation.

    At the ‘enterprise’ end of the equation, we are a socially responsible A-EEE™ Community Impact Investment™, lifestyle enhancement & Culture Club group. Aside from conducting dynamic discovery – far-journeys – expeditions – venture mgmt – innovation & ELevated Enterprise™ operations, we are, at the ‘core’, a ‘social mission company‘. Our, Progressive ELevated Enterprise™ systems, are impacting for dynamic social and cross-cultural change across a private-domain, ELevated Enterprise™ scale, globalized wide-area-network. This established globalized wide-area-network and its displacement technologies based Systemic – Organized – Sustained delivery – dissemination and distribution platform has facilitated this, in Vermont, as ‘NewRealm’ ‘local node‘ within this, a smart-switched, intelligent infrastructure; also referred to sometimes, as a multiplexed Eschelon™ Galaxy Portal™ system.

    Our dynamic unique health based formulations are very unique;  as such, they are generating true internal wealth from within based on the Taoist Clinical Medical [TCM™] and other proprietary models of energy management systems designed to optimize the physiological functions of multiple body organ systems creating internal harmony to match the xternal environmental changes we seek in the generation of wealth based ecology. We are indeed made in the worlds image; and through this GC Portal™ Matrix technology is made available to you now; a myriad of individuated health and wealth optimization options, in the form of apothecary offerings; healing sessions; workshops and seminars.

    Taoist Clinical Apothecary™ & ATomicELixir™ Fizzbarzone™. Black Turtle™. Taoist Clinical Medicine™ [TCM™] operational with ZakLabs™. ZENALchemy™ Kitchen Labs™ 

    – Qzt19!™ ELixir Fizzbarzone™. HighREDRoads™ have actualized Health. Our Taoist Clinical Apothecary™ & ATomicELixir™ Fizzbarzone™ Optimization & far-j

    ourneyers Entertainment zone! Continue to watch as our custom blends formulations and protocols roll out through this Portal Matrix into more commonly accessible drink bar fizz mix elixirs.

    Fun & exciting! Through our …Holistic & shamanic – Living Energies based – new Realm, Galaxy Class Portal gateway; we deliver a Systemic Organized Sustained™, A-EEE™ Community Impact Investment Interface™ into 

    radical, but highly charged, positive social change. Access and enjoy the roll out on the NEWS™ as well as explore this GC Portal matrix, with retreats and other offerings served up daily. Or…

    Come to an ELevated™ dinner party here. Go for some local Vermont, stYlized evening entertainment and excitement; simultaneously  …learn how to engage within Accredited – 

    Elevated Enterprise™ levels of Enterprise scale, Community Impact Investment Bank[ing]™ Culture. Dynamic social – cross culturally relevant; ‘Community Impact Happenings’ are conducted and orchestrated daily … here.


  • Dateline: November 11-15th, 2017 – Silver Sessions Retreat.  Plainfield, Vermont Destination – Serves as Taoist Clinical Medicine  – Holistic Practitioners – Taoist Tea House – ZENALchemy Bar-Cafe & Retreat Center.

    Building on the elegant main street space, generously and expertly carpentered into existence in the former post office of Plainfield Vermont {where Nikki & the Ibey family constructed a historic restoration and had previously housed ‘the bead hive’ in}. The Black Turtle™ ZakLab™ Node is implementing the staged development of an innovative ‘multi-facted, holistic arts company’ and has installed a dynamic presence into this historic building in Plainfield, Vermont. 

    Engaging a team of Eschelon practitioners, the local Vermont community has begun to {Snap-the-Matrix}. Utilizing sophisticated I&P {Instructions & Protocols} individuals booking Events and Retreats are learning to revitalize and rejuvenate the physical health and well-being of themselves. They are also becoming more acutely aware of how to neutralize {& neuter} the status-quo toxic systems in place {often known as ‘business as usual‘} that perpetrate and perpetuate the established ‘systemic disease for profit’ system.

    {bio-remediatation on multiple levels of scale}

    By learning more about our elevated offerings and becoming informed, to execute various levels of ‘confidential enterprise disclosure’ members of this {Vermont community} have engaged into and booked the ELevated – 1 +[.5] day-er  ACCELERATION™ Program from the ENTERPRISE RETREATS™ Section of this Elevated Health Life™ Web Portal.  Individuals are utilizing Eschelon™ Reality Modification Technology™ beneficially implemented the weekend of 111117 at this Plainfield VT taoist thematic destination.

