Elevated Health Life Offerings

Optimize.  Access. Enterprise. Health. Maximize Your Community Impact. Optimize your personal yield from escalating yourself into an Elevated life.  Join along, take a short – then extend the ‘short to furtherance’ into a lifetime of this may choose to experience this walk along … the highREDRoad PATH of true SHAMAN – the Discover – the Expeditionist – the Innovator – the Trainers Trainer –  the ADMinister -the ADventurous – the Facilitator – Culture of the <i  optimus-life-primus> and REDRoad ‘iron-fisted metals backed currency control Entrainment’ in the modern world of your own ‘capital shortage trajectory’ here, today.  Please note.  Anybody can book an Event (click and roll out the accordion of events options below).  And there’ll be a lot more ongoing events and dynamics continually added and enhanced.

Here, there is nothing butGomode …go in style, go where you wish to go, go with no detrimental marginalization or limitations, go everywhere w optimized new-Realm c u r r e n c y control’ here & now:  ___ [Dates and Locations in 2017 ‘scheduled by appointment‘] beginning June 15th, 2017 – Nov 14th, 2017 / +Yoganic Fest upcoming / Maine Historic State Park/ MOGFA Festival- Unity, Maine Sept 24-27th and here you are now @ … www.elevatedhealthlife.com/classes/  Scroll approx halfway down this page and you may wish to book an introductory ‘bridge adventure’ with Scott Gregory. Exchange is: $375.  Book one today and learn to enhance, accelerate, create buoyancy & lift and …SOAR!

Experience our experiential workshops, classes, sessions & bridges. Awakening the most powerful forms of life-mastery in you today; done through highREDRoad Shamanic arts and superior intelligence work via non verbal insight given by audio, light & sound; you are brought into a journey where you become more (one of yourself) aware; imagine being in a live theater of  voice, humor, song & intelligence; call on & response to; come, to our interactive workshop series with an instrument; a drum, a shaker, a rattle bone’ or use your own voice; come, if  you care to celebrate laughter, playfulness and the silence.

Learn about (one of yourself) or ‘i awareness’ and how the gut supports healthy brain function – Learn how to do upstream cleansing via ZAKLab-Qzt19! rejuvenation-regeneration …and as a result have greater amplification of conduction – electricity & magnetism in the body.

We vertically integrate our ZAKLabs™ products & holistic services together with ChiKung + Yoga, a ‘ZENALchemyChiKungYoga™’ and seek to convene  the most dedicated and fun practitioners within our  group offerings around the world of positive change into an emergent world of Triality.

Learn how to read the body<any body> just like a book – Learn to install new behavioral generators using therapeutic framework – Live longer having synchronization of brain hemispheres with whole brain functioning – Learn about the  ‘bi-cameral mind’ and the history of ‘human kinds hallucination’ and how ‘religion has created its subjects‘.

Our world is full of the tragic lives of ‘motivated reasoners’ who egotistically to their own high detriment, tout their ‘life case files’ based on their own ‘pain body’ after having invested too much time or even an entire lifetime in their own ‘fake beliefs & an unfulfilled life’.

Escape the worlds’ most dangerous illness to your health – to entire life & escape forever, what’s destroyed your capacity to control your c u r r e n c y … the mind disease of bicameral mysticism and mind control IS the worlds most deadliest disease known to human kind.  Learn the invaluable and priceless art and skills … to  know for certain how to manifest …’the how’ in the equation to set yourself free from the horror and collateral damages of ‘systemic mind control’ forever.

A 10,000++ year old tradition is being forwarded to you for you; the path to hollow bones is a shamanic journey for this modern world. Become optimally inter-connected, gain optimal access – increase awareness and maximums of egalitarianism  …you begin to understand what it means ‘to EvoLve’.

add any of our event offerings to your elevated retreat or get us "on call is kool" - be welcomed at our events



    ‘Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga™’ is AncientBeautifulIntelligent. Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga Asana style with all American progressive fitness approach of ‘old school  new body’ regimen.

    Mindful exercise:TaiChi KungFu & Yoga™’.  Additionally opt in for a Yoga Asana style along with an all American progressive fitness approach of ‘old school new body’ regimen. In other words, Our “TaiChiKungFuYoga” practice & ‘Culture of KIN™ ’ is an entirely different aspect of the ‘Yoga &  mindfulness movement’ unique within our group.

