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  • Elevated NEWS™ in Plainfield, Vermont. Baylen Slote – TaiChiCowboy Practitioner engaged into and booked an ELevated – SILVER2ZEN ACCELERATION™ Program from the ENTERPRISE RETREATS™ Section of this Elevated Health Life™ Web Portal utilizing Eschelon™ Reality Modification Technology™.  Put these browser links into your phone or laptop or digital tablet to become informed about Black Turtle™ with ZAKLabs™ in Plainfield, Vermont! 

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    Dateline : September 1, 2017 – Plainfield, Vermont

    Elevated Health LifeHolistic News™ is good & plenty healthy in Plainfield, Vermont.  After a period of comprehensive, friendly community communications & impact incubation work, Black Turtle™ Enterprises, LLC out of Calais, Vermont founded by Baylen Slote, in working with Accredited Eschelon™ Community Impact Bank[ing]™ & Venture operations of The Eschelon Matrix™ with Eschelon™ LLC- VTechAffiliates [E-VTA], collectively presented their Accredited Community Impact Venture™ package to building owners Nicole, Charlene & Barry Ivey of Ivey Family – Plainfield, Vermont. Principals are opening in stages, thru autumn of 2017-2018 w/ a limited, pre-opening phase thru 2017 holiday season & over New Years 2018, w/ a Vermont springtime grand opening in April, 2018. Everyone involved, has been really excellent people to work & entertain with. Fabulous!


  • 091417.  Plainfield, Vermont. Taoist Clinical Medicine – Apothecary ZENALchemy FizzBarZone.   


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