    Sometimes we are referred to as ‘the inheriting generation’.  Here, in various Events – which include classes  – workshops & seminars – sessions and bridge building, we are cultivating individuals and groups of people; coherently discussing, activating and actualizing the new realm reality of {non-toxic} wealth and health care education. Our intelligent offerings are available to the world, here on Main street in Plainfield.  However, only serious solicitors need apply! Please follow the links to our dinner party offerings or book your own 1 + [.5] or a 3 dayer or other Event offerings, up to a 21 day retreat or more. You may find yourself… in a radically reformatted reality where you take control of your life to default the ‘drama-filled emf-matrixgenerated false dreamscape’ of the engineered {abiotic} toxic grid landscape that ails you.

    The initial phases of installation for this location, have been completed with the Enterprise and Holistic retreats compounding offerings operational out of sophisticated, vibrant health and wealth enhancing layers.   The platform has been successfully offering exciting wellness and dynamic Elevated Enterprise sensitive information for qualified participants.  To participate, one must simply become genuinely interested and be willing to express a sincerity to learn and actualize the resources, tools and technologies available. An array on a order of magnitude of the essential elements that are needed to positively enhance a lifestyle or health equation or both, has been organized and deployed, for individuals to be enabled to effectively generate tractional and sustained well-being. We have installed multiple layers of exciting offerings for the duration.

    At holistic bar side and within the aesthetic arts curation space, the overall offer is a deluxe gourmet level – artisans approach; serving and guiding clientele and customers through partaking in multiple zones of vitally essential, plant based raw food ‘energy cuisine’; including rarefied, bio-available mineral and enzyme soaked, cellular regenerative Mitochondrial revitalizing Elixirs. Medicinally based, these Liquids of Vibrancy are served through gourmet plant based raw smoothie and exotic liquid elixir recipes and are loaded with optimized doses of all of the vitamins – amino and essential forms of colloidal and raw earth minerals necessary for living and sustaining a vibrant life.

    The sophisticated mixology preparations are infused with high vibration, bio-available p u r e Earth mineral complexes, which contain a combination of alchemized living energies that are not available in local whole foods or health co-ops. While ‘alchemy’ may be the ‘hot button’ marketing schema of the day; this ancient and all but ‘lost art’, is what we instruct and purvey over the Elixir bar and other energetic ‘holistic body-mind fuels’ services zones in the space; the exchange for exotic advanced Alchemical Elixirs is wisely spent, for those who visit and partake of the cellular regeneratively magical liquids of vibrancy, served under ‘the ficus tree’. This past week, the Silver Sessions offered an intensive 1 + [.5] day retreat to clientele, with ongoing follow through.  This included an over the counter buffet style servings of hot energy tonic soups, and at the bar, rarefied essential earth elements integrated within living energy liquid elixirs; enhanced with a steady stream of fresh, whole plant based fruits and vegetables, along with steamed vegetables and proteins prepared to release the optimal phytochemical essences of the plants.


    The Living Liquids of Vibrancy as nutritive bio-available body-mind fuels provisioned on site and at [Products] section, are intelligently infused with outback high altitude range sourced bio-available mineral complexes; rarefied earth elements we use are high altitude Earth sourced {definitively ‘beyond the farm to table model’} these bioavailable fuels which we provide at the bar, comprise essential and pristine …purified earth born elements essential to health; but from decades of ‘over-industrialized criminally defunct ‘agro-farming methods’, entirely removed from the food-chain. At Plainfield, the not so easy to acquire and elusive essentials of vibrant health are fully integrated and conveniently served, for your enjoyment and health revitalization, at this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, boutique …health vitality services location.

    At the bar in workshops, on retreat or over dinner, enjoying the living liquids of vibrancy is a big plus. Elixirs are infused with the bio-available,  pure mineral complexes that describes the scientifically discernible {and cellular regenerative} effects that these {‘Living Liquids  of Vibrancy™} have on your cellular body: becoming more vibrant and dynamically begin to update and uptake nutrients deep within the cellular body; increase your minds capacity to operate at a higher level of proficiency. This is achieved in part through a radical shift in the blood surface tension and ‘photonic spin’. By utilizing these ‘intelligent liquids‘ infused with scientifically developed body-mind fuel technologies; individuals begin to understand why we describe them as ‘mitochondrial enhancing elixirs‘;  feeding the essence of the body electric, the body magnetic; and ones’ ability to take charge of their own health wellness map, engineer and create energy, live far better. This is a part of the regnerative approach to accomplishing health improvements and the reparations necessary for {‘bio-remediation at multiple levels of scale’™}.

    Adding to the bio-available mineral elixirs, there is integrative access to the ‘wisdom map of TCM™ (taoist clinical medicine™). We also provide mentorship support and assistance in the facilitation process of ‘de-tox‘ and the ‘re-building‘ process necessary to undergo a transformation from ‘dys-ease’ into ‘healthful-ease’.  Utilizing this map we have engineered and structured our formulations so as to make the process of access and transitory transformation as pain-free, pleasurable and indeed very tasty!