    “Yoga” is defined as:  a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.  “Yoga” does not have to be “Hindu” either,  Understand, it can be derived from the ‘great ethers’ and adopted to fit any Culture (way of Life).

    Feel relaxed in your own body practicing ‘tai chi kung fu & yoga™’ with super-brain breathing. Learn the traditional yoga or do ‘your own style of yoga’ anywhere. See ‘the Awareness’.  And, begin to learn of ‘the Yogas’ of the many Masters who’ve come and gone’ and Balance ‘the Eden of heaven and earth within’ and outward beyond the beyond, as we live the ‘yoga life’ outdoors.

    And, so it isyou begin to understand what it meansto EvoLve‘.  By connecting to nature with tai chi, chi kung, kung fu & yoga of so many kinds and styles, you can tap into your highest natural SeLf, look more into the awareness and kindness you share with others and live the happiest most peaceful life possible!  Look good, feel good, and cultivate life-long awareness and true happiness! Learn all this in wherever you travel from ‘knowing of the ALL’ and bring the wisdom you learn, with you, wherever you may go.

    Practice ‘Tai Chi Kung Fu™’Iron shirt and combine with YOGA and be stunned by the experience of the AWARENESS of the “Good Earth Medicine” you discover within your own ‘nature’. You then begin to understand the Inter-dimensional realm of the Supernatural and to evolve.

    We assist you to Intuit your best optimal relaxation format: …or, Savasana

    Power breathing: Each Class Offering includes mindful meditation prayers, rest and relaxation, think “SUPER BRAIN Breathing for Superior Health and High Energetic-structured-high-frequency ‘P R A N A Y A M A’ easy does it whole body-brain-harmonizing warm ups, solar absorption and optimal access to rarefied gnostic scripts and ancient knowledge through Meditation Zen style mindful relaxation: …or, Savasana.

    Master [sirshasana] the ‘headstand’ and other positions to enhance your health and imagination.

    Change doubt or fears into confidence as you learn to come up to sirshasana, the headstand and other adaptations! Sirshasana, or Supported Headstand is an asana. In the Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirasana), the body is completely inverted, and held upright supported by the forearms, while the crown of the head rests lightly on the floor.

    ELEVATED HEALTH LIFEMASTERY™ –  TaiChiKungFu IronShirt – ‘& YOGA’ – Exhilarating outdoor range ecology experimental station activities – hiking & professional photography. This is ‘LifTup’!

    Achieve the knowledge geton path’.  Do you know of the Good Earth Medicine and love the super-natural world of nature?  Would you love to understand why the practice of ancient arts of ‘Tai Chi Kung Fu Yoga™’ (in any of its many practiced forms) and the practice of understanding and then conducting ‘mind-body-connection in nature’ is the key to your ability to achieve health-optimization and true vibrancy?

    Structured Ordered Thinking: Mindfulness, Meditation and intentional desire to achieve continual positive attitude and intentional avoiding of negative thoughts.  The ELevated Vermont Retreat lifts you up into a hidden world of beauty – intelligence – nature & curated experiences within a cultured new mythos of story-telling, lore & legend.

  • YOU CAN realize the transcendent practice of bio health earth dimensions by adding any of our Holistic Healing Arts Session Offerings to your Elevated Retreat™ . Our Holistic Practitioners are of the highest ilk, expressing the penultimate mastery in their chosen fields including integrating the aesthetic ancient Art of ZEN into the ‘ancient great work’ arts and eons old Tol-Tek daoist practices of:  Ayurveda, TCM (taoist clinical medicine™), and deployment of Holistic Spa Services.


    Included Multiple Practitioner Healing Sessions

    These rarefied services contain the intelligently visual and rewarding aspects of healing arts mastery together with what you would like to craft to take with you into your own personal healthy eco-systems out into ‘The Big World’. Healing Session Services are multi-faceted  comprising an exclusive assemblage of subtly layered attenuated activities that others do not offer anywhere else. .

    YOU CAN realize the transcendent practice of bio health earth dimensions by adding any of our Holistic Healing Arts Session Offerings to your Elevated Retreat™ . Our Holistic Practitioners are of the highest ilk, expressing the penultimate mastery in their chosen fields including Ayurveda, TCM (taoist clinical medicine™), and Spa Services.

