Eschelon™ Ocean Cargo Once Upon A Time 3.5+ decades ago in Malta - the Middle Sea ...Deep Water Recovery

…the discovery gave birth to this legacy of ongoing intelligence & cargo deliveries

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Our Expedition & Delivery Teams experts, scientists, technologists and adventurers - all

Transcendent Elements Processing Wealth lab produced dore bullion - privately vaulted - wealth generating assets


State-of-the-Art - Intelligence - Labs - Leapfrog Anchor Technologies - Applied Daily a history of recreation - intelligence ongoing legacy of commodity metals & precious metals recovery

Cargo Recovery
Cargo Recovery
Cargo Recovery

mid 1950’s

The First Recovered Commodities Metals began in Maltese Waters

Early 60’s

Underwater Metal Detecting


Past the Marconi Era – Diving – Locating Shipwrecks – Removing Metals

Commodities Metals – Bullion – Diamonds – Species Coin.  We are proud to be premiering our Commodity Metals – Ocean Cargo Recovery program.  Within this division of our Enterprise Premium Packages …

We deliver a well organized, world-class,  oceanic enterprise venture Matrix, centered around the effective  …contiguous extraction and delivery of HIGHLY CONCENTRATED VOLUMES of COMMODITIES METALS – recovered through a SERIES of ORCHESTRATED, SECURED, ESCHELON PARTNERS VENTURED – RICH CARGO RECOVERY & DELIVERY PROTOCOLS.

Private Domain – Password Protected, Accredited Portal Site.  Statement of Wavier of Liability.  If you have been provided a password to this facet of the Eschelon – Elevated Health Life – Galaxy Class Portal system, it means that you have an established and cultivated relationship with the organization. Waiver of Understanding. This web content and related information is not an unsolicited presentation. There are no offers to anyone that does not have an established and cultivated relationship previously built with the organization.

The following are several aspects that qualify for an offer to be approached: a. you have password based access to a secured on line Eschelon – Ocean Cargo Bank Vault to acquire accredited instrumentation b. you must have cultivated an Enterprise based Relationship with our organization and c.  you have must establish yourself or your organization as a potential candidate to qualify to subscribe to and tender any investment into Cargo holdings and the related stocks that are available through such investment.  All investments into Cargo are on an accredited level.  Thank you for your understanding.  

The ‘cargo recovery season’ for 2017 begins as early as March each year with use of super ship platforms and with our shallow water operations, which utilize smaller survey and recovery vessels, every June.  These missions now continue year round and continuing through October of 2021 & further. Note: Aside from the best  most reliable of predictive analytics based recovery + warehousing & delivery of the metals, we are ‘monetizing‘ these metals.

Eschelon Ocean Cargo Fund™ – Cargo Bank[ing]™ Venture Matrix. World Class Cargo Recovery – Enterprise Retreats – Building Relationships – Streamlined Protocols – Efficient Online Offerings – Secure – Contiguous – Multi-year – Commodity Metals Cargo Delivery w/ leveraged, stabilized, monetary metals based Market Making. ShiFtUP!

Eschelon™ forged a collective of tightly integrated resources of the following: Contract deployment of ocean ship platforms are now ventured, within our Ecshelon™ LLC – Ocean Cargo Recovery Ventures Matrix™.  Our cargo delivery venture special operations teams, long established – successful cargo recovery intelligence operators, attenuated, focused high performance executive administration & advanced information technology teams, are venturing within this Eschelon™ Elevated Enterprise™ Matrix.

Weather and seasons are no longer a permanent hindrance. Ocean ship platform availability is now made available for our venturing operations all winter long. Our specialized on-board recovery operators install the specialized cargo recovery technology and equipment packages on the ship platform so together with our specialized world renowned cargo recovery teams we now no longer have any ‘mobilization lead time’.