    This is done by catering to the ‘unfulfilled desires‘ left-over by a life undernourished from modern ways of being bonded to the ever present ‘toxic-grid-fiat-economics‘; the dominant ‘state of unfortunate status-quo affairs‘ which may be defaulted by applying this knowledge daily, in order to liberate one’s self from ‘the bondage of the grid-system’.

    Enjoying a world created by design and focused energy, the black-turtle-zak-lab {BTZL} A-team enjoys a rarefied evening of respite and celebration; onto ‘THE PLATEAU’.  Enjoying a few simple pleasures over a bottle of Proseco the BTZL atomic team tells story and enjoys the ambiance of the Plainfield Building Art Bar Atmosphere while {taking the time to reflect of greatness and good things}.

    Many endeavors in the world are begun, and the road ahead is always paved with intentions of all sorts.  But rare is it, that a venture intentionally initializes, incubates, and then germinates with the voracity necessary to create a sustained, thriving and enjoyable enterprise and health culture. The BTZL team has germinated such a cultivation. 

    With the special use of the Plainfield building going into effect earlier this summer, we have scaled the initial installation, with multiple deployed zones of beautifully intelligent integrations consisting of a wide array of holistic plant based products and rarefied health revitalization services delivery, within the space.  Containing [exclusive to the space] are sophisticated, beneficial, intelligence based health optimization and prosperity services held within micro-retreat offering layers: integrating the TCM™ {‘taoist clinical medicine’™} aspects of Black Turtle™ with the bio-photonic ZENALchemy™ layers of ZakLabs™.  The locations ‘compounding art bar‘ is aesthetic, pleasing to relax in and for customers or clientele; operationally delightful to interface with.  The space presents a prismatic array of holistic-centric health optimization layers in an easy to follow, tiered system, guiding to wellness through health optimization, with prosperity building & cross cultural awareness enhancing layers, referred often to as simply, {bio-remediation at multiple levels of scale}.

    Celebrating this accomplishment the BTZL A-team took a moment to share stories from their first rendezvous at retreat in the desert canyon lands of zion park; reminiscing of past shamanic journey(s); where crossed paths turned into further adventures and where memories merged with present current cultural articulations. During the Silver Sessions Retreat, dialogues reflected on current events; observing the patterned imagery from popular motion picture stories mirrored the reality of some of the unfortunate results of an out of control ‘authoritarian system’, where it hasn’t gone unnoticed the assaulting, the insulting of the general populace, across the native ground for going on a century and as of late, across the entire nation and world; {from ‘Thunderheart’ to ‘Burning Man’} and… to no good end, thus far.  Awareness – Truth – Integrity – Enjoyment – Prosperity …benefits ‘theall’; The ‘status-quo’ does not benefit ‘theaLL’ …health revitalization and prosperity benefits ‘theaLL’. At Plainfield, we serve ‘health revitatlization and prosperity’ for the benefit of ‘theaLL’.  As of 11.15.17 Plainfield, VT site is open and available for short sequenced [1.5 day+ .5 day Silver Sessions micro-retreats] which includes exciting Workshops & Sessions and extensive life-enhancing follow-through for our  concierge specialty clientele.  Also offered, and configured for this location, are the fabulous Gold and Platinum level Enterprise & Health Optimization Retreats.  These configurations are available now, going forward into 2018.  To Your Health & Prosperity!

  • btzl apothecary herbal bar for bio-remediation of humans at the individual scale has initial iteration of menu up on the board!

    our building constructor extraordinaire nikki ibey was there to share a celebratory drink as we hung our ‘shingles’ to reminisce about some of the great sushi bars she has known while imbibing in some of our our phycocyanin collagen rich elemental elixir substrate, that we use to mix into our phytochemical rich blended elixirs and fizz bar zone beverage formulations.

    in a start to welcoming in the holiday season a few in the local friendly community gathered to enjoy phytochemical elixir substrate formulations. it was great to reunite with friends from nearby in one of the initial pre-opening parties at our new curbside resource compounding elixir apothecary bar.

    ben youngbear of setting sun tea hut was in attendance and enjoyed exploring our rich offerings including our featured mineral rich “sea tea” from maine, as well as our in house proprietary elixir technologies.

    pat lambdin expressed a bit of the local culture on the ukele base before ‘the green’s of maine’ art installation. expressing in ernest the understated truth of harmony found in the ‘minor chord’.

    later, we imbibed in a few graceful cups of ceremonial tea served by ben brewed in our house tap of distilled pure structured remineralized living liquid. while games of ancient strategy were used to explore with the children the essential truths of enterprise negotiation.

    all hands had a nice time and are looking forward to more!