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Scott Gregory, Founder Eschelon LLC

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Liezl Stewart, Founder Eschelon Holdings, LLC


We deliver a well organized, world-class accredited series of Premium Packaged Community Impact ventures. In the ‘Empire Waste Clean up and Cargo delivery facet of this Premium Package delivery system, we provide you with optimal access to a secured oceanic cargo delivery enterprise venture Matrix, centered around effective  …contiguous extraction and delivery of HIGHLY CONCENTRATED VOLUMES of COMMODITIES METALS.

Commodity Metal Cargo is recovered and delivered through a chain of custody secured SERIES of WELL ORCHESTRATED, ESCHELON PARTNERS VENTURED – RICH CARGO RECOVERY & DELIVERY PROTOCOLS. This was done in order to create, generate & maintain the capital creative currency & liquid abundance that fuels the organic intelligent beauty flowing through an Elevated Life …well lived.

Our mission is to Create Optimal Access for Maximum Impact ~ meaning furthermore to: ”Create convenient Access for maximum Impact to accelerate ecology friendly – Living Community Impact Investing and experiential based …well being”.

Our mission also stands forThe Preservation of like minded ideals & ideas for the Preservation of  Culture” (our way of  life) – first and foremost, at all facets of our enterprise & within the Elevated Enterprise Retreat end of our platform, as Impact Investors – we with you …are ‘the community’”.

Please refer to the Elevated …enlightened, powerful & enabling [PRACTITIONERS  CULTURE] we assemble for you and you’ll partially see why we’re able to deliver the goods & ‘the grease’ at our Elevated Retreats for you while most live in a world of mediocrity gone mad, we’re the superior e x c e p t i o n to the ‘business as usual’ crowds.  We’re the ‘Elevated Enterprise Culture as exceptionally unusual‘…

What wedeliverserves as an optimized access point for anyone seeking to achieve and acquire maximum community impact for themselves & for the community as a wholistic living-energies organism. That’s BIGnews!

We pay attention how we impact environment and how we impact the people we communicate & work with and those we cultivate the best relationships with. We’re most forward looking and looking out for the long term aside from just short term ‘profit only’ mentality.

Entire Capital markets change daily in our rapidly changing world. Our Elevated Enterprise platform facets are agile – dynamic – cause centric – classy – engaging – extraordinary – fluid – rewarding and are involved  in radically changing ‘corporate behavior’ to contribute to positive impact over the ‘shares owned or being influenced …by investors’.

Through Optimal Market TimedPositioning our Premium Packages are market-shift positioned for highest fast track R.O.I., are assets rich, resource based and geared for you to be enabled with ease & optimal Access into maximum IMPACT INVESTING.

To understand partially how to navigate your most optimized critical path on your Access for Maximum Impact, please click here for a pdf copy of the “Impact Investor”. Optimal ACCESS for Maximum IMPACT – Treasure comes in All Forms” article by Scott Gregory, for your further realization & personal edification.

Deliver and invest into your mission and find yourself at peace within unshakable stability in a world upside down.  As a platform and as a living community we provide optimal Access for you. We are ‘Impact’ generating radical change today.  This ‘Galaxy Class Portal’, delivers on Universal 21st Century New Realm Vision & Values for everyone – written, visualized, actualized, spoken daily and acted upon.

As an Enterprise scale platform of accredited exchange options, we offer real time ‘community culture friendly’ – ‘conscious business incubation & community impact investment bank[ing]’ options, provisioning dynamic innovation, rich resources, extraordinary social capital and asset based …genuine wealth generation for the inheriting generation!

Access the Elevated Enterprise.  In lifego for  maximum impact, you’ll land in the best place you can imagine.  If you are a business enterprise or Community Impact Investor (C.I.I.), wishing for optimal ACCESS into the Elevated facets of our Enterprise, we  suggest  you link over to PREMIUM PACKAGES and review the Enterprise Retreat Options.


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Be guided.  Appreciate the aesthetics,  the intelligence and the vast layers of WEALTH realized and much more being delivered from this portal.  This is for those who  are (at this time) able to achieve the simple act of being present, being guided, obtaining ‘optimal access for maximum Community Impact’  …enjoy the vibrant exchange.  Feel free to just look over what we have to offer you thus far and enjoy the ‘roLLOut’.

C.I.I. is Optimal Access Maximum Impact.  Elevated Health Life™ is being mindful, while investing into our mission.  And, true enough as well, your mission.  We recognized the Good Earth Medicine™ – conducting high impact Healing Arts, unveiling of Far Journeys of the HighREDRoad™  …and building our COMMUNITY IMPACT …ENTERPRISE.

Eschelon also serves as aConscious Business Incubator*. Aside from the really big impact pieces, we pay attention to the wellness and better interests of the entire community as a whole – locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.  That’s why it’s called ‘Community Impact Investing’ (CII).

As Community Impact Investors (we have that dialogue  with  Companies and corporate mgmt everywhere), and with Customers, Constituents & people working across the ocean of the corporate world;  all have been compelled to sourcing 100% of their energy needs from renewable sources of power.

While orchestrating our elevated health retreats, elevated wealth optimization aspects are as well …optimized at any given one of our retreats especially Private Luxury Villa Retreat locations …such like no other destinations you are indeed Elevated for optimal Access and maximum Impact.  These Elevated Enterprise Retreats offer rarefied levels of OPTIMAL ACCESS & MAXIMUM IMPACT everyone is looking for. These experiences and this time  is indeed priceless & unforgettable …truly sublime and seriously ‘game changing‘.

