BioPhoTonicIntelligence™ energetic-structured-high-frequency YOGA

A dynamic, structured-energetic-water based, BioPhoTonic™ charged form, of ZENALchemicalYoga™, a yoga where the focus is on preserving the optimization of wellness and health of the practitioner. ZENALchemicalYoga™ directs to optimize the vibrancy of the ‘human mind-body-connection’, and decrease unbalance (disease) by using naturalist cultivation.  This includes:

  • Proper exercise: Yogini Asana style with American progressive fitness approach
  • Proper breathing: Think “SUPER BRAIN Breathing for Superior Health and High Energetic-structured-high-frequency ‘P R A N A Y A M A’
  • Proper relaxation: Savasana
  • Proper diet: Heirloom based Vegetarian and advanced-mineralization-healing-spices-herbal Ketogenic-BioPhoTonic™
  • Proper thinking: Mindfulness, Meditation and intentional desire to achieve continual positive attitude.

Each Session includes mindful meditation prayers, rest and relaxation, super-brain Breathing for super-health ‘P R A N A Y A M A’, easy does it whole body-brain-harmonizing warm ups, solar absorbtion and gnostic knowledge to derive to the practitioner power-brain enhancement from the sun – the earth and the moon, and physical exercises including breathing control and ‘asanas’. Sessions are usually 2-3 hours.

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