We are able to go out after the larger Cargo loads, at a moments notice with multiple various scenario options.  Currently, there are two different approaches as options for super ship platform deployment for Cargo Recovery and Delivery.  Option a. super ship chartering, where the owners of the ship charter the vessel to us, for the purposes of the cargo recovery and delivery.  In this scenario, we don’t require millions of dollars to leave the dock when ‘venturing a supership owner as a co-venture operator’.  We completed ‘the last mile on this type of an arrangement’ on delivery of the last required part of bonding the special operations and technology on-boarding for Ocean Ship platform co-venture deployment options, with no further mobilization required. In this ‘last mile Supership joint venture arrangement’ a mere $500K total [minimum @$50K/per ‘unit share’], placed into ‘Eschelon LLC – Cargo Ocean Fund Holding Account(s) – for our Ocean Cargo Bank[ing]™ Private Placement  via <'Deep Water venturing interest unit shares  & other exchange & trading options’ in our Deep Water Commodity Metal Recovery program series> completes the ‘last mile’.  This $500K of operating capital on ‘the super ship chartering method’ brings a completely integrated cargo recovery ship platform loaded with all necessary resources, special operations crew and  makes departure into this commodity metal hull series, dock ready.  Monthly operatings costs for this type of a super ship operation, are approximately $500,000.00 USD per month.  In six months of operations, we estimate a successful Cargo target acquisition of 2-3 high value Cargo loads which are estimated to be a minimum of approximately 30 to 5MM USD per target. Some targets are over $1Billion USD.

Option b. is the current far more preferred option, to  where the super ship platform is acquisitioned outright by the Company.  This approach  makes more sense at this time, due to drastic cost reductions in super ship acquisition. A $150MM USD super ship may be purchased for as little as $15MM USD.  Costs are slashed due to the bottoming out of the oil & gas markets worldwide.  This approach is likely the only approach at this time that makes sense for the investment and business operating side of the Cargo Recovery & Delivery process which we have established. In other words, a super ship may be acquired, utilized for a 2 year period and then put back on the market and resold for far more money than the cost to acquire it.  Cargo recoveries are likely to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions  of dollars with such a ship, relative to the expertise and one of a kind Intelligence archives which our operations are deployed with.  

Contiguous Series Dossier Filings.  This Company delivers a stream of continual PREMIUM PACKAGE Series filings of its Gilded Pre-vetted Dossiers for its ‘Eschelon Fund Private Partners &  Preferred Clientele’. Please review our Enterprise Retreat over in [Retreats].

Front loaded Enterprise Class.  Elevated Premium Packages are capital intensively front-loaded, rarefied collections of intellectual jewelry, gilded with rarefied knowledge and managed with wisdom. They are only offered within our Enterprise Retreat Bookings …or with cultivated accredited relationships, through accredited instructions & protocols.

Optimal – Market Timed – Positioning.  These packages are market-shift positioned for highest fast track R.O.I., are assets rich, resource based and geared for you to be enabled with ease & optimal Access into maximum IMPACT INVESTING.

Optimal Ease of Access – Automated – Systemic – Enterprise Class Delivery.  Premium Packages are ‘pre-vetted’, security vaulted, rooted in Accredited – Forensic-Investment-Grade, Historic – Investment – Research & Intelligence.  With “Cargo”, we operate a tight-knit team of world renowned I.T. integration specialized teams, shipwreck researchers, cargo recovery operators & project mgmt, executive mgmt & a neural net of closed-loop intelligence people.  We maintain key people and origins of the intelligence work as bonded, accredited …security protected assets.

1st Reveal.  Direct contact:  602.314.0413.  Scott Gregory.  This is a ‘public web facet’ being now unveiled.  If you are reading this, you have been ,most likely.  referred here by a friend & colleague off our organization.

Our Premium Packages advantages are for those who wish to gain optimal access to private accredited acquisition via our venture matrix such as into our Ocean Cargo Admiralty Royalty Contract and private offerings. The options are excellent & richly laden with intellectual jewelry and the assets which are conveyed for ease of access & maximum impact.

Book it Today!  Specialty clientele and business people interested in the enterprise end of what we’re doing, may Book an Elevated Enterprise Retreat, in order to ‘meet and greet & cultivate relationship’ while acquiring the salient dossier information …to participate with maximum ease, optimal access and maximum impact.

Elevated Accredited Access.  In obtaining an ‘Elevated Access’, our systems also automate the engagement of properly sequenced accredited instructions & protocols for your ease of access and maximum impact. Pre-qualified concierge specialty clientele are enabled to securely gain access to our private-domain intelligence banks by creating a ‘vested interest’ through booking an Enteprise Class Retreat or following protocol.