    Integrative Holistic Services Taoist Clinical Medicine™ informs your health and wellness. By guiding you with a map through the territory of healthy eco-systems we help you create and Elevated Environment™ of true Wealth and Wellness from within and without the micro and macro-cosmos. With specific targeted and precise tools we help you Bio-Remediate your person from dis-ease to the practice of health, and from cultural Mal-Aise to an alignment of Collective Community Culture™.

  • Our SEMINARS are related to Enterprise and may be booked within Galaxy Class Portal & Elevated Health Life™ – Enterprise Offerings & Events DYNAMIC CASUAL SEMINAR Offerings include:



    Out of an Elevated Intelligence™ workshop come briefings unrelated to but possibly leading to the development of CII and CBI Enterprise endeavors. ESCHELON™ Community Impact Investment™  Bank[ing] Platform. LOCAL DIRECT CONTACT for VERMONT:  Practitioner & Principal – Baylen Slote for COMMUNITY IMPACT™ INVESTING in Plainfield, Vermont. WHILE ORCHESTRATING OUR ELEVATED HEALTH RETREATS the WEALTH LIFE – ENTERPRISE OFFERS VERMONT the LOCAL COMMUNITY IMPACT EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR.

    SAMPLE WORKSHOP OFFERING ONGOING: for local Vermont to Maine Elevated Retreat Axis Zones for 2017 and Beyond!

    Legendary school ofRudolf Steiner’ based Permaculturehub bridging in summers out of the Green of Vermont, with Workshop & Seminar Offerings into Kahtadin, Maine on up into the Mid-coast  Maine resort & farm community impact …festival event zones (beginning 05.14.17., in early spring, into mid-summer and early fall: July-August-September-October) in Vermont Green Mountains & Maines’ pristine ‘big  rivers’, estuary and rugged coastal thousand islands – mountain & lakes regions.

    Local Vermont Community Induction & Orientation to facilitate your acquisition of new & invaluable knowledge.  We offer a new realm mythos & story-telling schedule at any given location where Baylen Slote or other EHLife Practitioners are training & teaching while  conducting ‘thework’: Calais – Montpelier & Plainfield, Vermont:  Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-9:30 am.

    • ELEVATED a superior way to live – enjoy life more become ‘lifted’
    • ENTER into TRIALITY and no longer do you extract your energy through conflict
    • SNAP THE MATRIX (for real) and radically change your reality
    • TRANSCEND NOW and arrive into the world of non-existent reality


    Here, you Access ZAKLabs ZENALchemy & Life at its optimal core essence.

    A dynamic, structuredenergetic-water based, BioPhoTonic™ charged form, of ZENALchemy™, a yoga where the focus is on preserving the optimization of wellness and health of the practitioner. ZENALchemicy™ directs to optimize the vibrancy of the ‘human mind-body-connection’, and decrease unbalance (disease) by using ZEN-ALchmey™-naturalist cultivation.  

    ‘ZENALchemy™’ brings balance and harmonization to the organs, the subtle and not so subtle energetic movement in your body, your relationships smoothed and deepened, you become radically more aware of how you live your life.

    The realizations that emerge for you are a transcendent impact on your life.  The methods of Yoga, ‘ZENALchemy™’ brings balance and harmonization to the organs, the subtle and not so subtle energetic movement in your body, your relationships smoothed and deepened, you become radically more aware of how you live your life.

    Attenuating to observingthe Good Earth Medicine’, accessing of the energy of Earth Sun Moon and ether to derive to the practitioner power-brain enhancement from the cosmos, and physical exercises including breathing control and ‘asanas’. Bridge Sessions are usually 2.5 – 3 hrs. in duration.

    BioPhoTonicIntelligence™ an energetic-structured-high-frequency enlightening which occurs in ‘the mind’ from ‘fueling the brain’ & harmonizing the internal body.  Learn to hold & maintain ‘inner-chi’ and take advantage of ‘BioPhoTonicIntelligence‘.

    Experience the ancient connection of the world’s most powerful and lost secrets of the ancient travelers and connect with the oldest languages of this universe, through sound. Feel how the resonance of each word, alters your human-being-experience.

    Choose to Evolve. Wouldn’t you love to activate your capacity to e v o l v e and meet others doing the same? Do these photos in this web site inspire you to do the same? Impress and influence your friends to think about their potential to begin a life of ‘the great work on the HighREDRoad’ … put your journeys on Instagram and many other ‘social media platforms’ and even ‘in person!’ and see the most astonishing things in the places where the Good Earth Magic reveals the unseen.