As a result of having been successful as a privately funded conscious business incubator (CBI-CII)  over the last decade, our Company is becoming a modular resource for qualified entrepreneurs and small mom & pop operations that qualify as ’embryonic community impact investors’.

We specialized in these facilitation measures out of a small percentage of our larger platform projects, to assist smaller  neighborhood entrepreneurs.

Eschelon conducts this area of enterprise to facilitate smaller ‘community impact enterprises’ who focus on their enterprise, to establish real and fresh …traction based enterprise in the CBI paradigm.  Eschelon drives change via this Elevated Health Life – Galaxy Class Portal Interface and its Premium Packages delivery through Elevated Enterprise Retreats.

Eschelon Conscious Business Incubator (CBI) is a modular resource system set into place for serious entrepreneurs and small ‘mom & pop operations’ to work with our platform through our Enterprise Retreat options as well as our dynamic Events & Classes – Seminars & Workshops and Bridges to cross over into higher levels of  form & function and establish newly minted Elevated Enterprises out of “neighborhood based small ‘businesses'”.  

Going forward into the new paradigm of Community Impact Investing (CII) we’re ‘here now today’ within any given local neighborhood offering the new edge for small business to be able to go forward to  gravitate towards actually competing against the big corporate competitors, in terms of purchasing power and compliance to cost-prohibitive governmental regulatory compliance such as Codex Alimentarius (federal – state and other legal complexities now decomposed into simplicity).

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Optimal Access.  We are literally plugging people in everywhere into the great ‘Elevated Enterprise field receptacle’.  In order to facilitate more inter-dimensional connection – more energy and far more results than otherwise we provide real time optimal Access for our concierge specialty clientele – our fellow investors and our customers everywhere.

I worked night & day 24/7 for a decade straight, on this class of ocean ship platformstoday with the Eschelon Ocean Cargo Fund – Elevated Enterprise Venture Matrix, we’ve created and deployed a leapfrog …game changing, society-culture shifting, new Paradygm systemic order, out of world war chaos, utiliizing those same class ships as part of our toolbox to literally [monetize the lost stolen assets of the ‘Rothschild-Zionist-Vatican Jesuit Empire’ …for the planetary wide public good.  Eschelon – Ocean Cargo Fund – for World-Wide-Prosperity for theaLL!”       ScottSainTG – ProGenitTor.  The Eschelon Matrix …on the far HighREDRoads journey to ZOR. Join the Eschelon – Ocean Cargo Fund –  Deep Water Commodity Metal Delivery Party …and live well to tell the Glory of this Story!

The Elevated Enterprise drives change by focusing on those rare entrepreneurial driven individuals that still are able to emerge with enough strength to compete against the big corporate competitors, in terms of purchasing power and compliance to cost-prohibitive governmental regulatory compliance such as Codex Alimentarius.

Individuals & small businesses may equivocally also gain access to the dynamic services of this platform through Enterprise Retreats – Events – Classes – Seminars & Workshops in building Bridges. This dynamic, exclusive experience is designed specifically for the individual or small, focused groups.

Enterprise and medium range smaller business leaders from wall street all the way over to ‘mom & pop stand’ style ‘businesses’ on main street all have a responsibility to be “activists”.  We use the word “activist” rather than “advocacy” because it includes that core idea of action. We have put our ‘activism’ into actuation and integrated this notion into the core facts of our operation from personal function through operational protocols throughout the entirety of  this organization and our Enterprise.

Now More Than Ever!  It is incumbent upon all enterprise and even small businesses to rise to the occasion, and …it’s in their self-interest. We continue to be perplexed by how many business people we still run into who don’t seem to understand the most fundamental of connections:  that  without a healthy planet supporting healthy societies, none of them are going to have healthy markets.  IF NONE of THEM CAN SEE LONG TERM, THEY DON’T REALLY DESERVE to BE in THEIR POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP. 

ACCESS IS GAINED THROUGH… the Elevated Wealth Life™ – “World -Enterprise- Retreats” is an individualized, custom – concierge client specialty services – in the secure delivery of our Premium Packages & Community Impact Investment (CII) program.

Health boosting plant & mineral based medicinal formulations & products, Elevated Health Life provides a select depth of superior, integrative services, derived from an entire interconnected new Earth realm of working – living – communities of fully awakened healers, radical change agents and …we are a savvy Community of Impact Investors (C.I.I.).

ESCHELON – CAPITAL FUND (E-CF) –  provisions Private & Public Sector Access to our Company Venture Matrix & Related Options:  The intricate details are fully on display at the Elevated Retreats. There are an aggregate of Mezzanine scaled build out of Ecology friendly activated successful enterprises such as  a. ZakLabs & a developing Stem Cell Medi Resort – [humanitarian arena] encompassing comprehensively into Therapeutics labs – 5Star Medi-Retreats & Sustainable Eco-Tourism.


Speak with the Ones [our concierge clientele] who have Experienced Reality Modification™ they are realizing Triality™ - accessing Inter-Dimensional Reality™ - they Snap theMatrix™ daily - they Transcend Duality™ daily (they are OUT of conflict) Today ...

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