Enter into another dimensional ReaLity.  You then are enabled to see ‘the actuals’ in a world where ‘security + revelation’ is everything.  Once vested, these Cargo delivery opportunities, range between up to *3-64to 1 R.O.I.> from realizing ROI out of increments of ‘$35-40-$50+ Million of commodity’ …held within each of  our pre-selected ‘ocean vaulted commodity metal hull series’ and additionally Premium Packages in other Carbon Credit friendly ventures are into North of $500 Million USD+ in [Pre-vetted – strategic Land based and Ocean Vaulted & Warehoused, Metal Capital & related Liquid Assets].  

Access Preliminary Instruments made available at TheVault.  Presently, the Organization authorized formal engagement [via Premium Packages accessed via TheVault] for our  pre-qualified, pre-identified Accredited Individuals.  You are enabled to access and review these options through accredited protocol. This is most optimally done, by: 1. simply Purchasing an exciting and rewarding, Eschelon – Elevated Enterprise Retreat via our Eschelon’ Concierge Client Specialty Services Delivery of our Premium Packages, or; 

2.  Formally engage an ELevatedAccredited Private Contracting or Premium Private Offering instructions & protocol. Deposit for an Admiralty Royalty Placement Contract.  We highly recommend if you wish to enter into our Cargo Ocean Banking program, to simply book an Enterprise Retreat!

Get Ease of Access for Maximum Impact.  Consider becoming a Club Eschelon Member for Silver – Gold – Platinum or Diamond Status.  You gain ease of access for maximum impact into elevated status and you enjoy what you are about to learn and… realize. You’ll be ever so glad you did! Consider becoming a Club Eschelon Member.  Read on and enjoy this beautiful, inspiring , intelligently rich, and rarefied content. To  Your Health – Wealth & Prosperity!   Book an Elevated Enterprise Retreat Today!

Please refer to the Ocean Cargo Bank FAQs for more information.

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Electronics Research ...Practical Applications & Intelligence a saga of 5+ decades of steady cargo recovery history ...and counting

Forensic Investment Grade Research $56MM total outlay of research, manpower, technology & capital since early 1970's.

Historical Voyage our organization embarked on a fantastic voyage though history ...and reaped the benefits

Operation Pedestal - Malta Convoy The USS Ohio limps into the Grand Harbor, Malta - August 15, 1942

Deep Water Recovery Unit 1000's of shipwrecks ...literally at our fingertips - world wide

Great Adventure This is none, the greatest of cargo recovery ventures of all time

Cargo Recovery
1_wwii_gold (1)
Cargo Recovery

Hundreds of shipwrecks recovered

Gold & Precious Metals lost at sea in wwI  & wwII.  For 2017, we have 6 to 9 non-ferrous commodities metals cargo hull wreckage’s of specific known value to share proceeds.  We are ready to bring to surface and deliver to warehouse. Each wrecked hull  contains 1,000 to 2,000 tons of tin, copper, nickel, lead and other commodities metals.  

Gold Bullion

 Hundreds of these cargoes were lost from the estimated total of 300 Billion shipped and await retrieval.  We are aware of and know where to find 100’s  of  sunken commodities metal cargoes and gold carriers.  Shipwreck Losses of Bullion are currently at a total of 64. Total Surveyed has reached 18 – 20 wrecks with between 1 ton to 21 tons of Gold. You may wish to refer to our shipwreck ledgers and forensic investment-grade research and cargo recovery history.

Diamond Shipments

It is recorded that most Non-ferrous metal cargo loads shipped during the time frame our research is concentrated in, shows these ships to also have been loaded with 1-2 tons of Gold & a shipment of Diamonds

Eschelon™ – Ocean Cargo ‘Banking’™

Our organization knows the locations of massive quantities of Commodities Metals, Gold-ships and how to recover these precious commodities & also ‘gemstones’ which are the diamonds.  The history of this ongoing saga started over 35 years ago and the legacy of the ongoing research is [time & expense to over $56MM+] in successful cargo & rarefied artifacts recovery. This continues to be carried forward and paid forward by our organization today for your optimal  acces to achieve your maximum  Impact.  