    Elevated Health Life-MasteryRetreats envelope participants into seasonally optimal eco-paradise and then immerse them, into Elevated Health Lifes’  multi-practitioner implemented [innerChi™-BioPhoTonics™].

    LEARN TO DECODE the MEANING of LIFE, DISCOVER LOST SECRETS OF THE HIDDEN GNOSTIC SCRIPTS and LEARN SANSKRIT CHANTS:  Sanskrit, is an ancient Indic language of India, in which the Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epic poems are written and from which many northern Indian languages are derived.

    Experience the ancient connection of the world’s most powerful and lost secrets of the ancient travelers and connect with the oldest languages of this universe, through sound. Feel how the resonance of each word, alters your human-being-experience.

    In this area we provide access into the arts of preserving inner-chi, engaging Reality Modification & an Accelerated ShiftUP! into POWER LEARNING. 

    INSTRUCTIONS & PROTOCOLS are given throughtheField‘ at all retreats, at our incredibly exhilarating RANGE FIELD EXPERIMENTAL ECOLOGY SESSIONS.  These Field sessions are taken by rsvp appointment only – once rsvp you’ll then call Scott Gregory @ 602-314-0413 to sign up in advance (up until 3 hours minimum before FieldSessions). The time of any given power learning session changes often due to weather so make sure that you call!

    Private Field Sessions are professionally organized at well appointed hotels, enterprise class offices and other well scouted locations that are made available by request.  And within the Private Luxury Villa Retreat Enterprise levelUP layers. For direct contact and further information about the FieldSessions: [email protected],  for reservations.

    Reality Modification Technology (RMT) via RANGE ECOLOGY FIELD STATIONS ‘BRIDGES’. INSTRUCTIONS & PROTOCOLS GIVEN. 2.5-3 hr sessions.  These transcendence sessions are about how to use RMT and plug into the cosmic layers of inter-dimensional connection.  By appointment – call Scott Gregory @ 602-314-0413 to sign up in advance for this incredible introduction to Reality Modification Technology (RMT).  Must be at least 3 hours in advance before local area Sessions. The time of any given bridge session can change due to weather so please make sure that you call in advance.

    RMT revealed in Vermont.  Summer 2017.  Private sessions are professionally orchestrated at well appointed 5star hotels, professional offices and other premium locations that are made available from BlackTurtle – ZAKLabs Vermont locations. Please contact [email protected],  for your RMT booking arrangements and any questions on current reservation schedules at [Events] – to acquire access to the classes – mini workshop-seminars – sessions & bridges.


    FIELD and RANGE ECOLOGY EXPERIMENTAL STATION MATRIX – Optimal Access into the Premium Packages – Elevated Enterprise Engagements, Lifestyle and Health Optimization  Protocols, INSTRUCTIONAL COST IN ‘TheField’ where the inter-dimensional work is access for maximum impact is typically billed in increments by donation, all related expense or ‘donation’ areas are ‘waived’ and all inclusive within your Private Luxury Villa Retreat booking arrangements.

    Summer 2017.  FIELD and RANGE ECOLOGY STATION – ELevated Life=style-Health Optimization including instructions & protocols for accessing the Cosmic Field. Your Field trip Exchange is: $375 per each Range Ecology Station Field trip. This is a true transcendent experience and also includes the following facets and options (highlighted in EVENTS – CLASSES)

Scott Gregory is an ‘accredited investment grade’, forensic-data-information-analytics medicinal intuitive and Accredited – ELevated Enterprise Investor; an eastern & western trained neuro-linguistics and behavioral physiologist with sophisticated, Accredited Impact Community Investment Engagement Capacity.  At the end of this section of poignant messages and intelligence you’ll  find a brief listing of Scotts – ZENALchemy™ KLab™ Sessions – Classes – Seminars & Workshops … and the extra-ordinary incredibly liberating BRIDGES over which you may literally step into the threshold onto and cross over into the Reality of this, the Triality EPOCH, the greatest era and movement of human-kind for all  time.

Be not afraid, fear no thing all of joy, all of  peace, all of tranquility, all of serenity, all of wealth, all of adventure – romance and prosperity, all of it, over the course of all this infinity, is available to you, now – today. It always has been, and it always will be. Just ‘look’ then simply take a step or two, to go ahead and move forward to ‘cross over and  break on through to the other side’. VaLHaLLa and further …awaits you.