Cargo Season Begins - Each Year in June now you can become a part of the greatest cargo recovery venture of all time

Disruptive technologies Disruptive Approach.  Our accumulated knowledge and aggregate of disruptive technologies are keys to our successful cargo recovery operations.  We also leverage from the decades of previous surveys, multiple decades of cargo hauling and the forensic investment grade intelligence we collectively have amassed.  Our aggregated Vaults are brimming in this, the wealth held, within our intelligence, our research & our recovery deployment methodologies and tactical operations, which makes our cargo recovery “rock-solid-golden”.

Legacy cargo recovery operators. Working within our operational intelligence sharing infrastructure are those who have worked in recovery over these Cargo Ships for a half century.  The aggregate of cargo recovery in time and forwarded costs in advance of continued ongoing recovery, currently show over $37 mm in Commodities Metals Cargoes alone.

Series Recovery of Multiple Hulls.  Efficiency of recovery is radically increased by targeting a series of hulls located in close proximity of each other with cargo loads of a previously know & specific value.  In each of the next targeted series of sunken hulls we choose as best for 2017 retrieval …there exists an estimated $25 up to over $40 mm of commodity cargo value for liquidation.

ATeams only for Eschelon – Deep Water Recovery.  International search & recovery experts have joined our process, to facilitate the ease of access and the impact of our investments, in the escalation & acceleration of recovery of these ‘long been found‘ cargoes.

Fast track Recovery, Robust Yield & Returns.  Each sunken vessel of cargo we selected is estimated to be a 25 – 30 day mission dock departure to dock return. It is estimated that in 2017, our Cargo Operations can recover as much as $100mm to $120mm USD in commodities metals alone.  Because of leading edge technologies we research, innovate with, integrate & utilize …at our disposal there is a strong likelihood that we may locate the ‘strong boxes’ containing at least 1 ton Gold & cabochon cut diamond shipments.

Copyright Notice:  Copyrights 12.01.16 – 06.29.17. ScottGregory. All Rights Reserved.  The content on this web url address is copyrighted via the US Copyright Office in Washington D.C. and other means. Theft and Misuse of the Content on this web url and others is a violation of the Digital Media Rights laws and copyright laws of U.S. Government and is prosecuted where violations are found.  The Internet is fully ‘traceable’. Create and Produce your own content. Don’t copy, steal & misuse our content. We have the full power of U.S. Copyright law to prosecute it.

World Class Search and Salvage Teams eschelon venture industry experts - impassioned to succeed for the good in community

Metals commodity & precious

Cargo Recovery
Cargo Recovery
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Elevated Enterprise Malta Retreat – Accredited Engagements All Inclusive Adventures are offered as ‘Spinoffs’

Included with your Elevated Maltese Enterprise Retreat are extras! You enjoy (to your liking) an outfitted Maltese adventure trip, a scouted motorbiking jaunt through Malta to choice exclusive settings with our friends & family and a day being with local community with one of our charity partners.

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If you wish to explore the incredible white  limestone cliffs, coastlines and swim in private exclusivity in the local beauty of Malta Mediterranean sea locations, or go on a luxury power yachting excursion around the waters of the Maltese coastlines, we make it all happen perfectly.

The Best of Malta – Gozo & Tuscany

If you wish to acquire a deluxe – Platinum level Elevated Premium Package Enterprise Retreat with additional integration of the best of your preferred choices from our health retreat programs, while enjoying the best of what is in Malta and on Gozo Island as well as …over into the grandeur of the best of Tuscany, we offer the best of everything – FESTIVAL & SPA – that Malta and this amazing and historic bastion of history has to offer. We will share with  you …literally hundreds of years of this rich and interesting as well as enlightening culture from within our private family of classic European & Maltese culture! 

Shipwrecked Gold - the Most Historic Recovry of All Time bullion - forensic - investment grade research & the science of re-discovery - exporation & recovery

 Known for a rich history in the Realm of Private Banking, principals of the Eschelon – Ocean Cargo Bank[ing] operations …establishes out of Malta and offers its Patrons and Depositors the most prime, optimal advantages and privilege in venture returns on Commodities Cargo Metals Exchange.   Our private domain arena offers high yield with optimal access and maximum impact. There is bar none superior …to the process – the ease of access & the maximum community impact which we offer. Become an Eschelon Community Impact participant today! Upgrade your world & …the rest of this world! …”Be a Part of It!”