Scott along with the select chosen cadre, manifested out of The Eschelon Matrix™, also builds The Eschelon ECHOESFoundation [‘The Preservation of beneficial Ideals and Ideas for the Preservation of all Cultures’] and works with a pervasively skillful group of co-founding CLub Eschelon™ Members, who are, an ELevated Eschelon™ of Accredited Eschelon Elevated Enterprise™ [A-EEE] based, cybernetic-engineers, programmers and CLub Eschelon™ Accredited Investors.  The lead engineer and multi-facted talent in this group is Alex Vella – an extraordinary Maltese – American.  Also refer to Mr. Vella in ABOUT on this EHLife™ web portal.

Together, as a high level EschelonAtomic Work-group, operating in many countries, and over the scope of the past 20+ years, we have successfully developed, engineered, produced, deployed and utilized to the benefit of theaLL …The Eschelon™ – Reality Modification Technology™ [E-RMT™].  We embedded this viral mechanism through out the entire Internet and through out deep space and through out intelligence neural nets …world-wide, to fulfill the ancient seers of ‘The Great Federation Prophesy’ now eons old.  As a result, in the Global-Spiraling™ of The Eschelon Matrix™. all who come in contact with and are enabled to utilize this technology, immediately benefit with life-supportive, positive, majestic …life-changing results that are both highly personally rewarding and pervasive across all local and extended wide-area-networked communities and the planetary body of HUman culture, also.

This, the deployment of the [E-RMT™] is a S E A – C H A N G E for the liberation of the world from the bondage of [Bilateral Mind Control™l. Refer to a brief explanation of [how] The Eschelon Reality Modification Technology™ works for your life conversion  out of slavery into your own personal and community wide liberacion. (bottom of the LuxVillas opening page inside this EHLife™-GCPortal™ labyrinthe).

On the shamanicholisticministerial end, Scott is working as effectively from the basis of the notion of the physiological division of labor, which allows for the ‘shamanic – holistic practitioner’, to “vividly compare and study living things as if they were machines created by the inarguable precise energy and structural measures of the cosmic supernatural …and influenced by ‘the imagination & the industry of man’.

And, on the Community Investment Impact™ [C.I.I.™] facet, please refer to our [Premium Enterprise Retreats], [Premium Packages™] and [Enterprisers™] on this portal and to Premium Packages.

Scott has completed 2.7+ decades now of ongoing contiguous [investment-forensic-grade research] and utilizes his acquired depth of resonance path knowledge – wisdom and his [A-EEE™] ‘new realm unbound capital layers’, to apply daily into the study of and the related Reality Modification™ of the space and energy which surrounds him and ‘theaLL’; relative to precisely how the hemispheres of the brain participate in mood, emotional response and external query, in a world literally run by a pervasively dangerously abusive, ‘computer programmed illusion manufacturing machinery system’.

Scott, as a forensic-grade analytics researcher, shamanic-holistic practitioner and holistic scientist, has precision identified the source, of the ongoing malaise of non-beneficial hallucinations being generated within the minds that make up the sea of humanity today. This poison was intentionally placed, ‘within the unwitting individuated and as a result of many to many being corrupted, thus we  have the poisoned mass mind’ – therefore, these are extremely dangerous hallucinations and that they are not real and that they are ‘manufactured’ they’re even more dangerous. To nullify, to eradicate, to eliminate them, there is ‘awaY zone’.

For example, as to a further explanation of this world-wide phenomena.  These ‘non-beneficial hallucinations’ are bi-cameral and 99% of the time are induced by external brainwashing of the individual, through abusively intentional manipulation of ‘the neural-plasticity of the human brain’ using an out of control computerized programming machinery by an out of control ‘cabalist black-magician bank gang war theft ring, operating this ‘machinery’, for the sole benefit of its ‘viral-corpto-oligarchical-deep-state operations matrix’. SO, what’s any intelligent, knowledgeable, well practiced individual to do?

Therefore, one of the premier services which Scott facilitates over in EVENTS with perimeter select A-Team [CLub Eschelon practitioner members], when clients book into BRIDGES, as a shamanic-holistic practitioner, is to administrate and minister to ‘resolve the core cause of being victimized by this machinery’ and subsequently as a result of imparting knowledge – wisdom and genuine solutions, then enjoy to see people freed of their dys-connect and their dys-ease caused by ‘the bondage of the illusion generating machinery’.

Scott Gregory, is a foremost scientist forwarding rarefied intelligence on: Ecophysiology (from Greek οἶκος, oikos, “house(hold)”; φύσις, physis, “nature, origin”; and -λογία, -logia), environmental physiology or physiological ecology is a biological discipline that studies the adaptation of an organism’s physiology to environmental conditions.

Scott in working , together, within aunified atomic-work group‘ and as an ELevated thought-leader, and in collaboration with other fellow select shamanic – holistic & advanced eastern & western healing arts shamans, licensed professionals – and specific ‘licensed Taoist medicinal practitioners’, forwards the application of the full high quality knowledge & wisdom based classification of your physical motor complex in sourcing total positive behavior, generating clean internal energy, lifeforce, food and inner-Chi agrarianism, colloidal biology, creating community based currency control and living-energies sustainable community… learn more about these insights at non-intensive fun & enlightening classes & workshops in the path of ‘the deep resonating flight path, travelled for eons, by the risen and awake‘ on this planet.

Scott transmutes negative programming, transcends space & restructures and re-directs the finite into limitless energy which surrounds for the benefit of those ‘individuating individuals everywhere’ who are engaging as our ‘preferred, concierge specialty clientele’, into this EHLife™ – GaLaxy Class Portal™; and as a result, by default, also does so, for the HUman philanthropic benefit of ‘theaLL across this Planetary Cozmic Body – of Earth and Space’.

And as to the vast NOW, into the resolving of the extremely complex HUman end of this equation, to simple points of resolution for every individual looking for liberation on this Planet, this has been orchestrated and done, relative to precisely the crystal clear scientifically based, comprehension of how the hemispheres of the brain participate in mood, emotional response and external query;  And, relative to precisely how most humans have been completely negatively brainwashed into believing in, doing and in saying things that are 100% completely detrimental to their own health and well-being and dangerous to all others, and that are not based in cognitive reality which this, is defined as “motivated reasoning’, an off-shoot of the most obscene, deadly and lethal, cabalist black magician generated …’Bilateral Mind Disease™ or BMD™’”.

Therefore, the solution to counteracting and activating thecuring’ of this ‘motivated reasoning’ which extends its ugly head from that worlds’ most deadly of all diseases, the Bilateral Mind Disease™.  This the great work, the grand solution to this travesty against humanity, is offered through BRIDGES.  This, has become a worldwide planetary solution to that hideous insidious dys-ease; this has been accomplished, that has been now done, is being done and that has been orchestrated, embedded, executed well and implemented, across the entire top and throughout a beleaguered and bewildered, unwittingly broken world.

No humanity may survive and prevail in an upside down world run amuck by black magicians.  The planetary body of humanity, for the past micro cycle of a flash in the pan of approximately the mere past 60 years, has been literally run like a dumb donkey, by a pervasively dangerously abusive, ‘computer programmed illusion manufacturing machinery system’.  Prior to that, over the past 600+ years, the world has been run amuck and pushed around by the same perverse operators that control the current computer programmed illusion manufacturing machinery, to corrupt and harness the mass of human beings into abject, miserable slavery.

Therefore, BRIDGES is been offered throughout the world via the EHLife™ – GCPortal™, and has been resoundingly successful for over two decades now. This has resulted in many people from all walks of life on a contiguous short – medium and long-range basis, being freed from the ever present, unwanted, unwelcome and viral ’Bilateral Mind Disease™.  No longer shall it be able to infest the mass mind of human-kind and thus the rest of what human-kind does against its own best interests. No longer does this incestuous disease that afflicts human-kind get ‘license to run amuck’.  So, in BRIDGES you understand the comprehensive solutions as to how to default a part of this, the corrupt mind control.

Over in the monetary side of your receiving this lifetime of  brainwashing that is …the fiat slave-money system, you learn to happily liberate from this also, while then actually understanding on contrary to that fiat-money-slavery, what reaL c u r r e n c y is and how to harness it for yourself and all others.  Then once comprehending these things, whilst liberating one’s self, family, friends …then as a result, you are as an individual, actually also collectively ridding the entire world culture from this hideous disease; these gemstones of our knowledge base, to comprehend  and reveal are relatively small pieces to this puzzle palace we are unveiling, but they are indeed universally appealing and highly relevant pieces of knowledge and wisdom, for your time in your era across this great EPOCH …The Triality Epoch™.  One rapidly learns to apply this knowledge in BRIDGES.