Ledgered Volumes of 'Carbon Credit' Gold & Silver bullion - species coin - gold eagles - derived from the most pervasive cargo series of all time

Eschelon™ Research inspired by decades of historic - forensic grade - intelligence archives - very closely held organization

Limitless wealth

Legacy & Culture tight knit legacy family enterprise platform. Join us in discovery, innovation, exploration prosperity

Forensic Grade Cargo Ledgers location & contents confirmed... we know which shipwrecks - we know where - we know how & ...we're successful

Ledgers of Gold and Bullion Wrecksites

(partial ledger listings out of over 250 researched wrecks)

  • 1 ton gold plus tin  concentrate.  Value:   $33,669,347
  • 11  tons gold.  Value:  370,362,817
  • 1 ton Gold Bar + 30 boxes Silver species (for reminting). Value: Gold- $33,669,347.  Silver – Value:  $859,520
  • 5 tons newly minted Sovereigns.  Value:  $168,346,735
  • 13 tons of Foreign Gold Coin.  Value:  $437,701,511
  • 1 ton Gold.   Value:  $33,669,347
  • 1 ton  Gold. Value:  $33,669,347 
  • 40 Barrels of Gold Bar
  • 72 Tons PH – 1,000 tons
  • A1 – 502 tons

Ledgers of Commodity Metals Wrecksites

(partial ledger listings out of over 250 researched wrecks)

  • Cu-1,372 tons, Ai-240 tons, Ai-218 tons etc.
  • AI-730 tons, (33,741 ingots)  Zn-750  tons (30,006 ingots)
  • 3,000 tons Cu, Al, Ni, Pb  
  • Al  (2,464 ingots)  and a cargo of silver dollars for  the Soviet Union)
  • 2,003 tons blister  Cu slabs, 26 tons Vanadium, 54 tons Antimony,  2 tons Sn concentrate, 400 tons Zn
  • 3,001 tons blister Cu slabs and Au (Gold)
  • 2,254 tons  blister copper slabs
  • 3,501 tons Cu, being 2,501 tons blister slabs, and   1,000 tons Cu wire bars with 52 tons Platinum matte

Platinum Matte

(partial ledger listings out of over 250 researched wrecks)


  • 6o tons  Platinum Matte
  • 45 tons Platinum Matte
  • 53 tons Platinum Matte

Gold Coin – Silver Bar & Silver Species Coin

(partial ledger listings out of over 250 researched wrecks)

  • 61 tons silver bullion
  • 38 tons foreign Gold coin (EAGLES).  Value:   $1,246,765,839
  • 93.7  tons silver bar

Investment Qualification & Access cultivate relationship - attend silver, gold, platinum retreat - complete accredited instructions & protocols

To participate in this particular [CARGO] Premium Package, an exclusive commodity & precious metals delivery program, the investor or if an ‘Elevated Exchange & Trading Affilate’, is required to attend the level of minimum of an Elevated [GoldZEN Transform 5- to 7 day Retreat layer or  Platinum JetSetStratos 7 Enterprise Retreat layer or into DiamondLux Retreat layers] to acquire access to this particular option.  If previously holding a cultivated relationship with Eschelon, one may engage online facets of preliminarily being ‘served via Club Eschelons’ instructions & protocols’ via ‘TheVault’ and complete a. KYC formal identification b. security instrumentation c. receivership of  investors documents which includes: c.1. letter of qualification + c.2. investors qualification  forms + c.3. a subscription via formalized accredited process to d. Escrow funds while attended [Platinum Level Enterprise Retreat] and once prepared to make the investment option, then escrow funds over 72 hrs time into “Eschelon Holdings with Eschelon Bank Wiring Instructions” to complete above accredited SEC exemption based instructions & protocol to acquire 1. a Admiralty Royalty Contract Rights or 2. interest units from within a Private Placement Memorandum to subscribe for Commodity Metals Cargo Shares. or 3. investment fund interest units from within accredited Eschelon Fund – in divisional Enterprise interest.  NOTE:  If you are able to conduct an Elevated Enterprise Retreat via Exchange & Trading Programs through a Conscious Business Incubator solutions approach, you may also be able to gain optimal access into this realm of Wealth production via various ‘affinity & affiliate contracting & strategic venturing’ Elevated Exchange & Trading Agreement processing and instructions & protocols procedures.



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