Transcend from Whence You Came and ARISE!™. Be blessed by the new-found knowledge, think and live freely. Drop away from being mesmerized by the veils of illusion which blind you. Be not bonded by fear and the dragons of the black magicians; they’re all as well, just another impermanent illusion presented by their impermanent illusion manufacturing machinery.

Immediately Vaporize the veils of illusion by learning from The Lamp of Reason™ and freeing your mind – your body – your spirit – Gain optimal Access for Maximum Impact™ to Optimize Your Yield from Life™ as never you could have possibly imagined until now. Learn [how] in BRIDGES. Ask yourself, how BIG is my WHY when I get up every day? You wish to be truly free. This is how.  Cross over into BRIDGES and see thewaY unfold in real time, and go forward with your  great far journey, like I did. We’ll see you ‘there’ some where, that is certain.

Copyright Notice:  Copyrights 12.01.16 – 06.29.17. ScottGregory. All Rights Reserved.  The content on this web url address is copyrighted via the US Copyright Office in Washington D.C. and other means. Theft and Misuse of the Content on this web url and others is a violation of the Digital Media Rights laws and copyright laws of U.S. Government and is prosecuted where violations are found.

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ZEN ALchemy and how this Increases Human Consciousness

  • Dreaming your sacred Dream
  • The Stargate allignment
  • Understanding the physics of how to transcend your reality today to live an optimized life
  • Learn what ‘bi-cameral mysticism’ is and learn ‘now’ to free yourSeLf from the most dangerous disease to all of human kind. ARISE.
  • Understanding the physics of how to increase longevity of your health life
  • How to create and install your own ZENAlchemy Kitchen lab in your own home
  • How to take full control of the c u r r e n c y and default the recurring nightmare of slavery from your existing lack of control of currency.
  • Obtain optimal access to that which you cannot see for maximum community impact and yield.  And much more…

Practitioner – ZENALchemyChiKungYoga: Scott Gregory    

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Image Title

Ancient technologies and how to use them to optimize your health life

  • How to Grow Your Own Nutrient Dense Mind-Body Crystalline Fuels for Pennies
  •  Neutralizing Insomnia and Resolving Other Sleep Problems
  • Neutralizing Toxicty from Atmospheric – Food – Water and  Our Environment for Staying Healthy
  • Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare, GMOs & Geoengineering
  • How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body

Practitioner – ZENALchemyChiKungYoga : Scott Gregory

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Image Title

Piercing the Realm of “Non – Existent Reality” and understanding how to Optimize life on Earth

  • Understanding how to create your own capacity to communicate through Inter-dimensional reality
  • Ancient Technologies, Benevolent Space Visitors
  • How to Communicate with the Interstellar realm & Consciousness

Practitioner – ZENALchemyChiKungYoga: Scott Gregory

Image Title

Image Title

Learn to achieve liberation from 3rd gravity space.

  • Letting go of the past
  • DNA Light Code Activation
  • How Light Codes evolve us
  • What is the Christed Light?
  • How to align with your Higher Self
  • Focusing on the future we desire to create
  • How to use the shadowy Eclipse energy to empower
  • Making the translation from ‘3rd Gravity Space into the Interstellar’
  • Interstellar Understandings – Scalar Longitudinal Electro Magnetic Systems 
  • Understanding wave and particle functions in light
  • Understanding systems which allow for signaling & travel through space faster than the speed of light

And much more…


Practitioner – ZENALchemyChiKungYoga: Scott Gregory

Book a Class, Session, Seminar or Bridge - Build Your Elevated Event Horizon review the offerings above and below ... and contact us for details!

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SILVER SESSION ZEN 1 Day $2,225.00

Attending this Deluxe Offering achieves your optimal access for your maximum impact

1* (+.5) Day Class - Health Wealth Optimization Sessions @ $2,225.00/day

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SILVER ZENClass 3 $4,339.8

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3 (4*) Day Class

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GOLD ZEN Class 5 $7,233

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5 (6*) Day Class

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PLATINUM ZEN Class 7 $10,726.20

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7 (8*) Day Class

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DIAMOND ZEN Bridge 10 Class $12,466

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10 (11*) Day Class

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DDIAMOND ZEN Bridge 12 Class $16,159.2

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12 (14*) Day Class

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DDDIAMOND ZEN Bridge 14 Class $18,850.40

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14 (15*) Day Class

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